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    Serpens Land (English: [sər-pəns-lɪnd]) or more formally The Realm of Serpens Land is a sovereign nation located in the North Mesder Sea. It shares a maritime border with Domanania located roughly 600 km south across the Eaton Sea.The country has a total population of just over twenty-four million. Serpens Land's land area is roughly 461,385 km².

    Population: 23,790,165 (population density: 51.56/km²)

    Total Land Area: 461,385 km² (includes freshwater areas)

    Capital City: Fort Charlotte

    Largest City: Duncan

    Gross Domestic Product: $1.12 trillion ($47,065/capita)

    Currency: Serpens Land Pound (£SLP)

    Languages: English, Erodesian, various Serpans languages

    Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

    • Monarch: HM King Edward II

    • Prime Minister: Karter Preston

    Legislature: Parlaiment

    • Upper House: House of Councillors

    • Lower House: House of Commons


    The name "Serpens Land" is thought to have derived from the Serpans People, the earliest recorded settlers of what is now Serpens Land. When European settlers first arrived in the 17th and 18th centuries, they misunderstood the Serpans word sierpens, which they used to refer to themselves.

    Serpens Land's full name -- the "Realm of Serpens Land" -- was first adopted in 1948 following conclusion of the Imperial War and the accession of King Albert to the throne in Serpens Land.


    The day-to-day running of the government is the responsibility of the executive. The executive consists of the monarch, the prime minister, and the cabinet. In practice however, the monarch rarely interferes with the affairs of the state.

    All new legislation in Serpens Land must be created and passed by parliament. The parliament of Serpens Land is made up of two elected bodies: the House of Councillors and the House of Commons. Usually, bills are first debated in the House of Commons before being passed on to the House of Councillors. A bill must be passed by both houses in order to become law. The House of Councillors may reject or modify legislation before either passing it or sending it back to the House of Commons to be debated again.

    Laws in Serpens Land are upheld and scrutinised by the judiciary. The powers and limitations of the Serpens Land government are laid out in the Constitution Act, 1968. It is the responsibility of the judiciary to hold parliament and the executive to the constitution. The judiciary has the power to remove legislation it deems to be unconstitutional. This is usually done through court cases which challenge an aspect of existing Serpens Land law.

    The civil service in Serpens Land is an independent branch of the government. It is responsible for maintaining Serpens Land's various government institutions.

    OFFICIAL SYMBOLSThe most prominent symbol of Serpens Land is of course, the flag. The flag of Serpens Land is flown from government buildings, schools, monuments, airports, etc. It represents not only the government, but the nation and the Serpens Land people as a whole. Private citizens are also allowed to fly or display the flag. Another prominent symbol are the arms of Serpens Land. The arms of Serpens Land are the symbol of the Serpens Land monarch and, in turn, the government as a whole. The arms of Serpens Land are usually only displayed by the government in prominent locations such as monuments, court rooms, and on official government documents.

    Other symbols include the official colours of Serpens Land and the Star of the Western Isles. The colours of Serpens Land are regulated by the government and are: Light Blue (hex colour code #076890), White (hex colour code #ffffff), Serpens Land Green (hex colour code #144D29). A less-known symbol of Serpens Land is the Star of the Western Isles. The star can trace it's roots back to the British colonisation of Serpens Land, where it was used as the symbol for the colony. Today, it is a common element of Serpens Land heraldry and government logos. It can be seen on the logos of the Serpens Land Men's Football Team, the Reserve Bank of Serpens Land, and on various police crests across the country. It also forms the base of the Order of the Star of the Western Isles -- a Serpens Land order of chivalry.


    Serpens Land clocks use the "12 hour" model rather than the 24 hour model. In conversation, most Serpens Landers use 12 hour model.

    Serpens Land (except for Diachen Territory) is all in a single time zone: West Mesder Time. Serpens Land observes daylight savings. On the second Saturday in April, clocks are set one hour ahead. On the second Saturday in November, this is reversed and the clocks are set one hour behind. The time in between mid April and mid November when clocks are set ahead is known as "Daylight Time". Conversely, the time between mid November and mid April is known as "Standard Time".

    Serpens Landers usually record the date in the DD/MM/YYYY format. For example, 4 February 2022 would be written as 04/02/2022.

    The majority of Serpens Landers observe the Gregorian Calendar and thus, celebrate New Years on the 1st of January. The fiscal year in Serpens Land does not align with the calendar year and runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March. Serpens Land citizens and businesses file their taxes in accordance with the fiscal year.


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