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FNR | The Free Nations Herald March 2022 Edition

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Historic Vote of No Confidence at the Legislative Assembly
Stalengrave and Lux Lumen removed from the Cabinet
In an unprecedented vote in the FNR Legislative Assembly, Minister of Culture Stalengrave and Deputy Minister of Culture Lux lumen were removed from their respective cabinet positions.

RP Moderator and Citizen Dongerland proposed to hold a VoNC against Stalengrave and Lux Lumen. The law states that five citizens must second a VoNC proposal for the vote to happen in the legislative assembly. Dongerland's proposal was seconded by 11 citizens. This prompted Speaker Thaelle to start the vote.

As a result of the VoNC, both Stalengrave and Lux Lumen were recalled. Stalengrave was removed from the cabinet by 14 voters, while 17 citizens abstained from voting and 2 citizens voted against it. Lux Lumen garnered 15 votes in favor of their removal and 3 votes against it, while 20 citizens abstained.

The lethargy and ineffectiveness of Stalengrave and Lux Lumen in running the Culture Ministry is regarded to be the reason behind this VoNC.

Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with Emaha
In this edition, we speak with Emaha. Emaha presently serves on the FNR Supreme Court as a Justice. He formerly worked as an OOC Administrator and an Immigration Minister. Emaha received the Founder's Medal of Freedom for publishing the "Today in History'' piece on the FNR Regional Message Board on a regular basis.

South Asians: What's the greatest lesson that Nationstates has taught you?

Emaha: Hm, I think the greatest lesson that NationStates has taught me is that when good people come together they can make great things happen. I'm not talking about accomplishments that change the world or will be rememberd in centuries. But the little things. Such as creating a a fun community, like FNR. That's truly something special if you think about it. A region on NS is like home, a place to chat, to do stupid but fun stuff, to learn, to discuss and to put real effort into if you want.

South Asians: How was your experience working in the government of Thaecia?

Emaha: It was a rather short stint, from July 2021 to the end of October. I served as Minister of Communications which was a new position at the time. I'd describe it as a fulfilling duty that also broadened my horizon as I had never before served in any other regional government than FNR's. I left some lasting legacy in Thaecia which makes me happy but I must also admit that I fell short of achieving all of my goals. Due to lack of time and my work in FNR I resigned from the position a few weeks before the term ended. Still, I am glad that I could serve Thaecia, a region that feels like a second home to me.

South Asians: What's the greatest lesson that Nationstates has taught you?

Emaha: Meeting new and interesting people that I would have otherwise never encountered. It really enriches my life.

South Asians: You have been regularly posting the "Today in History" segment in the FNR Regional Message Board for a very long period of time. Share us your experience working on this segment. How do you manage to post these regularly while dealing with rl commitments?

Emaha: That's true. I'd say that the Today in History has kinda become a little passion project for me. It's fun to look for topics, I also like to sometimes ask others to share their opinions on which topic to select if there are multiple candidates. Creating the posts takes a varying amount of time.
It can be as little as a few minutes, which also explains why I'm able to post them every day with only a handful of exceptions over the past 1.5 years. I can adjust how much effort I put in. If I really dig into a hard topic the process can also take as much as over an hour. That happens. So I read more, sometimes a lot more, then what ends up in the post. It can be challenging to summarise a difficult topic in a nuanced way, but it's also very satisfying.

South Asians: You have held various positions in the Free Nations Region. You have been a Cabinet Minister, a Justice in the Supreme Court and an OOC Moderator in the Discord Server. So what would you like to do next in the Free Nations Region?

Emaha: Honestly I don't have any great ambitions (except the coup... did I say that out loud again?). So... I guess I'll just continue being a Justice since it's mostly a laid-back position. I ask everyone to refrain from breaking the law so it stays that way :)

Brotherhood of Malice and Co destroyed The Mystical Council
The Largest Raid in the history of Nationstates
Flag of the Mystical Council
The Raiders, commanded by the resurgent Brotherhood of Malice, the Black Hawks, and Osiris' Sekhmet Legion, launched a huge invasion on the Mystical Council, resulting in the region's total annihilation. Both raiders and defenders utilized numerous techniques against each other over the course of an 18-day operation to prevent the other team from succeeding.

The invasion began as a covert operation conducted by Venico through his proxy nation Diviciacus. Venico invaded the region under the guise of a returning player and led a group of invaders in an attack. Diviciacus received 219 endorsements within 48 hours of the invasion, increasing to 260 by the end of the operation, setting a new record for the biggest number of piling troops utilized in R/D Gameplay history. The raiders were able to lock the region on February 18th thanks to the massive amount of influence gained by these endorsements. To prevent the region from being destroyed, Native Delegate Alistia submitted a liberation proposal to the security council, but raiders used devious techniques to delay the resolution from being voted on. They presented the Security Council with two recommendations, Condemn Suspicious and Liberate Ukraine, which were approved by the required 6% of World Assembly Delegates for a proposal to reach the queue for general vote. These votes stalled Alistia's liberation proposal and provided extra 16 days to the invaders, which was more than enough for them to destroy the region.

