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Branch 0002

Branch 0002
Recovered by Gray Hajjib in 1389

An ancient Fijit spearhead carved with traditional war etchings.


  • The Fijit existed in the very early days of Thousand Branches, most notably in the second century, when they led the nations’ many split cultures as the most powerful military in the land. Their military prowess and hefty power over others is believed to be much of the early influence for Thegian myths.

  • The war markings - traditional downwards V - were common of the era, especially in the spears, swords, and emblems of the Fijit. When the Fijit military was defeated by several strokes of sheer luck in the Fijit-Gaska war in 189, many looked to the symbols as a bad omen and they appear often in art pieces of the era as a symbol of evil forces.

Branch 0002