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Symbolism of the Berusturgian flag

"The black represents the struggles with the Turgen Empire and the wars with them and the Berusturgian people's dark past, the white represents peace, and red represents the blood of our fighters and our struggles.

The black and white stripes represent the peace between the Berusturgian people whilst still remembering their past, the fist in the red triangle represents the Fist of our people, the white outline and the black inline of the fist has the same meaning of the stripes but instead of being peaceful to each other, it represents being peaceful and thankful to our fighters. The border between the red triangle and the black and white stripes, represents the need to fight for the containment of our fighter's blood (to keep them alive) while wishing for and/or achieving peace, and to make our struggles with another nation not interfere with the peace between each other."

-The constitution of Berusturg, 1961