The Defenders, led by The Grey Wardens, League's Defense Force, South Pacific Special Forces, North Pacific Army, Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization, Free Nations Defense Association, and others, did everything in their power to prevent the region's destruction by laying siege to the region with a force of roughly 50 soldiers during every update in an effort to reduce the raider regional officer's influence and prevent them from ejecting native residents. Alistia received almost 100 endorsements thanks to the defenders' efforts, but those numbers weren't enough due to the raiders' frequent ejections. In a last-ditch effort to save the region, the defenders began endorsing lower-ranking raiders, because the raiders would have to eject every single nation, including their own soldiers, in order to destroy the region, and the more influence the nations have, the more difficult it would be for them to empty the region.

These tactics were insufficient to rescue the region, which was fully emptied of nations on February 25th and refounded as a trophy region by the invaders.

FNDA Personnels Involved

Special Agent South Asians
Cadet Weatherwand
Cadet Nathan
Cadet Apalasa
Cadet Aeoooya
Cadet Sparsdan

RTF Personnels Involved

Agent Tigerania

FNR Civilians Involved

Greater sovereign lands

Siege: 1

FNDA and Allies Liberated Four Regions
Operations Report
Because of the reemergence of the Brotherhood of Malice and Osiris' Sekhmet Legion, raider activity has been higher than usual this month. This spike of activity was welcomed by the defenders, who had been receiving just one to two proper liberation operations in recent times.

For the Free Nations Defense Association and the defenders, the period between January 15 and February 15 was bittersweet. While the defenders were unable to save the Mystical Council, they were able to free four other regions that had been raided by various military organizations.

FNDA assisted the League's Defense Force in liberating Warzone Airspace from the North Pacific Army.

FNDA liberated Furry Antifascist Alliance and Nova Historiae with the help of their Libcord Allies. Both these regions were raided in the operations led by the Lone Wolves United. Nani, a region raided by the Brotherhood of Malice and their allies, was also liberated.

FNDA Personnels Involved

Special Agent South Asians
Operative Utkarsha
Cadet Aeoooya

RTF Personnels Involved

Agent Tigerania
Agent Dwarf Land4

Liberations: 4

Special Elections in the South Pacific
Emodea elected as the Prime Minister
A Special Election was held in the South Pacific when incumbent Prime Minister HumanSanity resigned. In the elections, Emodea ran unopposed and won with 87.5 percent of the vote, while 12.5 percent of legislators chose to Reopen Nominations. Emodea has previously served in the Cabinet as Minister of Media and Minister of Defense. Under their leadership, both Ministries saw significant growth. In his election manifesto, Emodea mentioned his plans to deal with the upcoming Frontiers/Strongholds update, which will significantly reduce the population of Game Created Regions, as well as his plans to establish an executive mentorship programme, expand TSP's presence in the World Assembly, and focus on government transparency and accountability.

Special Elections for the Minister of Engagement were also held, with just Latoura declaring their candidacy at first. Latoura received only 20% of the vote, while the majority of legislators opted to Reopen Nominations. Nominations were reopened, and United States of Vietnam declared their candidacy this time. The United States of Vietnam is a seasoned member of the South Pacific, having previously served as Minister of Defense and OWL Secretary in the government. With 86.36 percent of the vote, the United States of Vietnam won this election.

In Other News...
Another Independent Region severs ties with the Black Hawks

Following the attack on the Warzone Sandbox on March 12th, Prime Minister Brototh announced in Thaecia's NS Gameplay Thread that they are formally cutting connections with the Black Hawks and the Brotherhood of Malice indefinitely. Thaecia gave the reason that Warzone Sandbox has been an ally of the League, a region with which Thaecia shares a strong relationship. Brototh also stated that "it is no longer within [Thaecia's] regional interests to actively pursue military, cultural and diplomatic relationships with several resurgent raider regions, namely The Black Hawks and the Brotherhood of Malice.". She went on to convey her displeasure with these raiding groups' unabashed military aggression towards multiple Thaecian allies and their decision to knowingly welcome numerous enemies of Thaecia in raiding operations. As a result, Thaecia will no longer take part in any operations organized by the Black Hawks or the Brotherhood of Malice, nor will Thaecia invite these two groups to any Thaecian military operations. Thaecia has also decided not to officially attend or host the Hanami Matsuri Festival.

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