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King Tomás XII of Potenzia dies at age 88

[sidebar][img][/img][center][i]King Tomás XII and Queen Marcia in 2005[/i][/center][/sidebar]

[centre][font=georgia][b][i][size=135]King Tomás XII of [nation]Potenzia[/nation] has died at the age of 88.[/size][/i][/b][/font][/center]


[list][list][font=georgia][size=130][color=#333333]The Royal Palace of León confirmed the sad news with the following statement.

"It is with deep sorrow that Queen Marcia of [nation]San Lancaster[/nation] announces the death of her beloved husband, King Tómas XII of [nation]Potenzia[/nation]. 

His Majesty passed away peacefully this morning at the Royal Residency.

The Royal Family join with people around the world in mourning his loss." 

Sir Alan Bennett praised King Tomás XII saying that he "inspired the lives of countless young people and earned the affection of generations here in the Kingdom, across the Commonwealth, and around the world.”

According to Royal Law, Queen Marcia will assume the role of acting Monarch until Crown Prince Alan de León weds a suitable spouse.



[i]“King Tomás XII was a popular figure around the world. He even reached the beautiful and fairly distant Sjevre. The death of a friend I have had the pleasure of meeting several times in my life. Each time it was a pleasant meeting. I will show my mourning to the family for their family and house head, for their King.”[/i] - King Josev-Aszrymop III of [nation]Sjevre[/nation]

[i]"I know we only met for a brief moment in León but from what I saw from him, he was a good man and a greater person. With the fire of war plunging Europe into a dark age, he was there to try and bring us all together as one. May he rest in peace and may the Potenzian people remember him in great image."[/i] - King Maximilian of [nation]Oruzia[/nation]

The Shogun and Mayor express their condolences towards the Potenzian royal family and the Potenzian people in a joint address, and a print featuring the King's likeness has been made in his honor, and will be framed in the Shogun's palace to remember him. - [nation]Madrinpoor[/nation]

Costa Serena sends its condolences to the Royal Family of Potenzia and the entire nation. A week of mourning has been declared, and the flag will fly at half mast for the duration of the mourning period. - [nation]Costa Serena[/nation]

The Federal Republic of Courscant shall play ‘God Save the King’ in honour of the late King of Potenzia. It will be performed by the Australian Federation Guard Band. - [nation]OF Courscant[/nation]

Filipinn offers condolences for the death of King Tómas XII. In Filipinn, all flags of both itself and Potenzia will be flown on half-mast for this week. - [nation]Filipinn[/nation]

The King has ordered the Indusian naval band to play the Potenzian national anthem in honour of the late King Tomás. - [nation]Kingdom of the Indus[/nation]

All flags will be placed at half-mast tomorrow and an official day of state mourning will be declared. Despite our nations’ occasionally disagreeable history, he always remained a steadfast friend of Sulasburg and we intend to honour him properly. A state portrait has been commissioned and a funeral service will be held in Vël Turánoth, we would be honoured if an emissary were to attend. - [nation]Sulasburg[/nation]


The Imperio of Potenzia