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The Emperor of Preussen-Nassau

As Preussen-Nassau's military has retaken most formerly Preussisch-Nassauische regions that had been occupied during the French Revolt, the King Preussen-Nassau, who had been in exile ever since the war had started, high ranking members of Preussen-Nassau's nobility as well as other important nobles from other STUPID member nations have come to an agreement.
The STUPID Royal Electoral Assembly League Member States, aka. the STUPID REALMS, have formed a council that in turn has elected the King of Preussen-Nassau as the Emperor of the STUPID REALMS.

Many people across the countries have started to demand the members of this council to be directly elected by the people of the STUPID REALMS or even outright abolished in favor of republican systems of government.
However, another sizable portion of the population has advanced towards the other extreme, trying to increase the Emperor's and King's powers across the countries...