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Typology in Tsarus
-Tsarus uses the standard MBTI typology system. This system analyzes one's type via cognitive functions and requires a specialist to correctly type someone.

-The enneagram system in Tsarus uses the trifix system along with instinctual variants.
-The trifix system types an individual based on their main enneagram from each triad.
-The enneagram types are as follows:

Heart Triad (Focus is on image of the self. Battles with a need for recognition.)

2: The 2 seeks recognition through giving behavior. By catering to the needs of others, concerning themself with the feelings of others etc. they expect to receive validation in return. They are supportive, warm, and loving, but can also be intrusive and overly-dependent on the approval of others.

3: The 3 is ambitious and seeks recognition. It is driven, energetic, competent. Very status oriented. Fears failure. They are found among athletes, celebrities, and politicians.

4: The 4 focuses on their own identity. They may be keen on "finding themselves" or understanding their impact, image, and emotions. They tend to feel as though something is missing, thus the drive for identity. This type tends to have the lowest self esteem of all types.

Head Triad (Focus is on fear. Seeks answers to fear.)

5: This type will spend a lifetime learning as much as it can. It is curious, observes its environment, and learns. Enneagram 5's are private people, they fear what they do not understand (including people and emotions) hence their aloof, independent, and introverted nature. They hoard themselves from others, and typically are of the mentality that "if I don't need anybody, then nobody ought to need me." This type tends to repress their emotions more than any other.

6: This type fears that which can go wrong. It may overthink an action which is necessary, and may plan extensively, and make extensive backup plans (plural). They are anxious, vigilant, and can be pessimistic. They do not fare well with uncertainty, although the Intimate 6 subtype actively fights this.

7: This type fears pain, or rather boredom. Therefore it tends to err on the hedonistic side (physically and/or abstractly), retains an upbeat attitude so as to avoid negativity, and can even fear conflict. It is idealistic, positive, friendly.

Gut triad (Focus is on the expression or repression of rage.)

8: This type will express rage and impose itself on others. This is an outspoken, hot headed type, and often protective of the weak, too. Confrontational is the word that describes this enneagram type. This type is afraid of weakness, being controlled, and being vulnerable. It is inclined to be energetic.

9: This type represses rage. It will seek peace, and fears conflict. It is non-confrontational and is far more likely to agree to the wants and demands of others than to just say no, usually because they fear conflict and find it easier simply to agree. They can resort to resentment instead of confrontation. They can be stubborn.

1: This type focuses on what is right or wrong. This type focuses hard on societal morals, expectations, standards, etc. and tend to compare themselves (and others) to other people who are usually more successful in fulfilling these societal values. The enneagram 1 is perfectionistic, practical, rigid, and often judgmental.

Instinctual Variants

-This system is based off the Big 5 system.
-It identifies the main element used, discarding the rest. This is because it is meant to identify the characteristic which stands out above all the rest.
-The other elements can be replaced via the other typology systems, mainly MBTI.
-The elements are as follows:

Reserved: One is withdrawn, shy, or private. Socializing takes great energy.
Extraverted: One is social, talkative, stimulated by engaging with other people.

Neurotic: One is sensitive to negative feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, self-consciousness. They are emotionally unstable and are likely to endure a lifetime of suffering if this neuroticism goes unchecked.
Calm: One is capable of controlling their feelings. They are stable and cool headed. They are emotionally mature, and are often able to enjoy life. They may or may not have worked through neuroticism.

Unstructured: One is disorganized, and may or may not be impulsive. They tend to lose track of things and take things as they go. Can be messy.
Orderly: One is organized. They plan and are tidy. They make sure things run smoothly. They have a tendency to worry, especially when Neurotic.

Egocentric: One is focused on their own life. They live for theirself, and do not take into consideration the feelings or needs of others. Naturally self centered, although can learn to be giving out of principle.
Accommodating: One lives for others. They are giving and take others into consideration. They are empathetic, compassionate, and can be charismatic.

