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Crown Prince Narciso of Eritei

Crown Prince of Eritei

Narciso, c. 2019


31 December 2000 (Age 21)
LinkMilan, LinkMilan, Eturia, Eritei

Full Name:
Narciso Tate Odelia Roderick Zaccaria




Manuel de Medici


Rose I


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Crown Prince Narciso of Eritei (born Narciso Tate Odelia Roderick Zaccaria; 31 December 2000), is the first child and son of Caezari Rose I and Manuel de Medici. He is first in the line of succession and Heir Apparent to the Imperial Throne of Eritei.

Birth and Christening

Narciso was born the first son and child to Caezari Rose I and Caezare Manuel. He was born at Casa di Cura San Giovanni Hospital in Milan at 18:30 CEST on 31 December 2000 and is the eldest of Rose I's five children. His birth was announced by the press the following day on 1 January 2001 at 08:05 CEST. The church bells on Duomo di Milona and many other churches rang out because of the birth of the new heir, and a parade was held by the Royal Guard celebrating his birth. That same day during the announcement of his birth his name was announced as Narciso Tate Odelia Roderick Zaccaria. Narciso is currently the first in line and heir for the Imperial throne.

Narciso was baptized on 18 June 2001 at the Duomo di Milona by then Archbishop Dionigi Tettamanzi. His godparents are his Uncle Leon Weiss (then Prince Royal Leon), his paternal-uncle Grand Duke Vittorio de Medici III of Tuscany, and Rose I's Cousin, Olive Elizabeth Gustafssen.

The Imperial and Royal Mint released a special line of coins commemorating both Narciso's birth, celebrating the fact that Rose's lineage was secure along with the birth of a child with royal blood in them, since Rose was just a commoner.


Narciso was enrolled into public education when he came of age. This was a controversial decision in royal circles. He has since graduated and is currently being privately tutored on statecraft by the Imperial and Royal Family. There is currently no knowledge on whether or not he will attend higher education.

Official Appearances

Narciso attended his first Imperial Parade in 2002 as just a child. He was seen in meetings with Charles, Prince of Wales during Rose I's abdication. After their return to the throne Narciso toured Eritei with Rose I, meeting with state leaders and royalty.

Narciso has sponsored a few organizations already. Most recently he created the Imperial Eriteian Medical Fund in 2019 which was a charity helping those affected by COVID-19 and to use a large chunk of his royal income to help provide more equipment to underfunded hospitals.

In 2021, he attended the England–Italy final of UEFA Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium in London with his siblings and parents.

Personal Interests

Not much is known about Narciso, as his parents have taken precautions to keep their home life private.

There are currently rumours that Narciso is dating a non-royal. No official statements have been made but this has sparked small and early debate on whether or not Rose I will remove the Title Decree of 1987.

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This is the LinkCoat of Arms of Crown Prince Narciso

Titles, Styles, Honours, and Arms

Narciso's full title is: His Imperial and Royal Highness Narciso, Crown Prince of the Empire, Heir to the Imperial Throne



  • 2010: Royal Order of the Imperial Family
    2010: Most Royal Order of the Vine

Crown Prince Narciso of Eritei
Born: 31 December 2000

Lines of Succession

Heir Apparent

Succession to the Imperial Throne
1st in line

Followed by
Hector, Prince Royal of the Empire

Eriteian Royalty

Title last held by

Crown Prince

Presumed Next Holder
Hector, Prince Royal of the Empire

Order of Precedence

Preceded By
Caezare Manuel

Orders of Precedence of the Imperial Throne

Succeeded By
Hector, Prince Royal of the Empire

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