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Cannonese Constitution (WIP)

Cannonese Constitution
Us, the populace, shall create a democracy in the name of Cannonio. This shall explain the law and the people.
Article 1: Government
Term: A term is a four year reign of a president.
Political Scale: This is a cube which has the axes of Freedom, Economy, and Religion. It is 10*10*10, and the people fill out their political position as (Freedom), (Economy), and (Religion).
Section 1: President
The President shall be elected every 4 years, and get a four year term. 3 terms shall be the limit for the President. The president is elected by the people, which vote using the Political scale.
The President shall rule over all of Cannonio, but can get impeached if he is erratic. He shall propose laws, but get examined by 33 government judges. If they veto, the law is not seen for 20 years or it gets sent back to the government judges to aim for a 2/3's majority, but if it passes, it becomes part of the Amendment List. They also can control the military.
Section 2: Head of Party and Advisors of Party
The head of party is elected by the 11 advisors of party, which gets elected by the people. The advisors of party can elect a new head of party if the first one is irregular. The head of party reviews the policies of the party as well as do a yearly check on it. A head of party can also be a president.
The advisors of party advise the head of party, and can vote on a policy proposal. If more than 2/3s agree, the proposal becomes a policy.
Section 3: Seaters
The 101 Seaters shall count the number of votes. If there is a near-tie, they eliminate the last place candidate and do the election again until a best Candidate is found. They are not a part of any party, to eliminate bias.
Section 4: Government Judges
The government judges shall be the deciders of the law. They can pass a (law) proposal or veto the proposal. If it passes, then the proposal becomes law. If the president is erratic, A 2/3's majority can vote to impeach the president and elect a new one.
Section 5: Normal Judges
The normal judges make sure to protect your rights. The major portion can declare a law unconstitutional with a majority vote, but the minor section can only review laws and do court cases. These allow the land to be safe.
Section 6: Making amendments
Admendments are first bills, which shall be reviewed by the government judges. If a 5/10 majority of the judges pass, then it gets sent to the president, which can veto it. The judges now have to reach a 7/10 majority to override the veto and make the bill an amendment.
Article 2: Criminal Charges
For the union, criminal activity shall be charged with the following penalties. They don't need to be all at once.
Fines: 500-50000 Cannonballs
Rehabilitation: 1 week to 5 years
Jail: 1 week to life, may be with parole
Physical Punishments: Whipping, Cutting Fungers
Execution: Poison, Electric Chair, Guilotine
Article 3: Rights
Section 1: Free speech and protest
The people shall have the right to say what they want, and to peacefully protest for what they want.
Section 2: Right to Arms
Every adult in Cannonio shall be able to have arms, but need a license.
The license is a combination of a age test, A quiz test, and a IQ test.
Section 3: Right to a jury
This section is mandated so that everyone can testify for a crime, and try to defend.
Section 4: Right of protection
Self-protection is allowed, as long as you are actually defending and not actually fighting.
Section 5: Other Rights
Any rights not listed are allowed to be given to the people.
Section 6: State Powers
Any powers not by the government goal in the hands of states.
Article 4: Legitimacy
This article came to existence from 10 people from Cannonio, 2 from each region. They debated a lot and made sure that we are free.
Leo Alas
Tako Bako
Harold Vegent
James Clocker
Marie Tanso
Elizabeth Router
Baco Harel
Yept Crept
James Crete
Madison Rego