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by The Commonwealth of Hashari Darussalam. . 18 reads.

Subsidized Internet Provider

Hashari Darussalam have the one of the highest internet speed in the Nusantara Archipelago at 178mbps with the whole nation capable of reaching the lowest speed at 70mbps in which it is still remarkably fast.

Hashari Darussalam subsidized four of the five main Internet Provider, and they are :

Biznet (192mbps)
Telkomsel (128mbps)
Sutoyo Net (98mbps)
By.u (81mbps)
Osia Net Co, LTD (74mbps)

Osia is the slowest one of the bunch at 74mbps but is the cheapest at 20HPR/10GB with the most expensive is Biznet at 85HPR/10GB but have special packs for long time user.

These subsidized business create the hyper-capitalistic semi-liberal market economy of Hashari Darussalam and create one of the most competitive market in every industry except essential one such as Power, Water, Oil, and Transportation.

Osia Inc. is the largest company in Hashari Darussalam and is being surrounded by other major Company such as Sutoyo Co, LTD. and Manipura Co, LLC as well as NoFo Group and Dendram Inc.