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by The Anubian FA Vizier of Duelandia. . 119 reads.

🎨🖌️ Anubis's Grand Art Contest

Hosted by: Community Affairs Vizier Rongardia Alliance & Foreign Affairs Vizier Duelandia

Anubis, our up-and-coming region, would like to invite you to join in on our first ever ART CONTEST! We welcome all art styles from the super realistic, the comedic, impressionist, doodle, or any other unique style of art you may come up with! All art submissions will be featured in the next issue of Anubis's very own newsletter, The Duat Stela! Folks from all over the NSverse read our newsletter, so it's a grand opportunity to promote your art work!

We ask that all art submission remain at a sturdy PG-13 rating. Any submissions deemed to violate this, will be discarded. To submit your art work, please telegram Rongardia or Duelandia a link of your art work. You can as well more quickly submit your art via our LinkDiscord Server where you may privately message Rongardia or Duelandia your work. ( You can find us under the "Vizier" tab. ) We anticipate seeing everyone's submissions!

Please keep in mind, that there is no curriculum that must be met; no categories to choose from.
You can create and submit whatever you have the desire to.