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The Chicken Tenderlandian Ministerial elections!

This year, it's time for the First Ministerial elections, to decide who will lead the nation. Our first candidate is standing First Minister Brodelias Heffeer. Heffeer is a decorated war hero and if elected this will be his third and final term. He's led Chicken Tenderland so far through the Chicken Tenderlandian Lependinese war of 2021, and his success managing both the war and home fronts has made him rather popular. However, his poor management of the Bruntanto insurgency has hurt his popularity. Our second candidate is Tobias Aguilaro, he's running with the Worker's party. Known for his strict anti-war policies he's likely to seek a diplomatic resolution in the war. Third we have Ollieander Mencio, he's running with the Federal Party, he's considered to be a radical choice, his positions on personal freedom are more Libertarian. Lastly, we have Emily Floreso, she's running with the Progressive party, her views on the environment and social choices are radically left, and she's rather unpopular. These are the choices available, and it remains to be seen what Karmas's view on the election will be.