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Caridad Armenta, Gobernadora Tenienta de España

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Caridad Armenta y Salazar

Gobernadora Tenienta de España
Lieutenant Governor of Spain

Armenta taking a break. Photo was edited by herself.

Full Name:

Caridad Armenta y Salazar

Birth date:

5 February, 1977

Place of birth:

Barcelona, Catalonia County, United States of America



Spoken Languages:

English, Spanish


Lieutenant Governor of Spain (2019-Present)
Falangist Party Member (2009-Present)
United States Army Soldier (1996-2004)
Gang Member (1991-1994)

Marital status:



Juan Pablo Salazar


José Salazar, Maria Salazar

"Corruption is a tool. A tool that you could use against anybody, be it the common man, the whole government, or others who use it as well. It is a tool that is dangerous in the hands of the untrained, but when placed in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, it's a terrifying force. That being said, I don't consider it a good thing or a bad thing. Only me doing what I have to do to stay alive." - Lt. Governor Armenta, while meeting with other people.


Early Life

Caridad Armenta was born in 1977, at the time when the Vietnam War was still raging on. Her father was an American soldier and former Mobster, while her mother was also a soldier, albeit enlisted in the National Guard and not in the Vietnam frontlines. She was born in Catalonia County, a region of Spain that was notable for its violence and the absurdly high crime rate in cities such as Barcelona, which had been abandoned by the Federal Government for the most part. She was raised by her mother to do everything she could to survive due to the sheer violence that occurs within Barcelona. As a child, she went to a school which was often next to violent gang firefights. She eventually got used to it just like many of her friends, who shared the same feelings as her regarding the violence occurring within Barcelona.

She eventually found herself being dragged into the life of a gangster, joining a particularly violent Catalan gang as young as 14. However, she didn't do frontline jobs and decided to lay low, continuing life as normal. She developed skills from observing other gangsters and filtering out what they failed from their successes. Alongside this, she received firearms training from her mother using her rifle. Her gang life continued until one day in 1996. Where, having enough of the life of a gangster, she took it upon herself to end the gang she was dragged into. Being a rather small yet notorious gang, she planned carefully. After taking a gun from a deceased gangster, she went into the main building hosting the gang. After she waltzed in, she pulled out her gun and within several seconds methodically shot many of the gang members, mostly in the head. After the massacre, she disposed of the gun, making sure not to leave any evidence behind, and continued her education after that. She passed with flying colors, while most were unaware of her actions. Soon, she later joined the military at the behest of her mother and father, in the name of following tradition.

Service in the United States Army

While serving with the United States Army, she was stationed in the Balearic Islands. Tasked with guarding the island group. While in theory this was valid due to its proximity to the violent Catalonia region, in practice the Balearic region was only being guarded under the orders of the State Governor, who was worried about the violence spreading further from simply Catalonia to the rest of Spain, and as a result, requested active USAR troops. While on the islands, she developed a pragmatic mindset of doing what she could to either survive or accomplish her goals. However, what she found odd is that she developed this mindset after being stationed in the Balearics. However, it did set her limits for the future and gave her the mindset of 'Plan Ahead for Everything'. However aside from that, the only notable thing about her service in the Balearics is the one time she accidentally stowed away in a Humvee when two soldiers were joyriding, albeit rather calmly. It irritated her, but she got over it.

She was then reassigned to Andalusia after the region was subject to heavy amounts of violence after 9/11, mostly targeted against the immigrant population from the South. It was here where she further continued to tune her ability to use anything to her advantage. When she was dealing with self-proclaimed "anti-terrorists" who were rioting against the Government's actions against their prosecution of immigrants by using molotov cocktails and throwing them at a combined Police and National Guard blockade, she suggested the idea of using loud noises, extremely grating music, and tear gas to disperse of the riot. At first the idea sounded inhumane, however after one of the National Guard soldiers was nearly fatally wounded by a stray molotov, this plan was authorized. And with a combination of grating music, loud sound effects alongside shouting, and tear gas, the protest was dispersed rather violently, but swiftly. She was nearly court-martialed, however, and only got out because her CO was convinced about the desperation that required the usage of this tactic.

She was soon deployed to Iraq, as part of the United States invasion force alongside the United Kingdom, Egypt, Israel, Canada, Poland, Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. She was part of a paratrooper battalion this time, having been given training prior to the invasion. When the operation began, the sky was lit up as while for the most part the Operation was planned carefully, the Paratrooper invasion was mistimed. She jumped out early and was separated from the rest of her force. What made the situation all worse was that she lost her weapons while parachuting, leaving her unarmed. She trekked through the desert searching for friendly forces to return to. Instead, however, she was captured by Iraqi forces and sent to a prison camp.

While in a prison camp for the remainder of the Iraq War, she was starved and was mistreated by the guards, to the point of harassment by some of them. She managed to hold out, though. Long enough for ICN forces to liberate her from the prison camp and bring her somewhere else, where she would be discharged from the military for psychological reasons. Even years later, she found herself without a real objective after returning home from the Iraq War, and thus went back home to partake in politics as that was another field that she didn't go to. While there were other options, she found it the most enticing.

Life in the Falange

She became a Falangist state official sometime in 2007, after joining the party. She became almost infamous within the party for advocating the use of 'dirty' methods to obtain positions of power within politics. While she has agreed that it is extreme, she also views it as a necessary thing in the political climate of the United States, with the CPUSA, Republicans, and Democrats often struggling to gain control of Spain, a mostly Falangist stronghold. And with increasingly broader political views coming into the fray, she seemed to have attracted the attention of several other party officials who agreed with her plans.

While she was often giving ideas for how to obtain power, most of them involved 'dirty' tactics and taking advantage of the constant corruption within Spain, something that neither the CPUSA, Republicans, or Democrats have done. And most of them were, in a study conducted by independent investigators, actually reasonably successful if performed as they involved bribing, lobbying, and oftentimes blackmailing, something not seen since the Watergate scandal under Nixon or the 'Sop the Steal' that was alleged by President Michael Dugan when Bill Clinton was elected later on.

She has often times spoken about her ideas and trying to defend them, mostly from detractors who see her as a power-hungry populist and crook, almost bearing a lot of similarities with Nixon. Ironically, she has never run for any office despite being part of the Falange. Though this would change when she met her future Juan Salazar within the party on 2010, as a senator. There she at first, saw him as a convenient ally, however later on in life she grew to love Salazar after several dates, as it seemed that she would finally continue the family, and married him in 2012, after two years.

She remained by Salazar's side for years after their marriage, with images of Senator Salazar often having an imposing Armenta just beside him. When it became clear to her that Salazar was not enjoying the tour of being a senator, she enticed him with the prospect of moving back to Spain and becoming the governors there. Salazar, already exhausted, decided it was a good idea and followed his wife to becoming part of Spain's politics, at least for once.

Lieutenant Governor of Spain

"I once said to my husband; 'the senate is like a whip, it's painful, and it hurts, but some people enjoy it'. And that's why I hated the Senate." - Armenta, in a personal blog talking about her life.


Personality and Personal Life

"It ain't blackmailing until you have 20 terabytes of information regarding your enemy." - Armenta, speaking in a blog.


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Political Views and Works










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