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"Commend Emiline" Vote Recommendation: FOR

Current Proposal
"Commend Emiline"
The Security Council,

Introducing Emiline as a nation whose world-building and foreign affairs work in Anteria and abroad has had a lasting effect on the greater world community;

Acknowledging that the government of Emiline controls that of Zhengan, the founder and protector of Anteria, one of the largest and most significant regions in the world which contains over 120 World Assembly member nations;

Recognizing that the government of Emiline also controls that of Prybourne, a nation whose seminal role in Anterian culture includes:
1. Helping to build its flourishing and highly-regarded community, which allows for nations to share in detail their history, culture, and language development, through events such as weekly theme topics which promote cultural exchange within the region,
2. Working diligently to help to spread the immense and unique world of Anteria lore, ensuring that Anteria stands out as a unique region that attracts a variety of nations with many different cultures and languages;
3. Creating the Sumo Club, in which they host events, discussions, and watch parties to bring more attention to the sport of Sumo Wrestling, attracting interest from many regions and adding immense value to their cultural make-up;

Further recognizing Emiline’s extensive efforts towards the administration of Anteria and the management of its foreign affairs, such as:
1. Establishing Anteria’s declarations of friendship with the Augustin Alliance (AA) and Karma, expanding its cultural and World Assembly cooperation with them;
2. Expanding Anteria’s reach and influence in the world by establishing an embassy with Lazarus, and most recently negotiating a Declaration of Friendship treaty with The West Pacific in the areas of defense, culture, and World Assembly cooperation, solidifying a strong relationship built over several years;
3. Authoring Anteria’s constitutions that establish the basic foundation for the region, in addition to creating a comprehensive guide for other regions on how to effectively construct their own;
4. Leading the recruiting efforts in Anteria to help it grow into the large region it is today and providing recruiting support through various methods, with one campaign netting over 500 nations;
5. Constantly promoting a strong, active, and security-focused World Assembly presence in the region, which now ranks 16th in the world for most average endorsements and is the 4th most powerful region in the United Regions Alliance (URA) voting bloc;

Applauding Emiline’s introduction of Anteria as a founding member of the URA, a move which no doubt granted the URA widespread legitimacy and recognition, and brought Anteria into the forefront as a leader in inter-regional politics and exposure in the great realms of the world stage;

Desiring to celebrate Emiline’s exemplary long-term success in helping to recruit new and diverse regions to the URA as its Deputy Director of Recruitment, such as the multilingual region of Portugal, aiding in the increase of the size and strength of the URA;

Exuberant at Emira Emi of Emiline’s ongoing service as an Administrator in the Augustin Alliance, where they oversee its day-to-day operations by implementing strong central planning, promoting unity between the AA's member regions, and coordinating the AA's goals, helping to perpetuate the growth of the AA, its influence and World Assembly population even during the most challenging periods;

Impressed at Emiline's instrumental role in ensuring the AA's success and safety during the first five editions of the annual nuclear conflict known to the world as N-Day, where it captured three first-place and one third-place award in total. In addition to avoiding all radiation during the fourth N-Day, Emiline also constructed a strong and mutually beneficial strategic bond between the AA and Anteria, as well as acting as an important mediator between the AA and other regions;

Convinced that Emiline's work to further culture, creativity, constructive regional growth, and common-sense foreign policy throughout the world deserves to be recognized with the greatest award this Assembly can bestow upon a nation;

Hereby commends Emiline;

Vote Recommendation: FOR.

  • Emiline's work as founder and leader of Anteria for the past 6 years is quite admirable from multiple standpoints, including community building, the WA, RP, and FA.

  • Emiline has done exceptional work in garnering meaningful relationships on behalf of regions and organizations that she represents.

  • Emiline has and will continue to play an instrumental role in the founding and growth of the URA, from which we reap the benefits of as members.

  • Emiline has done and will continue to do an exemplary job as AA Administrator.

The Trans Pride of TESDAI
Defense Officer, Central Strategic Committee

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