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Weekly Update#1

Here's the rundown of the first few weeks of term:

  • Culture has reintroduced the song of the week from last term

  • Polls regarding game night timings have been sent out so that the game nights we plan in the near future will be at an optimised time

  • Foreign Affairs has been talking with out Interregional allies and have been cementing continued relationships across the site

  • The UDSAF did a detag run- hosted by our one and only Dome- and have been aiding in the delegate transition in FNR

  • Justice has started some work on a collection of training materials

  • A spreadsheet has been created to collate the Cabinet's goals for the rest of the term

  • A roll assistant has been made for the Roleplay in order to streamline rolls

  • Most importanty, Phoenix has self declared that the admin team has done all the work, I agree and will make the admin team my VP (glac ur fired) /s

  • And how could we forget the song of the week LinkRip and Tear proposed by the wonderful nation=night_parrots!


  • Game nights at the aforementioned optimal times


  • Work on the States Project

  • More FA magic and all that

  • New song of the week

Quite a short list for our first report but hopefully we'll have double the amount to say next week :>
Sorry for the delay, I was caught up with some IRL things, but hopefully I can get these out faster next week!

Much love, Sacento <3 See you all next week

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