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On the World Assembly and how it works.


Greetings reader!

I am Frost, the guy behind Asian Lands and former WAD of Kantrias.

After seeing a question on the World Assembly channel on our regional Discord server, it has occurred to me to write a dispatch with a quick explanation of how the WA works. More specifically, how a proposal gets from someone's word document to the actual voting part.

Writing the proposal

A large proposal typically first goes through a period of discussion and revision on the NationStates Forum, which you can access by clicking the FORUM tab on the left of your screen. For those of you who are on our own forum and/or observe our regional government processes, think of it as similar to how one would propose legislation and getting it to a vote.

If you decide to write your own proposal, I highly recommend you go to the NS Forum to seek discussion and review on it for multiple reasons. Not least of which is that proposals must meet a certain standard, comply with certain rules on the structure of the proposal and the wording to be used.

For example, the proposal should not be Meta. This means, no proposals on changing game mechanics (such as asking for a way for wars to be fought between nations). It also means, no Real Life (RL) references. As far as any proposal writers are concerned, RL does not exist so don't bring it into your proposal.

It should also be written in Third Person. Do not write in First Person. This means no using phrases like "I hereby propose". Do not reference yourself.

You can find a detailed list of the does and don'ts on the NS Forum.

How to get your proposal into Quroum

So, your proposal has been submitted. Now what? Now it's up to the WADs of NS to receive your telegram promoting the proposal. That being said, mass telegrams require stamps. Stamps are bought with real money. Alternatively, you can send telegrams to WADs in batches so as to avoid needing stamps. You could also find a script or bot to do it for you.

With your advertising done, you will now need to wait for enough WADs to approve your proposal to reach Quorum. When it does reach Quorum, it will be placed into the queue for voting if there are proposals ahead of it.

To reach Quorum, it must be approved by at least 6% of all WADs. Currently, this tallies out to 926 WADs in The World and you need at least 56 of them to approve your proposal. This approval must be given within 3 days if I recall correctly. It is also subject to review by the General Secretariat, who may decide that your proposal is not up to standard or contradicts a resolution. If so, your proposal will be deemed illegal and will not be put to a vote even if it has obtained the necessary approvals.

But, since you went through the NS Forum before you submitted your proposal you should be fine as any issues would have been found and fixed.


So, your proposal wasn't nuked by the General Secretariat and it has gotten enough approvals to be voted on by the WA at large. However, all nations are equal, but some are more equal than others.

What I mean by this is while all nations in the WA are entitled to one vote, a WAD's vote has a voting strength equivalent to the number of endorsements they hold and their own. For example, our current WAD Mihay has 15 endorsements. Therefore, their vote has the strength of 16 votes (their own plus the number of endorsements). So if they vote For, it will get an additional 16 votes to the tally.

Many times, these votes are dominated by delegate votes with individual votes counting for a small part of the vote. This is not to say individual votes are worthless, they do make a difference, but I wanted to highlight just how much voting power the most powerful delegates have.

This is why you should endorse the WAD, besides that the nation with the most endorsements is WAD as far as NS is concerned, the more endorsements the WAD has the more power they get in the WA. The more power they have, the more they can support your proposal or a proposal of your liking if you can convince them to support it.

The WAD and Regional Security

Now, Kantrias has a non-executive WAD so this section isn't as important. You may have noticed that some regions have executive WADs or non-executive WADs. The executive of the region is usually the founder, but they may choose to either give that power to the WAD or share it with the WAD. Should the founder CTE (Cease To Exist) or didn't exist to begin with (The Pacifics for example) that power automatically falls to the WAD.

Nations with executive power have access to the powers of all the roles that can be given to regional officers (check the admin tab just above our regional world factbook to see who has what power).

A founderless region with an executive WAD that lacks a large number of endorsements is susceptible to Raids. Raids are when a large number of puppets (non-main nations) flood the region and endorse one among them so they seize the WAD position and promptly close the borders (no one in unless they have a password) and kick everyone else out. The region is lost to the original inhabitants unless they can get the WA Security Council to pass a Liberation resolution to unlock the region and have Defenders counter invade and kick out the raiders.

That being said, Kantrias is not at risk of this for as long as the founder nation exists but it can't hurt to shore things up a little just in case. There was one instance of the founder CTEing leaving executive power to me, should a raider region have noticed and decided to invade I fear they would not have found much difficulty.

So, go and endorse Zoygaria for extra peace of mind!

NOTE: Raiders and defenders generally possess a puppet nation for this purpose and the puppet would be a member of the WA by necessity. If you choose to participate in this gameplay, you must keep in mind that players are only allowed one nation to be part of the WA. If you try to play multiple WA nations, you may be banned from NationStates.

Final remarks

I hope that helped you in understanding how the WA functions as well as giving you some insight as to why it's important that the WAD gets as many endorsements as possible and that no one else has enough to potentially take the WAD position outside of an official election. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Kind regards,