Inquisitive: One is curious. They can have a complicated way of thinking. They are open to new ideas, anything that stimulates the intellectual within. They enjoy learning.
Non-curious: One is grounded in reality. The world may be as simple as it seems. They stick to what they know and are focused on relevant information and circumstances.

Jozef Balis Kaiser
-Full Name: Jozef Balis Kaiser
СИР: Йоцеф Валис Каизер
-Ethnic Type: Kaykpat-Danubian
-Blood type: O-
-Datе of emergence: January 12, 2003
-Service: Y

Ennearam: 548 Intimate
Inclination: Neurotic

-He is naturally very cautious. Highly turbulent, he is not as cool-headed as he appears on the outside. Core fear is weakness and inadequacy. His inner world is at all times in a state of mayhem. Terrified of being vulnerable. Avoids and fears being "readable" and makes an effort not to show the state he is in. He fights all his issues head on--every day is a struggle against the aforementioned inner mayhem.
-Desires safety, but fears unpreparedness. Desires stability, but fears stagnation. Desires intimacy, but fears being judged.
-Cognitively he is analytical, intuitive, conceptual, introspective. Has very little inherent interest in practical matters--such things are only as important as they are necessary.
-Note that Jozef is known to be a formidable soldier, and that the last point may lead one to question his abilities as a solder. It is rectified when we take into account the core fears and such mentioned earlier on. He is vigorous in assuring that he is as hard to kill as possible, and that he is capable of killing. He, in fact, spends an immense deal of effort in attaining physical strength and adeptness with weaponry, first aid knowledge, strategy, and more, all fueled by self hatred.
-His spirit animal would be the coyote.

Place and Date of Birth
Ydessa Medical Center, Nerben, Tsarus, 01-12-2003
-Incident Report: Father threatened hospital staff with a knife, warning staff not to undergo circumcision operation. Staff obliged. No further complication.

Education History
Ydessa Elementary School
-Spent first two years enrolled in this school until he was removed from school by Overwatch operatives.

Koda Children's School
-From age six till graduation, this is the school Jozef attended in East Vepte, near the Zentrum border.
-Spent a number of years living on base until age twelve, where he moved into a very small home a walk's distance from school.

Franz Meer Military Academy
-Similar to the above school, he spent much of his childhood training at this military base.
-Spent monday to thursday here after school, two hours per day. Spent all day here on Saturdays and two full months here during summer breaks.
-Leading instructor was Isaac Harris.

-Born into a young family as the eldest, followed by his sister two years later.
-His father (Emmanuel) served as an AOU in the Tsarusian Military, deployed in the North Caucasus.
-Emmanuels battle pay went to his family, so that Jozef's mother (Katya) could stay home and focus on raising the kids.
-His mother was more than happy in this task.
-Emmanuel ended up dying in combat from sniper fire, sending Katya into a mental decline.
-Katya likely developed delusions, causing suicidal thoughts, later on resulting in self-termination.

-After the death of his father, and his mother's subsequent suicide, Jozef was sent to the Spartan Program at age 6.
-Jozef was raised in an environment comparable to a military boot camp.
-Jozef was raised in a manner that encouraged neuroticism.
-The neuroticism was intended to reinforce his drive towards improvement. Jozef would believe he is not capable enough to survive and thrive in the conditions of combat and needs to work harder.
-This led him to become one of the most formidable soldiers known in history.
-However, this led to many side effects that negatively affected him in most other aspects in his life.
--For example, immensely struggles socially, viewed others with disdain, lacked compassion, exhibited delinquent behavior.
-Fed unique diet which maximized nutrition. Allowed Jozef to reach full physical potential.

