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Historical Timeline

History of the Sironian Republic

Millions of years ago, the planet of Sirona was a thriving world teeming with all forms of life. Over the course of time, a series of events would occur that altered the planet's orbit, forcing it closer towards the three stars that made up the trinary system in which it resided. The stresses placed upon the planet reduced its surface to a desert wasteland, with most of its sources of surface water being stripped away, leaving the surviving plant and animal life to adapt to the harsh environment that was left behind. Of the surviving animal life, only the dominant species of the continents of Torax and Skedore evolved to become sapient, with an intense rivalry forming between the two as time passed. As the species advanced socially, forming thousands of tribes that scattered across the Sironian surface, territorial disputes would become more common as they vied for control over the planet's resources.

Early History

5500 BC - The Great Primordial War begins as the rivaling tribes of Sirona are thrown into total warfare.

5350 BC - The Great Primordial War draws to a close as an uneasy peace is settled between the rivaling factions. Total casualties are unknown, but estimated to be thousands.

5350–5000 BC - The first complex societies of Sirona are established from the desert tribes, including the six Great Clans of Skedore: Jaal, Qura, Tkhu, Ushhn, Ad'kt, and Vihr.

5000–1000 BC - The Sironian Renaissance. An era of peace in which the societies of Skedore and Torax advanced on their own accord, seeing the rebirth of Sironian cultures, science, and religions.
4800 BC - The polytheistic belief system known in modern times as Jaalism is founded by Kuh'Jaal.
4700 BC - The Jaalist Holy Temple is built a few miles north of the largest city in Skedore, on the site where High Priest Kuh'Jaal consecrated the planet of Skedoria as sacred land.

1000 BC - The Skedorian-Toraxian War begins months after the Sironian Renaissance comes to an end due to the xenophobic tendencies of the inhabitants of Skedore.
- The Continental Army of Skedore is established (according to earliest estimates).
- The Continental Air Force of Skedore is established (according to earliest estimates).
- The Continental Marine Corps of Skedore is established (according to earliest estimates).

800 BC - The Skedorian-Toraxian War begins transitioning into a Cold War. Troop deployment decreases significantly, but tensions remain strong between the warring factions.

The Skedorian Empire

600 BC - The Declaration of Unity unites the Great Clans of Skedore, formally establishing the Skedorian Empire around the same time as the establishment of the Toraxian Confederation.
- The Skedorian-Toraxian War gets its name.
- Zheq'Soa of Clan Qura is crowned as the inaugural King of Skedoria and places a religious adviser as his second-in-command.
- In a historic move, King Zheq'Soa abolishes the caste system that the Skedorians have lived by for generations; Interracial marriage within the species is legalized.
- Wealth and political/social influence become major factors in determining the success of citizens within the Empire.

300–200 BC - Technology advances significantly on Sirona, giving rise to Bio-Mechanical Suits of armor and a variety of gadgets for use by soldiers, leaving many civilians to fear the return of mass troop deployment.

200 BC - The Empire and Confederation mutually agree to compete in a space race involving the colonization of Sirona's sister planet Krea (Aerus in the Toraxian Language). The first to set a colony on the planet claims it in its entirety.

150 BC–450 AD - Krea undergoes a terraformation process to make it habitable for colonies from either species.

450–500 AD - Due to issues with the Skedorian Space Program, the Confederation establishes the first colony on Krea and begins a long immigration process to leave Sirona behind.

500 AD - The Skedorian-Toraxian War comes to a close with the signing of a peace treaty, the Treaty of Severance, between King Kanno'Soa II and Prime Minister Korsahn Ghiram of the Toraxian Confederation.
- The Skedorian Empire begins colonizing Torax and any other lands that had remained untouched by either species for millennia.
- The Skedorians rename Sirona as Skedoria in honor of their success in colonizing its lands.
- The Continental Armed Forces demobilize and are reorganized into the Imperial Armed Forces.
- The Imperial Armed Forces complete the development of an advanced FTL Engine, teleportation devices, and cloning technology.

501–1000 AD - The Skedorian Empire begins branching out to nearby star systems in search of new resources to support the Empire's population.
- The Skedorians begin to refer to themselves as the Skedar (a more contemporary term for the descendants of the Great Clans of Skedore) in order to distinguish themselves from other species.
- The largest city on Skedoria is renamed Imperial City and becomes the capital of the Skedorian Empire.
- The Imperial Star Corps is established.
- The Imperial Navy and Coast Guard are established simultaneously for worlds which contain large bodies of water.
- The Skedar slowly start to become more accepting of other species.
700 AD - King Kanno'Soa abdicates the throne and is succeeded by his eldest son, Temet'Soa.
750 AD - Fearing the potential consequences of overpopulation, King Temet'Soa orders for the genetic modification of the Skedar to lower the average amount of eggs that females can produce per year.

