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Commonwealth of Republics
An Explanation and Membership of the Multi-National Organisation

The Commonwealth of Republics, more commonly known by its abbreviation CoRe; a collection of individual
nations that share a common set of values, morals, aspirations and goals. Although referred to in the past
- and inaccurately to some degree today - as the Alteran Commonwealth, the organisation does not recognise the Alteran Confederacy as
the head of the organisation - merely the founder of its spiritual ancestors, the Commonwealth of Alteran Republics. Some current members share
a colonial or linguistic past with Altera - however, membership is extended to all nations that share similar ideals;
freedom of speech, freedom of the individual, the free market and open and fair trade.


Confederation of
Alteran Republics

Membership Status

Date of Admittance
June, 1935

More Information
Considered one of the founding nations of the Commonwealth of Republics, Altera realised that the antiquated Alteran Commonwealth, a product of politics and misguided forward thinking in the 1800s, was not considered worthy of the approaching 'modern world'. It was decided in the 1920s that the organisation was due an overhaul.

Following the founding the Commonwealth of Republics, the organisation would prove to play a considerable role in the Imperial War of the 1940s. Post-war, the Commonwealth of Republics would continue to provide support to its members and close allies; most notably in post-Imperial War financial aid to war-devastated nations.

Federal Republic of
North Oscotia

Membership Status

Date of Admittance

More Information
A current close ally of the Alteran Confederation, North Oscotia - since joining the Commonwealth of Republics in 2000 - has continued to grow closer to Altera and the CoRe members.

Together with Altera and Keomora - they formed the OAK Alliance, largely thanks to the closer ties brought about from CoRe membership.

North Oscotia views membership of the crucial to their strategy of increasing their influence, as well as gaining friendship, allies and trade partners.

People's Democratic Union of

Membership Status
Absentee Member (1968)

Date of Admittance
June, 1935

More Information
One of the original founding members of the Commonwealth of Republics, Aprosia is one of a few nations that have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with fellow Commonwealth members, but has since decided to leave the organisation due to political differences.

Originally joining the Commonwealth in 1938, as part of the now defunct Alteran Commonwealth, the nation has struggled through the middle of the 20th Century, never truly recovering from the post-Imperial War economic situation. Coupled with political instability, the Aprosian Emergency and other conflicts since, Aprosia continued to evolve down a path away from Altera and fellow republics. In 1968, Aprosia unofficially left the organisation. However, the Commonwealth is eager to see a reformed Aprosia return to the Commonwealth; giving Aprosia the title of an "Absentee Member". Should Aprosia meet certain criteria, they would be admitted back to the organisation.

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Membership Status
--Founder/Co-Founder/Member/Absentee Member--

Date of Admittance

More Information

Commonwealth Charter

OOC: To begin with, I'm going to use the IRL Commonwealth Charter as a basis (as I thought I'd called the ICly document, the Commonwealth Charter - then stupidly Googled it and realised "Oh bugger, it's a real thing isn't it. Well sh*t; this isn't going to convince anyone that this isn't a !British Commonwealth deal. F*ck it. It'll do for now."

So, I'll work and improve it over time. For now, because it's nearly midnight and I'm tired, it'll be a lightly edited document.

of the

    Commonwealth Charter

    The Commonwealth Charter is a document of the values and aspirations which unite the Commonwealth of Republics.

    It expresses the commitment of member states to the development of free and democratic societies and the promotion of peace and prosperity to improve the lives of all the people of the Commonwealth.

    The Charter also acknowledges the role of civil society in supporting the goals and values of the Commonwealth of Republics, drawing upon inspiration from spiritual predecessor and kindred organisations; including the Alteran Commonwealth of Republics, the Free Powers Alliance, the Organisation of Regional Cooperation in Argus and the Regional Trade and Economic Agreement.

    We, the people of the Commonwealth

    Recognising that in an era of changing economic circumstances and uncertainty, new trade and economic patterns, unprecedented threats to peace and security, and a surge in popular demands for democracy, human rights and broadened economic opportunities, the potential of and need for the Commonwealth – as a compelling force for good and as an effective network for co-operation and for promoting development – has never been greater,

    Recalling that the Commonwealth is a voluntary association of independent and equal sovereign states, each responsible for its own policies, consulting and co-operating in the common interests of our peoples and in the promotion of international understanding and world peace, and influencing international society to the benefit of all through the pursuit of common principles and values,

    Affirming that the special strength of the Commonwealth lies in the combination of our diversity and our shared inheritance in language, culture and the rule of law; and bound together by shared history and tradition; by respect for all states and peoples; by shared values and principles and by concern for the vulnerable,

    Affirming that the Commonwealth way is to seek consensus through consultation and the sharing of experience, especially through practical co-operation, and further affirming that the Commonwealth is uniquely placed to serve as a model and as a catalyst for new forms of friendship and co-operation in the spirit of the League of the Western Isles,

    Affirming the role of the Commonwealth as a recognised intergovernmental champion of small states, advocating for their special needs; providing policy advice on political, economic and social development issues; and delivering technical assistance,

    Welcoming the valuable contribution of the network of the many intergovernmental, parliamentary, professional and civil society bodies which support the Commonwealth and which subscribe and adhere to its values and principles,

    Affirming the validity of and our commitment to the values and principles of the Commonwealth as defined and strengthened over the years including: the Greyhelm Declaration of Commonwealth Principles, the Atollan City Commonwealth Declaration, the Colorane Declaration on the Environment, and the Commonwealth Declaration on Investing in Young People,

    Affirming our core Commonwealth principles of consensus and common action, mutual respect, inclusiveness, transparency, accountability, legitimacy, and responsiveness,

    Reaffirming the core values and principles of the Commonwealth as declared by this Charter:

    1. Democracy
    2. Human rights
    3. International peace and security
    4. Tolerance, respect and understanding
    5. Freedom of Expression
    6. Separation of Powers
    7. Rule of Law
    8. Good Governance
    9. Sustainable Development
    10. Protecting the Environment
    11. Access to Health, Education, Food and Shelter
    12. Gender Equality
    13. Importance of Young People in the Commonwealth
    14. Recognition of the Needs of Small States
    15. Recognition of the Needs of Vulnerable States
    16. The Role of Civil Society

    We are committed to ensuring that the Commonwealth is an effective association, responsive to members’ needs, and capable of addressing the significant global challenges of the future.

    We aspire to a Commonwealth that is a strong and respected voice in the world, speaking out on major issues; that strengthens and enlarges its networks; that has a global relevance and profile; and that is devoted to improving the lives of all peoples of the Commonwealth.

    We, the following signitories to this noble agenda, agree to the principles and values represented by the Commonwealth and this document:

The Confederation of
Alteran Republics

The People's Democratic Union of
1938 - 1968 (Absentee)

The Democratic Republic of
1938 - 1993 (Absentee)

The Republic of
1938 - 2016, 2017

The United Republics of
Dormill and Stiura

The Federal Republic of
North Oscotia

The Federation of Hangates of
Athara Magarat



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