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by The Corporate Anarchy of The H Corporation. . 362 reads.

The H Corporation (Heavy WIP)

Hello fellow interdimensional and multiversal visitors, we are the H Company, you may address us in a more sophisticated name, The H Corporation. We are more than just a company that has passed the boundaries of what a company normally has, the limitations of the free market are gone, the limitations on the freedoms of the people are gone. These lands are governed by no one, only the people can give their lands meaning while we, the H Corporation, give them the basic necessities they need, at their respective prices of course, but keeping the populace from creating authoritarian states that we fought so hard to eliminate.

Our ideology, if you even consider it one, was built to counter the oppressiveness of those states, those states that scaredly seized or taxed our businesses for their own gain, those same states that almost destroyed the world and sent millions of people as conscripts with no choice but to fight other states that threatened their interests. Quite ironic coming from us, right? A company its only interests are in profiting from its business, but the only difference is that, unlike any other oppressive state, we don't imprison those who don't agree with us, we do not obligate our people to pay taxes, we do not manipulate them with sweet little lies, and because our existence depends on it, we always care about what our employer wants, which is something often overlooked by you. The ideology we chose to follow, may not be relevant in your universe, maybe it never existed, but here it became more than just a popular ideology.

So what do you say? Do you want to jump into this crazy world? Or does your soul is still chained to the limitations the state brought you?