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The Osiris Fraternal Order: A Failed State

The Osiris Fraternal Order: A Failed State
A manifesto by Quebecshire and Matthew the Man

The Nature of States

The NationStates multiverse is home to a wide array of regions, and those who are capable of self-governance are generally sovereign and legitimate states in their own right. Regions can however void this inherent legitimacy if they forfeit it themselves via misdeeds, such as the destruction of innocent communities. Those who are solely motivated by the erosion of other communities have proven themselves unworthy to maintain their own, and are inherently antithetical to the concepts of regional development. Despite that forfeiture, numerous governments have been able to continue to maintain their grip on power despite crimes against the interregional peace, though few are able to maintain authority if they are unable to perform any undertakings towards their internal populaces.

The above remains true regardless of whether we accept rule by law and order, rule by mechanics, or some middle ground between the two. A regional government that bases its existence on harming others, such as through griefing, has forfeited its sovereignty. If this region were to go further and were to prioritize the aforementioned destructive behavior over basic forms of internal development such as regular World Assembly Delegate endotarting or proper maintenance of a regional forum, then that would be indicative of both an illegitimate and defective system.

Forfeiture of Legitimacy

Therein lies the issue of Osiris, one of the refounder sinkers. Osiris is governed by the “Osiris Fraternal Order” (OFO), a stagnant and ineffectual regime that has made no positive contributions to the global community for years, possibly not even since the overthrow of its own previous iteration. Within the last several years, they have used what little influence outside their own borders that they have to inflict harm on peaceful regions elsewhere, using their military as nothing beyond a horde that brings shame to the historic region, frequently on the behalf of subversive and incendiary organizations.

Like most regions of its size, Osiris has a heavily entrenched coterie of individuals who maintain an iron grip over the political and social hierarchy, holding massive amounts of influence and power regarding Osiris’ governance and state of affairs. This “old guard” of the OFO is populated by little more than cosmopolitans who have their priorities elsewhere, often in invader cliques that formulate as little more than social clubs. They do not feel obligated to nurture the community which has been entrusted to them, and take for granted the fact that what has been given can be taken away. This dismissive attitude towards the interests of the development of Osiris is on par for Koth and his collaborators, who have treated Osiris as little more than a puppet for invader interests over the years, in the past by vassalizing the region to The Brotherhood of Malice and most recently in sharing a jump point with several terrorizing organizations.

The OFO has no claim to sovereignty that would not be hypocrisy of the highest order, having forfeited it in exchange for fulfilling the selfish desires of their invader elites long ago.

Further Osiran Decay

The deterioration of Osiris’ World Assembly culture since the establishment of this iteration of the OFO in 2016 under Pharaohs Tim Stark and Cormactopia II should be noted. Osiris’ percentage of World Assembly member nations endorsing the WA Delegate / Pharoah (endorsement yield) has languished since the reign of Cormactopia II, often in the range of roughly 60-65%. Specifically, the endorsement yield in Osiris has consistently fallen through the terms of the last three delegates, and even the best of the OFO’s delegates in terms of endorsement yields, Anabelle I, was unable to compete with the rate of the other stable refounder in the same broader time period, Balder.

Source for information: LinkHome Office Census Osiris

Note: The Rejected Realms was not analyzed for this comparison due to its game mechanics being different from the other sinkers, and Lazarus was not analyzed due to a civil war having taken place in the time period of data.

Off-site, the OFO has completely neglected its forum in favor of the pursuance of trivial matters. A recent example of this would be the issue of proscribing Quebecshire being debated and voted on by the Council of Scribes (the Osiran legislature) for three weeks and being proposed by root-admin Koth/Saq. Their involvement in the process included a thorough argumentation and the compilation of months’ worth of comments/evidence. They spent three weeks on banning an individual that Osiris supposedly has no fear of, while ignoring the crippling issues with their off-site infrastructure, as opposed to taking immediate action to repair their own essential platforms. This is merely a single example of a problem that has existed for months, if not years, and one that continues even now. For months, the OFO’s forums have been nearly inaccessible for some, except through first navigating to the forum of The Black Hawks (TBH), and going to the OFO immediately after. Besides the irony inherent in access to Osiris’ forums being dependent on access via the forum of an organization theoretically separate from the OFO, this is a completely undue burden on citizens of Osiris and other visitors to their forums. The utter lack of commitment to region-building and proper infrastructure in Osiris is insulting to its populace, and this chronic failure can only be remedied by a forceful regime change.

A Necessary Ousting

With both gameside and off-site examples clearly displaying a lack of dedication to proper governance by the OFO, compounded by its vassalization to the caustic ideology of raiderdom, we can reasonably conclude that its institutions have voided their legitimacy.

This, our fellow gameplayers, is a call to arms of both the verbal and literal varieties. It is unacceptable that a regime so backward in totality is able to continue to possess a region to begin with, let alone so much unearned World Assembly voting power and an assumed level of importance innate to game-created regions that it simply cannot live up to. It is time for Osiris to fulfill its namesake, to be slain and to be reborn in a better image, one constructed on the values of region-building, camaraderie, and good faith governance, all of which are concepts entirely foreign to the current regime.

OFO delenda est.

We may publish follow-ups or complementary pieces in the future depending on the reception of the work and future events. Furthermore, please note as a disclaimer that the content in this post is our own personal opinion and does not represent any region.