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by The Birb that goes by the name of Free Ravensburg. . 97 reads.

OOC Facts: Finale

Name: Link▊▊▊▊▊▊▊
Gender: Mail
Location: South East US
Political: Keynesian mixed with centrism and meritocratic ideas
Favorite Gun: phased plasma rifle in the 40watt range M1-Garand, second favorite is AR15 Commando
Favorite Amine: Linkゴゴゴゴ
Favorite anthem: Link☭☭☭☭
Favorite Movie:
Favorite MeeM: Currently Linkdis
Favorite Food: P o t a t o
Drink: Sweeeeeeeet Tay
Favorite Nation: Canada
Favorite song:
Favorite soda: Big K Diet Black Cherry Soda

For: Stronger Wendy’s straws, gm_construct dark area, workers rights against shoddy middle bosses, equity
Neutral: socialists
Against: Current Wendy’s straws, Fat Yoshi (for tax fraud), Paper straws, SJW’s (not against social justice, want to make that clear), The stereotypical Karen, NSG (TET is fine)