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The Grey Wardens - NationStates' Premier Raiding Organization / TGW-TSP Wargames

The Grey Wardens cutting through all imaginable resistance, 2022

The Grey Wardens, premier raiding military of the ENTIRE world, set out to break new records, break new ground, and break new regions. AS. WE. ALWAYS. DO. When we beheld a most terrible sight: Defenders.

Outrageous. Before us? Blocking our path? They were everywhere! In the trees! Underneath the floor boards! STARING. DOWN. THE. TUBES. of our internet's fibre optic cables. They were in cars ahead of us in traffic. They were working in tax offices. They were physically standing on top of our keyboards in our very homes. 2.4 millions people live in Vancouver and all of them are defenders working in data centres. It is of no consequence.

Our training? Incredible~

Our force of will? Unmatched~

We pushed past them, outpaced their move commands, SLAMMED. THEIR. DIGITAL. BODIES. against the banks of the data streams using the most revolutionary methods available. Our team flawlessly triggered off of SETI radio transmissions, picked up on the titanium exoskeleton of Warden-Commander Haku and decrypted with Warden-Commander Vincent Drake's 67,000 graphics cards. Our opposition can't even comprehend this level of technical genius.

Taking these blessed signals, we fired Wardens out of an unconscionably large slingshot, aimed at our targets for pure annihilation. I can personally attest to observing Senior Warden Frenchy using the slingshot to travel at 6x10^8m/s, twice the speed of light, impacting the target with a 300 megaton blast, carving a hole straight through Thedas, sailing out of the solar system, and WE. HAVE. NO. IDEA. where she is now. [redacted] Inspirational.

Blazing a path and cutting through a horde of 112 FULLY CROSSED defenders with -58ms reaction time chasing after us, we tore through region after region. Even though defender infiltrators stealthily placed micro cameras on the surface of our eyeballs, we dig, we like a good challenge AND WE PREVAILED ANYWAY. Because we're beasts. We accept nothing less than the best, and we are rewarded with more tagged regions than any other organisation has been able to achieve in the last year and a half.

Enjoy your new found freedom, denizens of NationStates! The freedom your mind now has to realise how [redacted] awesome we are and experience this message through our tags placed ALL ACROSS NationStates in the UNPRECIDENTED and INCALCULABLE volume of regions we have conquered tonight. If you are worthy enough to bask in the UNRELENTING GLORY of The Order, then join us and together we will call forth a new era of unrivalled and dope as [redacted] rule. And if you are not worthy, become purified in the fires of conquest, for ALL will become Warden dominion in the end.

In War, Victory

Your New Overlordens:

First Warden Grea Kriopia
High Constable Sir Merlin
Warden-Constable Lucabaduka
Warden-Lieutenant Alfonzo the warden
Senior Warden Frenchy II
Senior Warden Grey ryccia

Tagged regions: 10

Past Roleplay
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Raven Brook
International Peacekeepers
The Weird and Extreme
The Servants Quarters
Mar Sands
Hopeful Moments

TGW-TSP Weekend of Wargames

The Grey Wardens and The South Pacific Special Forces hosted a variety of events this weekend including joint R/D wargames, game nights, Theme Thursdays, and general mischief in a celebration of mutual cooperation and friendship between both regions. Participants engaged in chasing/triggering practice and mock liberations followed by some Cityguesser and where we all learned how bad we are at geography and drawing. This was a wonderful opportunity not only to enjoy extra heckposting with friends but also to offer higher training to those wishing to polish mechanical skills and gain officer-level experience in operations.

Thanks to all who participated and looking forward to future success together!

- First Warden Grea Kriopia & Minister of Defense Emodea