The Holy Skedar Empire

1000 AD - King Temet'Soa is assassinated within the confines of the Imperial Palace. Due to the fact that the late King had no relatives to succeed him, High Priest Ise'Vihr assumes the responsibilities of the throne.
- Refusing to rid himself of the title of High Priest following his coronation, Ise'Vihr merges the responsibilities of both titles and uses his power to ensure that only high-ranking members of Jaalism can assume the throne.
- Corrupted by a rather fanatical and perverse view of Jaalism, King Ise'Vihr enforces new policies based around the "religious texts" within his possession that heavily favors the God of War.
- With the enforcement of the King's new policies, the Skedorian Empire reorganizes into the Holy Skedar Empire.
- The Imperial government declares the formal worship of any deity within the Jaalist pantheon (that is not the God of War) illegal.
- The Holy Temple of Jaalism is declared the new capital of the Holy Empire by King Ise'Vihr.
- The Ministry of Defense is established to help coordinate and supervise the agencies and functions of the government that were directly related to national security and the Imperial Armed Forces.
- The Imperial Navy and Air Force are merged together as divisions of the Imperial Star Corps.

1001–1650 AD - The Holy Empire begins expanding further into the Milky Way Galaxy, conquering and colonizing countless worlds within the Scutum-Centaurus and Norma Arms.
- The Skedar become far more fanatical and believe that all non-believing Skedar should be wiped out, while foreign species should become slaves - reaching a level of xenophobia not seen within the species for millennia.
- Any and all Imperial colonies that are rich in natural resources are heavily favored by the national government and often hold more political power through increased representation within the High Council.
- Various colonies that lack abundant resources are used as testing grounds for government projects.
1008 AD - The Skedar Interceptor enters service as one the first classes of FTL-capable strikecraft in the Imperial Military.
1020 AD - The Skedar Assault Ship enters service for the purpose of carrying troops and strikecraft to their designated War Zones.
1030 AD - The Skedar Shuttle enters service for the purpose of ferrying troops to the battlefield from military installations and or warships orbiting above a planet.

1650 AD - An Imperial Colony Fleet encounters a species known as the Maians near Delta Eridani.
- The peaceful and progressive ideologies of the Maians clashes greatly with those of the Skedar, leading to the eventual start of the Maian-Skedar War.
- The Holy Empire begins conscripting all able-bodied adult citizens, regardless of their species, to fight in the war.

1653 AD - The Skedar Reconnaissance Drone enters service as part of the Imperial Star Corps' Reconnaissance Division.

1700 AD - The Imperial Draft is rescinded and replaced by a national mandate requiring all able-bodied citizens ages 18 years and older to serve within the Armed Forces until either death or the war is won.
- The Skedar are granted impunity from serving indefinitely, but are required to serve a minimum of five years within the Armed Forces.
- Imperial Military Academies are reorganized to take in children from a very young age, give them their basic education, and (unless they opt to stay for higher education) immediately prepare them for active service.
- Any and all Skedar within the military become known as Warriors for their ferocity and bravery.
- Despite the xenophobic lifestyle of the Skedar, there are extremely rare instances where non-Skedar members of the Armed Forces hold positions of authority.

1770–1780 AD - The Maian Federation begins adapting to the Imperial offensive within the Norma Campaign and earns a series of victories that liberate various planets from the Empire's grasp.

1800 AD - The Empire begins to regain control over some of its former colonies within the Norma Arm due to the efforts of the Special Operations Division of the Imperial Armed Forces.

1800–1830 AD - As the Empire begins focusing its efforts on the Norma Arm, it begins to lose control over some of its colonies within the Scutum-Centaurus Arm.

1870 AD - King Cen'Jaal abdicates the throne and selects his trusted adviser and former Commander of Covert Operations, Qin'Ocheq, as his successor.

1870–1900 AD - King Qin'Ocheq begins branding those that have no faith in his leadership as "heretics", exiling many and sentencing those that remained to participate in gladitorial combat within the confines of the Arena of Justice.

