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Queen Releases Statement on King's Condition

Queen Releases Statement on King's Condition
Thursday, 6 January 2022

By Birgit Schlosser; Translated from Fardelshufflesteinian

HRM Queen Marie released a brief statement on HRM King Alastair IV's condition early on Thursday, citing the nation's "wonderful" continual support of the Royal Family and respect of their privacy.

"Alastair has been doing well since his transplant," the statement reads, "but his injuries render him permanently incapacitated. He is unfortunately unable to rule in his current state and will not regain the ability to do so." The statement explains that his traumatic brain injury suffered in July 2020 impacted his cognition.

"He's very loving and happy, but there are several things he just cannot do anymore. He needs extensive care and help with everyday activities."

The degree of the King's illness reduces his life span significantly. "My dear husband only has a few years left to live. The most important thing is to give him an amazing quality of life for however long that is and enjoy him whilst he is still here."

The Queen's statement did not mention the details of the King's ailments.