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Consider Moving Capital of the Republic

[size=200][center][b]Considering Moving Capital of the Republic[/b][/center][/size]
Fellow comrades and citizens,

The Federal Government of Aquaria, is considering moving the capital from Aquarius City, which is located in the north of the federation, to Tokisaki, which is located in the south, and also the former capital of the republic.

Since 1979, Aquarius City, which is built on purpose for being the capital, has been Aquaria's main and largest city, generating huge amount of GDP of our republic, and also being the window of our republic toward the world. However, the situation in the North Jorati Ocean has been worsen very quickly in few years, ultimately gaining danger for our republic. Aquarius City, which is the now capital, is connected exactly toward the conflicted ocean. To maintain safe for national security purpose, the Federal Government is now considering the re-location for the capital. After discussions inside the government, Tokisaki, which is the capital of Kurumia now, and also the former capital of the republic, is considered as the best and only appropriate option for us.

Election for the capital moving will be held on 25 January 2022. If there is at least half of the voted population supporting the operation, the government will officially start moving all government agencies within 2 years.

This announce is officially made by the Federal Government of the Socialist Federal Republic of the Aquaria.

Yours Faithfully,
Naruto Uzumaki
President of the Socialist Federal Republic of the Aquaria