1900–1950 AD - As a result of the rising death toll and ongoing liberation of various colonies from the Empire's grasp, the Imperial Armed Forces begin to shrink in size.
- King Qin'Ocheq is forced to agree to a ceasefire with the Maians once both species learned that it would be extremely difficult to prolong the war.

1950–2000 AD - King Qin'Ocheq refuses to consider bringing the war to an end and orders for the military to test the boundaries of the momentary peace by conducting various terrorist activities against the Maians.
- Countless systems begin to slip from the Empire's grasp as citizens begin losing their faith in the government's ability to protect them.
- Fearing a potential coup, King Qin'Ocheq clones himself so as to ensure that he cannot be replaced as Monarch unwillingly.
- King Qin'Ocheq plans a fail-safe for the possibility of his death at the hands of the Maians, in which his clones would be activated from a state of suspended animation and continue the Empire's war efforts.
1999 AD - The Imperial colony of Alora begins to suffer from rebel incursions.

2000–2005 AD - The Empire comes across a derelict pod containing a message transcribed in an ancient language with origins from a time period that seems to predate every known civilization.
- After weeks of dedicated work, the Empire gets a rough translation of the language and discovers the whereabouts of an ancient warship containing a superweapon capable of destroying entire planets.
- Believing that the superweapon belonging to the ancient Cetan race could help turn the tides of the war, Imperial High Command begins sending scouting parties to the Orion-Cygnus Arm in search of the crash site.

2006 AD - A unit from the Imperial Armed Forces Reconnaissance Division reaches the planet in which the Cetan Battlecruiser has come to rest, known to the local inhabitants as Earth.

2007–2021 AD - Despite their best efforts in scouring the planet's surface and abducting individuals from the planet's dominant species to acquire information, the scouting parties are unable to discover the location of the Cetan ship.

2022 AD - One of the last scouting parties deployed to Earth detects an extremely faint energy source emanating from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.
- The mere speculation of the Cetan Battlecruiser laying on the ocean floor renews interest in efforts to retrieve the superweapon.
- Due to a lack of resources, the Empire resorts to enlisting the aid of Humanity in reaching the Cetan Battlecruiser and conducts research on the largest and most advanced corporations on Earth.
- The Empire contacts the CEO of the dataDyne Corporation and proposes to gift them advanced technology in exchange for their assistance in retrieving what is now referred to as the Weak Nuclear Force Decoupler.
- The dataDyne Corporation agrees to aid the Skedar and begins developing an AI capable of cracking the security codes of the Cetan ship in order to prevent its defenses from turning against the boarding team.
- King Qin'Ocheq sends a member of his Royal Guard to Earth in an effort to oversee the cooperation between the Empire and dataDyne.
- Using advanced technology to blend in with Humanity, the Royal Guardsman takes on the alias of "Mr. Blonde".

