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Lazarus RMB Rules

🐦 1. Regional Message Board (RMB) Rules

1. Recruitment violation: Recruitment on our RMB for a foreign region or organization, for raids and defenses, and so on.

New Rogernomics wrote:Join region/organization x, y, z, and leave Lazarus...

Penalty to be applied: 🟧 Orange card or 🟥 Red card

2. Un-solicited links violation: Posting unsolicited links for recruitment to other regions or organizations.

New Rogernomics wrote:Join my region/organization through this link to my region/organization or regional/organization forum...

Penalty to be applied: 🟧 Orange card or 🟥 Red card

3. Triple (or more) posting: Triple or more posting messages, which look spam-like and lower quality of posting on the RMB,

New Rogernomics wrote:A Cat

New Rogernomics wrote:told me not to

New Rogernomics wrote:triple post.

Penalty to be applied: 🟨 Yellow card, 🟧 Orange card or 🟥 Red card

4. Posting spam-like posts or extremely long posts on the RMB:

New Rogernomics wrote:Spam

New Rogernomics wrote:Spammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

New Rogernomics wrote:Spammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

New Rogernomics wrote:This is my three page essay on why x,y,z is so. I will now take up the whole RMB, so no one can see anything but my post.

I have not heard of using dispatches and just linking them in my posts instead with a brief summary of it.

Penalty to be applied: 🟨 Yellow card, 🟧 Orange card or 🟥 Red card

5. Trolling and inciting RL drama on the RMB:

New Rogernomics wrote:Gay be people need to be x, y, z.

New Rogernomics wrote:All pro-lifers/pro-choice should be x, y, z.

New Rogernomics wrote:I hate all x, y, z people, and they deserve to die by x, y, z ways.

New Rogernomics wrote:Kill all of x, y, z race/ethnicity/religion.

People don't come to NS to experience reddit or twitter level nonsense, they want to play a game and enjoy themselves.

Penalty to be applied: 🟨 Yellow card, 🟧 Orange card or 🟥 Red card

6. Off-Site links violation: Sending links to unknown websites outside of NS can put players OOC safety at risk.

New Rogernomics wrote:Visit my blog/website, or visit this link to a random unknown url that could be a virus or phishing site.

Links from YouTube, Dailymotion, Spotify, Google Docs, and so on, are fine, whereas or links are not.

Penalty to be applied: 🟨 Yellow card, 🟧 Orange card or 🟥 Red card

7. Display or conduct violation(s):

  • Displaying obviously National Socialist flags or mottos on your nation,

  • Promoting fascism such as "Hitler was right" on the RMB,

  • Posting homophobic, sexist or racist rants on the RMB (either in or out of character),

  • Posting extensive RL political discussions on the RMB rather than on the NS forums for instance.

Penalty to be applied: 🟨 Yellow card, 🟧 Orange card or 🟥 Red card

8. Suspected game rules violation: Suspected to have broken the terms of service of Nationstates or any of the rules previously laid down by game admins or moderators, which includes breaking the PG-13 rules of this site.

Penalty to be applied: 🟧 Orange card or 🟥 Red card

🐦 2. Penalties issued

Penalties will be determined by the severity of the action, so minor violations would result on bans for 24 hours, after which a nation can return, long-term bans would relate to more severe violations.

🟥 Red card: Ban-on-sight.

  • Nations will be banned and/or ejected,

  • Posts will be suppressed,

  • Reports will be sent to game moderators (where permissible).

🟧 Orange card: Nations are ejected, but may return if they promise to not break the rules.

  • Nations that break the rules will be ejected, but not banned,

  • Posts will be suppressed (where permissible),

  • Reports will be send to game moderators (where permissible).

🟨 Yellow card: Offending posts suppressed or notice given.

  • Posts will be suppressed (where permissible).

🐦 3. Appeals

Appeals may be granted for bans or ejections, as apologies or willingness to not repeat the offense may be sufficient.

Ban/Ejection appeal form

New Rogernomics wrote:Ban, ejection, or both:
Reason for it to be revoked:

Appeals are to be telegrammed to: New Rogernomics