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SAFT Leads Early Election Polling | The Assemblian

NEWS: SAFT Leads Early Election Polling
by Kavagrad
Note: This article is based on preliminary polling data gathered by Better assembly frs, the full results of which you can find here.
Election Season Begins!

In just over a week's time, nominations will begin for the March 2022 Secretarial Election. With no indication yet as to whether or not Secretary Super Awesome Fun Times intends to run for re-election, many Assemblians may be weighing up a run at TLA's highest office. This week, Better assembly frs put out their Preliminary Secretarial Election Poll.

So, what do these results mean for the upcoming Secretarial Election?

Secretary SAFT Set For Easy Re-Election Run

Secretary Super Awesome Fun Times has taken a commanding lead in pre-election polling, with a massive 92% of Assemblians wanting to see her run for re-election. This both improves massively on her 66% from the previous Preliminary Poll in November 2021, and compares even more favourably to her predecessor, Secretary Greylyn, who had just 28% after his most recent term in the top job. She also claims first place outright for the first time, previously tied with then-Justice and now Minister of Foreign Affairs Kavagrad, who has himself seen a 13% rise in support to 79% this time around. If the Secretary does intend to run for re-election, this data suggests that she'll have little problem retaining her position against any opposition. Then again, as these elections often serve as referenda on the incumbent, it may be difficult to even find a credible opponent that would want to make the challenge.

The Four Never Changes

Alongside the aforementioned SAFT and Kavagrad, both Justice New Samon and Vice-Secretary Dyl hold a majority of support, with 63% and 58% respectively. This constitutes a rise of 8% for Samon, and a 1% slump for Dyl, but more interestingly it maintains the exact same 4 majority-receiving candidates as the pre-December '21 poll. It's clear that Assemblians have their favourites when it comes to TLA's highest executive office.

Where Is The New Generation?

TLA has rarely found itself lacking in potential future first-time Secretaries. Though the region has operated on a "push-to-run" political culture throughout its history, the talent has typically been there to back it up. This polling, however, doesn't seem to offer up any obvious new contenders.

Of those that haven't previously held the office, former Vice-Secretary and current Speaker and Co-Minister of Roleplay Podria polls best at 42%. Pod previously ran for Secretary a year ago, losing in an underwhelming showing against Dyl in March 2021, and has always been a somewhat controversial figure in government, but is still difficult to count out if they can avoid the unforced errors that have damaged them in the past. Close to Pod, on 38% is MGA and Minister of Information Ghillemear, though he has previously distanced himself from any interest in the post.

MGAs New Flamington and Yong both have Executive experience under their belts, and both poll at 25%, though they likely poll just a little too low to be credible challengers without some sort of grand vision behind them, especially if SAFT runs for re-election. Flame is perhaps more credible, with previous Speaker and Minister of Foreign Affairs terms that aren't considered to be particularly objectionable.

Overall, this polling brings with it some key points of interest for Assemblian politicos. However, more than anything, it suggests that not much has changed in what Assemblians want to see from the next Secretary.

For A Better Assembly!

by Kavagrad, 20/02/2022

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