2023 AD - The dataDyne Corporation enlists the aid of NSA Director Trent Easton in requesting the loan of the Deep Sea Research Vessel Pelagic II from the US Government to reach the depths of the ocean.
- The dataDyne AI unintentionally deduces that that the Skedar may wish to test the Cetan superweapon on Earth and goes rogue in order to prevent its acquisition.
- Under the alias of "Dr. Caroll", the AI enlists the aid of dataDyne's rival, the Carrington Institute, in escaping from the research labs of the dataDyne headquarters and informs them of the Skedar threat.
- Mr. Blonde learns of Dr. Caroll's escape and orders dataDyne to retrieve the sapient from the Institute.
- A dataDyne hit-squad traces the Caroll Sapient to a private villa owned by the Carrington Institute's CEO, Daniel Carrington, and retrieve it before Institute reinforcements can arrive.
- The dataDyne hit-squad unintentionally reveals to Carrington that a meeting was going to take place between Trent Easton, Mr. Blonde, and dataDyne's CEO, Cassandra De Vries, in Chicago, Illinois that night.
- Unbeknownst to the Skedar, Daniel Carrington has been in contact with the Maians for decades and calls upon the support of his allies now that he knows that the Skedar are involved with dataDyne.
- Dr. Caroll's personality is wiped in order to have him blindly follow the plan to reach the Cetan Battlecruiser, however a copy is created and kept within the headquarters of the G5 Corporation in Chicago.
- Mr. Blonde, Trent Easton, and Cassandra De Vries meet up in the G5 headquarters to discuss a final attempt at requesting the loan of the Pelagic II.
- It is ultimately decided that should the request be turned down, they will need to replace the US President with a clone that will follow their every command.
- The Carrington Institute learns of the conspiracy by deploying one of its covert operatives to record the meeting and retrieve the backup personality disc for Dr. Caroll for a future rescue attempt.
- Trent Easton attempts one final request for the loan of the Pelagic II aboard Air Force One as it departs from an air base in Brooks Range, Alaska for Oslo, Norway. It is subsequently declined.
- Trent Easton, various members of the NSA, and the Skedar hijack Air Force One, however Institute forces successfully prevent the capture of the President. Air Force One crash lands in Victoria Island during the struggle.
- Mr. Blonde, having followed the aircraft before it went down, finds and kills Trent Easton for his failure.
- The Skedar and dataDyne hijack the Pelagic II and reach the Cetan Battlecruiser, using Dr. Caroll to access the Weak Nuclear Force Decoupler for extraction.
- With support from the Maians, the Institute infiltrates the Cetan Battlecruiser and restore the personality of Dr. Caroll, who subsequently rigs the superweapon to self-destruct.
- Angered over the Institute's involvement and dataDyne's failure to protect the superweapon, the Skedar launch an assault on the headquarters of both organizations.
- The Lucerne Tower (dataDyne's HQ) is destroyed with a Directional Fusion Bomb and Cassandra De Vries is taken prisoner aboard an orbiting Assault Ship.
- The attack on the Institute HQ fails to destroy the building or inflict massive casualties, however they manage to capture the Institute's top covert operative, Joanna Dark.
- The Skedar take Agent Dark and Cassandra De Vries off-world to the Imperial capital to face righteous Skedar justice in front of King Qin'Ocheq and the Supreme Court.
- The Assault Ship is tracked down and captured by the Maians over Skedoria - marking the first time that the Federation has ever seen the planet.
- Now aware of the Imperial capital's location, the Maian Federation initiates the Siege of Skedoria with the arrival of the Maian Home Fleet.
- The Holy Temple is attacked by the elite forces of the Maian military (with the support of Agent Dark), engaging King Qin'Ocheq and his Royal Guard in battle until they are ultimately killed.
- With the death of the King, his fail-safe is activated, releasing his clones and their personal armies loose within the catacombs beneath the Holy Temple.
- The Maians become aware of the presence of the clones and dispatch reinforcements to deal with them.
- Skedoria ultimately falls to the Maian invasion and a majority of its civilian population willingly turns against its military forces to ensure their survival.
- As the Siege of Skedoria comes to a close, the Maians acquire star maps of all remaining Imperial military installations and hideouts in the galaxy and depart to deal with the remaining opposition.
- Many politicians are removed from power and replaced with new members that have a far more progressive outlook on life.
- With the Empire in shambles, the Toraxian Confederation returns to Skedoria for the first time in nearly two millennia in the hopes of ending their rivalry and becoming allies in a new era of peace.
- The Skedar openly embraced the Toraxians and make peace with their former rivals, allowing both species to cooperate for the first time in history.

The Sironian Republic

2023 AD - The Toraxian Confederation merges with the Imperial remnants and reorganize into the Sironian Republic; the Skedar leave behind their fanatical beliefs and embrace laws that progress society for the better.
- The Sironian Constitution is amended, keeping the position of a Monarch, however the throne is assumed through election rather than bloodline or royal appointment.
- To prevent further abuse of power within the Monarchy, the Sironian Constitution delegates most of the responsibilities of the throne to a new position - the Office of the Prime Minister.
- Tal'Navi, a former Corporal from the Imperial Armed Forces and a popular progressive idealist, is elected as the first Monarch of the Sironian Republic.

2024 AD - The Sironian Republic holds its first election for the national parliament.
- Queen Tal'Navi appoints Akku Nilles from the former Toraxian Confederation as the first Prime Minister of the Sironian Republic.
- Queen Tal'Navi begins a national development program in hopes of fixing the nation's domestic issues - particularly those that affect the economy and education system.

2024–2030 AD - Tax rates are changed to be proportional to an individual's salary.
- Multiple jobs are created across the Republic to combat unemployment.
- Free education is made widely available to all citizens across the Republic, regardless of one's status within society.
- The Republic begins a massive terraformation program on Skedoria.

2030 AD - The Republic begins modernizing its transportation industry.
- The Republic opens its ports to foreign nations in hopes of encouraging international trade and immigration.
- Despite fears of destroying culturally and historically significant sites on the planet, the terraformation process on Skedoria comes to an end.
- New cities and farms are established across Skedoria.
- Using centuries-worth of research, the Republic successfully manages to bring various species back from extinction.