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Milona Times - Direct Descendants of First Child of Tsarina Anastasia Discovered! - 14 January 2022

Direct Descendants of First Child of Tsarina Anastasia Discovered!

Written by: Nozomi Matsusaki

14 January 2022 at 9:59 p.m. CET

A picture of Gemma Azzarà from her social media account, the
biological great-granddaughter of Tsarina Anastasia I.

Recent DNA testing of a grave in the Greater London Area has identified direct living descendants of Tsarina Anastasia I's illegitimate child. Her first child, Natasha Pavlovsky, was lost since 1930. According to Anastasia's personal memoir, Exiled At Home, Natasha was born of her savior, who raped her years after taking Anastasia into his home. Escaping Soviet police Anastasia lost Natasha in the Ukrainian-Romanian border. It is unknown how Natasha's body wound up in the United Kingdom, however a year ago in February of 2021 a DNA sample was taken from a grave marked with Natasha's name. It came back with a positive correlation to Anastasia, however no descendants were found at the time.

It wasn't until a month ago on 30 December 2021 that the genetics company, AncestryDNA, received a test from a family in London. The Russian royal family had given DNA samples to the companies in order to identify any possible descendants of Anastasia and Natasha since her discovery. Unknowingly, the Azzarà family gave their mother, Gemma Azzarà, a DNA test by AncestryDNA as a Christmas present. The family sent it into the AncestryDNA labs, and soon after testing the match was found.

As soon as the match was realized, the information was sent directly to the Russian royal family, who wanted to make sure that they were truly the descendants of Anastasia. Gemma was flown to a royal DNA testing facility in Eritei, where they had her DNA tested with the DNA with Anastasia and other related royalty, and found a match in all related DNA that they had on record. According to accounts from bystanders, not even the doctors analyzing the DNA could believe the match.

Gemma Azzarà was a normal Englishwoman. She is married to Gualtiero Azzarà, has two children, Britteny and Reanna, and has a simple office job in downtown London. She does have a preexisting relationship with Caezari Rose I however. The two attended the same school in their youth and Gemma was one of Rose's only friends during her troubling times. The two have kept a long distance friendship during Rose's reign. Once the news reached Rose's office that Gemma was the great-granddaughter of Anastasia, she had Gemma brought straight to the Royal Palace where the two reportedly spent the entire day together.

It is currently unknown the situation of Gemma's position in the new royal circle. Many royal historians speculate that she will simply be forgotten and will return to her normal life (as normal as the paparazzi allow). However there is speculation in certain royal circles that Gemma may be brought to the Kremlin Palace, as according to Exiled at Home Anastasia was very fond of Natasha and possibly might break her strict adherence to traditional royal procedures to bring someone who by all accounts is "naturally dead" to any royal family into the Russian royal family.

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Nozomi Matsusaki

Nozomi Matsusaki is a Japanese-Eriteian who studied in Japan, and moved to Eritei to peruse a life of journalism. She's also an active writer, photographer, and nature enthusiast. Email her for questions at

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By God_I_Hate_Jessica - 5 Min Ago

Oh my god. Maybe I could be related to royalty!!!

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By RoyalLover6969420 - 5 Min Ago

I think this is just overspeculation. Obviously nothing will come of this. Liek comeon!!! no onelvoes lsomeonteajlf lafjasd jflkjasdhfoiulhas!!!! I think this isn't important at all an she's unimportant and shoul just go back t o enlgan

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By 1LividGal - 5 Mins Ago

You know, if this happened by chance it kinda means that they're just sending the DNA of the Tsarina out in the hopes that someone gets a match. Like I don't think this would even work in the first place tbh. These companies rely on people actually taking the test so idk

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By _anon_ - 6 Mins Ago

Oh god another? No matter how many Romonovs you kill thye just keep coming out of the woodworks

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They (((FLEW))) her out to (((ERITEI)))!!!?!?!? OH like the (((COMMUNIST))) world government would ever let the (((ROYAL BLOODINGES))) continue!!

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