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Boarhound Augmented Armor: The Future Is Bulletproof

The Boarhound. A gross abomination and an affront to God, being nothing more than a ball of muscle armed with tusks and a horrific temper, known for being very hard to kill. And yet, that last trait is what this body armor hopes to achieve only to have such a trait realized in full during testing.

Based on the SOTNIK concept, this new kit uses a classified composite armor (hence referred to as "XA11") with a class of BR6, given the more "generic" and "common" American system fails to account for more specific protections against threats. In short, it can stop 50 BMG. It won't, however, stop it from crushing your organs or pulverizing your bones. But it WILL save your future-soldier self from getting ripped apart by more common and lesser threats like 7.62 NATO, 5.45x39mm, and other common rounds.

While the XA11 composites are nice enough, the helmet is even better per soldiers in the field or on active duty. With a built-in comms suite and integrated augmented reality, paired with a datalink to gather information from drones, the helmet itself offers plenty for the common soldier to use in battle. This not only means that drones are even more effective in combat, but it also means that one can engage threats in any weather, any time of day, even in poor visibility as the augmented reality system will paint threats not identified by IFF for the soldier to simply lay their sights upon them and engage freely.

Finally, to top it all off, the full armor kit is aided by a load-bearing exoskeleton, aiding in extending a soldier's stamina and carry capacity in and out of combat. When paired with Gonswanza's brutal training, this means soldiers can and will stay in the fight, longer, while also being far more capable than any future threats that may attempt to cross them.

*Note: The BAE (Boarhound Armor Export model) does NOT include the AR systems that BAA has. Of course, it's an export model. But it DOES have the same level of protection, being exclusively sold to those within KTO.