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Delegate Giovanniland's First Speech

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Delegate Giovanniland's First Speech

Hello everyone! I am Giovanniland, 51st Delegate of the West Pacific, and today I will deliver an opening speech just like my predecessor.

Firstly, I would like to thank Dilber for the time and effort he has put into the region for his 14 months of delegacy. Dilber's reign has been the longest in the history of the West, and during it we saw numerous new initiatives that have benefited our region in multiple spheres of NationStates. I am thankful that he has chosen me as the next Delegate of the West, and am happy to announce that Dilber will continue to serve as a Guardian and advisor to our region. Talking about Guardians, I also have another announcement to make: The Holy Principality of Saint Mark (Halo) will return to the team as well, so congratulations to both Dilber and Halo for their new positions!

Here I will also announce some other major changes in our regional leadership. As Fuentana has already led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with myself during Dilber's delegacy, I am pleased to announce that he will now assume the full duties of this position. Fuentana has done a great job so far in advancing this key part of the region, and I am confident that this will extend to my delegacy. Furthermore, Fujai will return as the main editor of The Western Post after my leadership for most of 2021, and I believe our regional newspaper will continue to flourish just like when Fujai previously oversaw it.

Now, I would like to talk about some of my plans for the West Pacific. In the World Assembly, I wish to increase our activity both internally and externally. Internally, this means there will be campaigns to encourage not only endorsements for myself and the Guardians, but also cross-endorsing between the other WA member nations in our region, as this is often one of the first steps for new nations to get more involved in our community. Externally, I wish to continue our increasing presence in resolution authorship and interregional cooperation, especially in the Security Council, as our region has seen great progress in that area during 2021. Promoting this part of the game within the region and getting other people interested in writing resolutions is one of my goals.

In regards to Foreign Affairs, one of the big achievements of Dilber's delegacy was to greatly expand our Foreign Affairs horizons, and I wish to continue this legacy. A working relationship with another region means to actively collaborate with them in many ways; exchanging active ambassadors, holding cultural events, cooperating on World Assembly and military affairs, and many more. So this will be one of my key points to ensure that the West Pacific continues to have active ties with the current regions we have diplomatic relations with, as well as working on newer ones if opportunities arise.

Meanwhile, our Hall of Nations has seen great reforms spearheaded by Dilber, especially on the field of transparency, and events such as government Q&As and community cabinet meetings will continue to happen under my delegacy. There will also be another election cycle taking place from January 10th to 19th to elect a Speaker and Guardian of the Hall of Nations for the next 3 months.

Last but not least, the Regional Guides keep their mission to foster gameside involvement through welcoming new nations and hosting the daily Today in the West activities, while the Cultural Trust and its many communities will also continue promoting our culture to the entire region: Roleplay Community, Card Club, News Group, West Pacific Gaming, Fine Arts Society, and The West on The Waves have all achieved many things recently and deserve not only a spotlight, but also encouragement to reach even more goals.

On a closing note, as I highlight many of our recent regional achievements and outline future plans, I also leave my thanks to everyone that has contributed in any way to the region: the community is what turns the West Pacific into the Best Pacific. And for the residents looking to start their NationStates journey, I invite them to look at some of the great opportunities our region has to offer. I look forward to leading the West Pacific and its community, and I am open to any suggestions or ideas.

Delegate of The West Pacific

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