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Xadivan III

His majesty Xadivan lll was said to have a legendary beauty. Ladies would travel across the world just to see him. And he wasn't only a beauty physically, in the inside too. The poor and the rich were never so close to being equal. It was a great time for Xadivan. And he was also the first one ever to have tamed a Pheonix and had made a pet out of it. His love for equality was unmatched. The people where adored him. He even made a new holiday: Pheonix's Dawn. Pheonix's Dawn had the most beautiful sunset, and Xadivan lll adored it so much, he even said the sun was a Pheonix flying across the sky. That is how we made the Pheonix our national animal. Pheonix's Dawn lasted four days, and during those four days, it was party party party, no work at all. He married Adèle De Hermosa at the age of 26, and lived till 46. Xadivan lll is one of the greatest kings ever. His son, Xadivan lV, inspired by his father, would continue his legacy.

The Empire of Xadivan