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The Progress Of The French Revolt (Part V) in Preussen-Nassau

The Mexican-Standoff situation between the nuclear powers Preussen-Nassau as well as allied Neutral-Moresnet on the one side and The 1st French National-Soviet Republic on the other becomes increasingly tense. Both the French Revolutionary Government as well as the Preussich-Nassauische cabinet are on the edge of starting a nuclear war.

Meanwhile, the STUPID central government has started moving troops to the state of Gruenes Land, which is part of the STUPID Mandate of Clever, since it has been rumored that Grunes Land has been sending arms and other resources to support the French Revolutionary Government in its fighting against Preussen-Nassau and STUPID itself. Member of the STUPID Assembly and the STUPID Council alike, most prominently featuring the Supreme Chancellor of STUPID as well as the Prime-Officer themselves, have started pushing in favor of reforms to decrease the autonomy of the Mandate in order to prevent situations like this. Critics, however, have argued that doing so could tip the Mandate and its federal states and lead to a fully-blown rebellion against STUPID, especially after The SMART Act and the STUPID Assembly's subsequent decision to enact compulsory military service for the majority of Clever citizens.

As the tensions across the region rise, the Innenwehr in Ostburgh has started infiltrating the nuclear arms department and sabotaged the French weaponry there, leading to a massive nuclear explosion and fallout that has destroyed vast parts of the city and killed countless French civilians and military personals. Disputed sources claim that this mission had been actively approved and supported by the Preussich-Naussischen government, whose connections with the Innenwehr have increased almost exponentially recently, though no official statements have been made about these accusations.

With the French nuclear arms destroyed, Preussen-Naussaische troops have started to attack the French again in an effort to conquer what little former Preussisch-Nassauisches territory is still in French hands. The French react by ordering their troops to retreat to Oranje Vrijstand, which is in a strategically good position on the island of Western Orange and therefore a good place to be defended, especially with the Königlichen Marine still busy supporting the ground troops with naval bombardements.