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WA Authorship

Passed Security Council Resolutions:

SC#354 Commend Altmoras (Co-authored by Westinor)

This was my first passed resolution in the World Assembly. Altmoras was certainly a Commendable nominee, and Westinor was also awesome to work with ^-^

SC#360 Commend Drop Your Pants

This was my first time writing a historical Commendation, honestly I think that there are things that should have been changed, but I'm still overall pretty proud of this resolution. Also, this is probably the SC resolution with the funniest title in history.

Passed General Assembly Resolutions:

GAR#591 Repeal: "Safety and Integrity in Conflict Journalism"

... This was ... such a ... difficult ... resolution to pass ... I ... should have done something easier to be my first GA resolution to pass >_> Textwalling against arguments in the forum thread was so annoying and I literally had to withdraw it after an illegality and then abandoned it until being told by forum regulars to continue on it. I was pretty surprised when the voting outcome had 79% votes in favour but... it was the good fight; it got rid of the poor and problematic resolution that was GAR#554.

GAR#593 Access to Life-Ending Services (Co-authored by Imperium Anglorum) (repealed by GAR#596)

This one took months to draft in the forum thread, partly because it needed lots of drafting and partly because IA took a long time to submit the repeal of a certain resolution which blocked it. Anyway, it passed with a comfortable majority before being instarepealed, which I initially fought hard against but was then persuaded by the repeal arguments lol. So, it was soon instarepealed.

GAR#598 Access To Euthanasia Services (Co-authored by Imperium Anglorum)

I put this together as a replacement for GAR#593 when it was instarepealed to close most of the loopholes and issues with #593. For some reason #593 had a larger majority than this, but nonetheless it passed with 73% votes for. And hopefully this one is not repealed :P

GAR#603 LGBTIQA Inclusiveness in Schools Act (Co-authored by Evinea)

I wrote this resolution with Evinea to protect LGBTIQA+ in schools, though unfortuntely trolls and homophobes came out of the woodwork to argue against this throughout the drafting process until it passed. -.-

Proposals in progress:

Fairness for War Correspondents (Co-authoring with Tinhampton)
Against Destructive Raiding Practices II (Co-authoring with Aivintis)
Turf Wars (Issue already submitted with Ikania)
Boom Which Beach? (Issues, already submitted)