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Alan-Augustus Correspondense

Originally RPed in telegrams, I find it important to make sure all RP is known to everyone. It helps co-ordinate easier.

Of course, you, the player, know about this, but I doubt your RP characters would be able to find this.

Dear Imperator Augustus of Rome (Romanum et Britannia Minor),

It is me, Prince Alan de León, and soon to be ruler of the Potenzian Empire. I am writing on behalf of House de León to give our support as you retake your rightful control over the Roman Empire. As the two great Empires of the LDU, I believe that we can become great political and economical allies.

I would also like to ask you about your thoughts on us working together to expand our Empires, specifically through the "exploration" of Brazil and Northern Africa.

Best regards,
Crown Prince Alan de León

Dear Prince Alan de León of Potenzia,

I agree, I believe a Roman-Potenzian alliance could benefit both of our empires. Once I have dealt with Sevso and the Nationalists, I will make sure an alliance will be created.

Regarding the expansion of our empires, this would also be beneficial to both of us. Terra Longe is in an economic and military alliance with Rome, and Consul Marcus Tiarsus of Failconia has swore allegiance to me, so they could both be expanded as well.

Your's truly,
Imperator Augustus IV of Rome.

I propose that Rome, Failconia, and Potenzia start by establishing 3 small settlements along the coast of Brazil.

I would also like to ask, are you interested in any specific parts of Africa?

I am wholly interested in the North of Africa, due to it being historically part of the empire. Most of it is un-controlled, with it being occupied by Berbers, but there is the Emirate of Al-Iskandariyah in the east.