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The Mosellensberger: Mont Lerontrop's New Airport Officially Opens

Mont Lerontrop's New Aiport Officially Opens

Mathias Breslau (@canary12) | Friday, December 31st, 2021

The new airport, as seen from above.

In the early hours of the morning, Chancellor Lukas von Branthausen officially opened the new Adelie Bernier-Mont Lerontrop International Airport, which has been plagued by delays and construction mishaps. The new airport, named after the famous female poet, first started construction in 2014. The airport was intended to finish construction in 2019, but multiple delays, including an unfortunately timed pandemic, caused the airport to have to wait until now to open.

The revolutionary new airport, intended to replace the aging Claudie Mallet Airport, first started construction in 2014, after years of overcrowding and congestion in the old airport. Multiple parties, including Ramonasche Airways, the Mayoral Council of Mont Lerontrop, and even the federal Government itself advocated for the new airport. The airport was intended to finish construction in 2019, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the old airport. However, in 2016, a large part of the shoddily-constructed roof caved in, causing the unfortunate deaths of 2 construction workers. The team in charge of construction for the new airport continued to stay with the same contractor, despite the controversy. Many other delays, such as non-functioning toilets and broken escalators, plagued the airport. The much-anticipated opening in 2019 was delayed to July of 2020, after a fire in a bathroom set off by a match caused many parts of the airport to go up in flames. Protests ensued over the rising costs of the airport, but the government stuck with the plan despite wavering approval ratings. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns across Ramonasche in late February caused the airport to delay its opening again to January of 2021. However, the unrelentless pandemic caused the airport to push back the opening date throughout the year until now.

The new airport is designed to have 180 gates, spread out over 4 terminals. The airport will be the one of the hubs of Air Ramonasche, Ramonasche's flag carrier, along with Mosellensberg, Adlerhafen, Clervin, and many other hubs throughout the nation. The airport will also be the primary hub of Ramonasche's second largest airline, Ramonasche Airways. The airport seeks to be a hub for low-cost airlines as well, with relatively cheap landing fees and ground service costs. The airport is stocked with amenities and stores designed to rival some of Ramonasche's largest hubs. The airport hopes to become one of the largest in Europe, and is betting on Ramonasche Airways to make the airport a large, world-class hub.

The new airport has received mixed opinions, with some accusing it of being a large waste of money, while others are happy that Mont Lerontrop finally gets a proper airport. The Liberal Coalition, the leading coalition of Ramonasche, has been torn about the new airport. The Green Party, the Business Party and the Conservative Party have seen themselves allying against the new airport, despite differing reasons for doing so. The airport has also been a cause of protests in many cities across Ramonasche. Some, including the Conservative Party leader Miriam Mallet, accuse the airport of being the "Stupidest decision ever made in the history of Mont Lerontrop." However, the Liberal Party defends their actions, claiming "The new airport is brings the world to Mont Lerontrop, and Mont Lerontrop to the world." Civilians also have a lot to say about the airport. Laurenz Fuchs, a businessman that works in the heart of Mont Lerontrop, says that
"The new airport enables me to easily get to where I need to on time, without worrying about being late or missing events. I can also get back to my family on time when I'm done. The beautiful new airport is a very calming environment as well! Now I don't need to worry about arriving at the airport 3 hours early and getting stressed about making it on time to my flight. There are some great new lounges as well!" Still, many others hate the airport. Jeannine Jacquinot, a citizen of Dormeria, a suburb outside of Mont Lerontrop, says "The airport is a complete waste of my taxpayer money. I work every day, and the old airport is fine. The government needs to stop taking people's money for petty projects like this."

Whether people like it or not, this new airport will replace the old one, which is set to close down in March and be converted into a huge wildlife reserve. Mont Lerontrop's new airport will be a shining example of how a modern airport can make, or break, a city.

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By Nori5 - Seconds Ago

I just don't understand why they thought to build this airport! What a waste of money... Mosellensberg is two hours away by train. The stupid government wastes all of MY tax money on these stupid things. What is wrong with the people in charge?

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By cakeEagle - 1 Min Ago

this looks so kool i want 2 fly out of it

8 Likes | 3 Dislikes
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By Canarx - 12 Mins Ago

What a gorgeuous building! I can't wait to fly out of it! And it's just in time for the New Year too! It's sad that the airport got delayed so much, though. At least we did better than Berlin Airport 🤪

23 Likes | 0 Dislikes
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