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[v2.0] Spyglass - Open Source NationStates Region Timesheet Generator

Open Source NationStates Update Timesheet Generator

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Spyglass generates Excel Spreadsheets that can be used to predict the update time of a NationStates region, usually to coordinate an invasion, liberation, or other military gameplay action.

  • Estimated update times: View estimated major and minor update times for all regions.

  • R/D metagame prioritization: Identify regions based the presence/absence of a founder, WA delegate, and password.

  • WFE and Embassy preview: Preview world factbook entries and regional embassies to quickly determine if a region has been impacted by the R/D metagame.

To learn more about what information Spyglass provides, Linkview the documentation.

Spyglass is open source. If you want to take part in its development by reporting issues, requesting features, or contributing code, Linkvisit us on Github!

Licensing and Credits
Spyglass version 2.0 and onward are licensed under the terms of the LinkGNU General Public License version 3.0.

Spyglass was originally developed by Devi and is now additionally maintained by Khronion, Zizou, and Aav. The icon was contributed by Vleerian.


Windows and macOS users should use the pre-packaged release files for their operating system. These versions contain all the files needed to run Spyglass. Linux users should see the Linkinstructions for setting up a development environment.

Important note: Microsoft Defender Smartscreen may block execution of programs it doesn't recognize, like Spyglass. You may bypass these warnings by clicking "Run Anyway" on the Smartscreen warning dialog.

After downloading the latest version of Spyglass, run the program and follow the on-screen prompts. Spyglass currently runs in a command prompt window, but a graphical user interface is planned for the future. Spyglass will then create an Excel spreadsheet in the same directory where it is located.

Disclaimer: Although Spyglass is designed to comply with NationStates API rules and rate limits, players are ultimately responsible for the behavior of any scripts, tools, or other programs that they use. Players are encouraged to report any issues or unexpected behavior in this forum thread, Linkor by filing an issue on GitHub.

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