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>The Maximilliat's location on North Osea

>The Maximilliat is a nation of sand. The Gran Barrera Desert stretches across a total of 97% of the nation's landmass, encompassing lands from the north, south, east, and west sectors of the country. The Emerald Gulf Stream that starts just off the southern part of the North Fusean peninsula is swept north and continuously batters the Maximilliat. The all encompassing Gran Barreran Desert can be split into two distinct parts, Sur Gran Barrera and Norte Gran Barrera. The Sur Gran Barrera is impacted the most by the Emerald Gulf Stream, with the once fertile plains being slowly eroded away and transformed into the winding, never ending Barchan and Transverse sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see then-some. In the Norte, the destituteness is less severe. Pockets of nature life sprout from the walls and bottoms of canyons. Massive geological formations like Mesas/table-mountains can be seen from miles away. The land, once home to more teeming life has slowly, like the south, eroded with time as once famous rivers dry up and wildlife comes increasingly scarce.

>Along places like the Rojaguan Bay, Calientegua Coast, and more inland pockets of water like the Espina and Abrilella Gulfs, civilization perseveres with the wildlife and more temperate climate. With the ocean keeping the coastal lands a portion cooler in the harsh summer and wetter in the winter, The Maximilliat's population is placed almost solely on the coast except for the lackluster inland population. Semi-arid shrubbery is scattered across the coast, with Sclerophyll shrublands being found on the cliffs near the coast. The slightly more temperate coastal regions are however more susceptible to fires, drought, and floods. What few rivers exist within The Maximilliat are harbors of civilization, with the minute native agricultural industry being reliant on them for survival.