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Sky Haven Master Dispatch

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Master Dispatch

LinkRegional Discord

Home to casual chat, games, and fun, as well as lively governmental discussion. This is also where you can become a citizen.

LinkRegional Wiki

The hub of all official documents and additional information.

LinkRegional Anthem

Sky Haven's regional anthem is the theme from Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky, composed by Joe Hisaishi.

Gameplay Embassy

Important regional updates will be posted here in order to share them with the wider NationStates community.

Sky Haven Guide

A great guide for getting started in the region and learning about Sky Haven!

NationStates Guide

The NationStates Guide covers most aspects of NationStates as a whole; all new residents are encouraged to read this guide.

Joining the World Assembly

Unsure how to join the hallowed halls of the World Assembly? Check out this dispatch.

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LinkCarta Caelorum

The Carta Caelorum is the supreme law of the region, establishing the basic foundations of government.

LinkCitizenship Application

Interested in doing more in Sky Haven? The path to these opportunities is citizenship!

LinkAmbassador/Embassy Application

If you would like to register as a foreign diplomat or apply for a forum embassy with Sky Haven, check out this link.

LinkThe Domus

Looking to contribute to the region? There are often jobs available in the Domus, the Executive Branch of Sky Haven.

LinkThe Lawgrove

Sky Haven's very own Legislature. All citizens are welcome to take part.

LinkThe Magistracy

The home of Sky Haven's Judiciary.

LinkThe World Assembly

Discuss various World Assembly proposals and help dictate how the region votes!

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The Domus is Sky Haven's Executive branch. Domunculae are Sky Haven's equivalent of Ministries. The current Domunculae are Interior, Culture, and Foreign Affairs.

Domuncula of the Interior

Responsible for overseeing the flow of nations into the region - raising the population count through telegram recruitment, and improving integration to make sure recruits stay engaged and become involved in the region.

Domuncula of Culture

Responsible for entertaining citizens, denizens, and travelers in Sky Haven alike, organizing weekly game nights as well as polls and other fun events.

Domuncula of Foreign Affairs

Responsible for Sky Haven's diplomatic outreach, communicating with other regions and showcasing Sky Haven to the rest of the world.

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Special thanks to Dyl/Daffodyl for helping design the original dispatch

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