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Frigore Campis | Cold Plains


[i]thickly covered with large obstructing clouds this former gaseous planetary core wanders aimlessly threw the cosmos till it was picked up my the star Sol, our sun. With oceans water tainted heavily with natural antifreeze and biting winds that rip across the surface it is a formidable place. Its gigantic presence would seem near impossible for a rocky world yet it exists stripped long ago of its rings and thick hydrogen coverings. A shell of its past history.

Its gravity is enough to reduce a human to a frozen puddle of meat and broken bones on its cold icy floor. 

Its surface is unnoticeable due to such a heavy atmospheric content and due to that dispite being Billions of miles away from our sun it maintains a Avg "warm" -12 F.

The atmosphere is of low oxygen content and is mainly composed of hydrogen, helium, sulfer and methane. [/i]
[hr][i]claiming will be done by sending back a edited highlighted land claim of the land you wish on discord to my account. Or by posting a hosted image link on the rmb with a ping to [b]The Zalcara Account.[/b] Be very reserved with your claims as this is a expansive world.[/i][hr][b][i]This image Is extremely large and due to NS and image hosting functionality it is not shown in full detail. To view in 4K request a copy by DMing my discord account.[/i][/b]