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One, Two, Three, Four, I Declare A Cyber War

China's making moves across the pond. Israel's taken over the Sinai and is struggling to grasp Cairo. India and Pakistan are deadlocked in a war. Ukraine's falling to Russian separatists, with reports of Russian and NATO forces engaging openly. The Middle East is on fire once again. Afghanistan is firmly in Chinese hands. Armenia and Azerbaijan are once again threatening to engage each other.

And while the EU is busy fighting away, flinging insults left and right, the US is worried about a possible crisis in Cuba due to the "old guard" growing old (literally) while refusing to cave to outside influence.

But of course, that's hardly scratching the surface.

Cyberattacks against Russia from China targeting hospitals resulted in a sharp and sudden "visit" from a flight of Russian SU-57s and MIG-35s along with a TU-95 just to annoy Chinese air defenses, almost daring them to engage.

American banks were later struck by a DDOS attack from a German botnet, but further investigation reveals that it was actually Russian in origin, with Russia refusing to give further details on the attack beyond what was found.

Gonswanzan intelligence has reported that the war for cyberspace is only heating up, given larger and better-organized attacks being set up by various groups from various countries, each one perhaps seeking to achieve their own malicious goals... Which range from simply holding data hostage to, perhaps, attempting to spark a conventional war or offer sufficient fuel for a massed uprising.

Yet, strangely enough, none of these attacks have struck at many other countries, beyond a select few European nations, mostly members of NATO and the aforementioned trio of nuclear powers: The US, China and Russia.