-Meanwhile, his sister was received by their paternal grandparents
-She would later begin Combat Medic training, serve in Overwatch for 5 years, and eventually run a bakery

-Jozef attended school regularly, would return to base after every school day and would train all day Friday and Saturday, Sunday being a free day
-Extracurriculars consisted of Cross Country and Track, Mixed Martial Arts classes, and the Strazhnist Literature Group.
-Extracurriculars were mandated by the Spartan Program, and were his primary source of socialization
-Generally, he was very reserved among others.
-However he managed to befriend total of 6 individuals which lasted over 6 months
-Contact with these individuals were lost after SIU accolades received
-Befriended Klara Volak at age fourteen.
-This relationship ended up outlasting every other close friendship, eventually leading to marriage.

Military Career
Factbook detailing Tsarusian Ground Forces during the time Jozef served

-Jozef was well known for his unconventional means of problem solving throughout his career.
-He would spend a lot of time researching many different things related to his work in his free time and would experiment with new ideas during training.
-Trainers found that Jozef had a unique capacity for problem solving, as he was almost always able to get himself and his team out of any precarious situation.
-He was a quick learner, and was very precise with his techniques. However, his attention span left more to be desired.
-The training program that was originally being used was discarded as his supervisor decided to take a more intuitive approach to match Jozef's fluid personality.
-This proved to be a tremendous success, as Jozef quickly became an outstandingly skilled, innovative, and reliable soldier.

-Overwatch noted how over-qualified he was for SIU, and soon exalted him to the AOU kit where he would be able to use his unique traits to his advantage as a squad leader.
-There, he demonstrated exponential growth in combat skill after being deployed in urban combat zones, quickly adapting to his style of work.
-He then received his ESU kit after 4 years of combat.

-As an SIU, he would work with Hachlar forces in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia
-As an AOU, he would be assigned to the Blizzard group (group 37) where he would make a few close, lasting friends
-He remained in this group as an ESU, though as time goes on he worked with new members

Jozef and a friend

Jozef as an SIU, smiling for a photo

Beards were allowed for cultural reason prior to the 2010's
Note: I do not know who this is.

-At age 21, he would join the TSSO (Special Forces), and at age 23 he would begin UPAT (Unknown/Paranormal/Anomalous team) prep

-After his UPAT mission, Jozef continued his work for the TSSO and regular combat operations as an ESU for 4 additional years until he was selected by Big MT as the new Ederik
-There, he received education accolades which finally qualified him for leadership

Jozef, 2030

[box]Klara Katrina Kaiser
-Full Name: Klara Katrina Volak Kaiser
СИР: Кларa Катрина Волак-Каизер
-Ethnic Type: Keltic-Danubian
-Blood type: A-
-Datе of emergence: 22 November 2005
-Service: N

Ennearam: 721 Intimate
Inclination: Accomodating

-She's generally a happy optimistic extrovert, at the same time she is deceptively deep, nuanced, and very intelligent. Her mind is complicated and adventurous, cognitively she is an explorer.
-Manic pixie dream girl except telepathic on the down low.
-I would say that this character is a shamelessly idealized one, but I have met a lot of people very much like her.
-On the surface, she is affectionate, sanguine, infantile in her personality. However at her core her integrity is immovable, she has an unstoppable will, truly the daughter of free men and warriors. A perfect match for the likes of Jozef.

-She is driven towards authenticity and has an inclination to see behind the masks of people. This can come off as judgmental when it comes to those she labels as "enemies" (not quite enemy, rather people she determines are "bad" and ought to be avoided). It comes off as empathetic when it comes to those she cares deeply about.
-This produces an intense relationship between her and Jozef. As Jozef already has much mayhem he tries to hide, you can imagine how this goes.

Place and Date of Birth
Koma Medical Center, Vepte, Tsarus, 11-22-2005
-Incident Report: Father threatened hospital staff with a knife, warning staff not to undergo circumcision operation. Staff obliged. No further complication.

Education History
Thomas Martin Children's School
Private school in Koda, Vepte. Klara attended this school from age six to ten, when her parents no longer could afford to send her to a private school due to being far below the poverty line.

Koda Children's School
Public school in Koda, Vepte. Despite her bubbly disposition, she had a hard time making any friends.


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