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by The Community of San Osasco. . 16 reads.

A Spiritual and Peace landmark

This is a letter to the foreign world,

In our country we preach to the one true God, Dan Reynolds and the Imagine Dragons Pantheon, in search for the answers of life and death, promoting daily preaches to the Pantheon and the Banshee, including remunerated prayer during work hours as proven to increase labouring eficiency.

We have adopted the "ano sim, ano não" way of paying taxes, which only works because of our equality, were, if you find yourself in the upper half of society you are one of the chosen ones to pull the weight of the whole country, most after paying these taxes will fall from top to bottom, giving the other half, on the up coming year, to have the HONNOR to pay tax.

Here in San Osasco we believe that guns are only for the chosen ones by the Banshee that guards us all and reigns in the beautifull blue skies, San Osasco have no intention on war nor other ways of violence, we only use violence using The Paradox of Tolerance and it has proven to serve us well.

Looking forward to help fellow neighbor countries to find enlightenment and peace.

(Sorry for bad english, here in San Osasco we speak Brasileiro >< )

OWNER Julia.

The Community of San Osasco