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Anteria-TWP Declaration of Friendship

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Anteria-TWP Declaration of Friendship

Casual Language Version

Article 1 - Shiny Happy Nations Holding Hands

Just like any true friendship, we're going to party at least once a year together. We'll take turns hosting it, and of course decide the theme and date.

A lot of collaboration will be in the cards, so we agree to prevent heisting among region members, and help each other get the best trading deals.

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Article 2 - Some Assembly Required

Whenever we can, well support each other in our World Assembly interests. This may include assembling our authors.

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Article 3 - Walk the Talk

Talking is key to friendship, so we'll make sure to exchange diplomats and embassies at all times.

We also promise to have each other's backs in diplomatic goals whenever we agree.

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Article 4 - Friends Help Friends

We promise not to throw shade at each other, including when it comes to raids.

If either region gets the scoop on something shady, we will be sure to share it with each other because friends help friends.

Well have each other on speed dial in case we can help with delegate transitions.

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Article 5 - Its So Meta

The treaty takes effect once the relevant authorities ratify it.

If both regions wish to amend the treaty or have to solve an issue, we'll first talk to each other as friends.

However, if it's time to sever the ties, one region will inform the other and we won't hold it against each other.

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You found Bigfoot!

Formal Language Version

The West Pacific and Anteria, hereafter referred to as the signatories, in mutual respect for and admiration of their respective regions, present in unison and comradery the following document detailing their obligations and promises to each other as friends and partners.

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Article 1 - Cultural Provisions
  1. The signatories hereby pledge to engage in an annual festival.

    1. These festivals shall be held jointly, and on dates and with themes most suitable to the hosts.

  2. The signatories hereby pledge to cooperate with the other as much as possible in Trading Cards gameplay, for example:

    1. The prevention of heisting.

    2. Inter-regional mentorship programs.

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Article 2 - The World Assembly
  1. The signatories hereby pledge to cooperate as much as possible in the World Assembly, including but not limited to:

    1. Supporting proposals authored by member nations of other signatories when not in conflict with other binding agreements.

    2. Cooperation on mutual authorship programs.

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Article 3 - Foreign Affairs
  1. The signatories are mandated to share an on and off-site embassy.

  2. The signatories must at all times have an ambassador assigned to the other signatory.

  3. The signatories should, whenever possible and convenient, support the decisions and foreign affairs goals of the other.

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Article 4 - Mutual Defense
  1. The signatories shall not, as long as this treaty stands, express direct or indirect hostilities towards each other.

  2. If in possession of intelligence directly relating to the security and/or sovereignty of the other signatory, the signatories are mandated to share such intelligence.

  3. When requested, the signatories shall support the other signatory in delegate transitions if convenient for both parties.

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Article 5 - General Provisions
  1. The treaty will come into effect once it has been ratified by the relevant authorities of the signatories, who may also amend the treaty if mutual agreement is reached.

  2. The signatories agree to attempt resolving any disputes regarding the treaty through diplomatic channels before taking any other action.

  3. Either signatory may choose to withdraw from the treaty, in which case they must inform the other signatory of the decision through the relevant diplomatic channels.

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Anteria, represented by:
Prybourne (Emiline), Founder of Anteria

Foxomexra, Prime Director
Shadoveil (Foxclaw), Director of Foreign Affairs
Aramos (Trisk), Director of Internal Affairs

The West Pacific, represented by:
Giovanniland, Delegate of the West Pacific

Fuentana, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Varanius, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

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