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Peter-Jan Munt

Drs. Peter-Jan Munt (born in Haag in 1979) is the Policy Coordinator for the Secretary General of the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs. He develops and coordinates policy on financial and monetary regulation and represents the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs in the preparatory working groups for the Nivelet, Lichtenburg and Haag Conferences.

Munt attained a masters' degree in Fiscal Economics at the Omsterdam University School of Business and Economics. He has spent his entire life in public service, working at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Budget Office and the Knootian Central Bank, before transferring to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2019, when it attained responsibility for Trade Policy under Minister Jonkervelde's watch.

He is a strong proponent of the use of orthodox, neoclassical economics to make government policy, an independent central bank and an austere fiscal policy. He is a passive member of the Conservative Party and has a professional but somewhat distant working relationship with the Minister, Hendrik de Lange, usually routing his recommendations via the Secretary General after co-signing by all relevant department heads and internal stakeholders.

He is divorced and has one child, a daughter (Erica, 2012) who lives with her mother. He is known to visit the Haag National Philharmonic Orchestra. He speaks Dutch and some English.

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