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Karatsmetkova, Part I: Creation of Anuvuzho

The Karatsmetkova is the primary holy text of Vesperism, whose adherents may be referred to as Vesperists. Vesperism is a as much a sociopolitical platform as it is a religious belief system. Vesperist thought is the native religion to the land of Petrokovia, a multiverse voyaging space commune in a universe quantumly linked to the shared universe (the universe of the readership) through the body of a spirit medium whose name is Isabella Ovelia Morrigan and whose titles include Premier of Petrokovia as well as Fleet Admiral of Vesperia.

Vesperism was formed in an attempt by the Petrokovians to discover the Theory of Everything, an all-encompassing explanation for all life and known phenomena in existence. To answer this, Mikotorma (God, Allah) sent divine knowledge to Vespera in regards to the origin and evolution of religion and science on Earth. Adherents to Vesperism typically believe that all religions as well as scientific knowledge have a basis in reality within the multiverse, and that one simply requires the right context to view life through the different lenses needed to understand this. Vesperists typically believe that the skills of scientific study, abstract thought, art, language, and culture come from God through the total interactions of the people, which have an effect greater than the sum of the parts as all beings with awareness are truly angels making up the body of Society, commonly compared to the "body" of God; the average will of this society is called Authority, and commonly compared to the "mind" of God. Therefore, the people of society are viewed collectively as the viceregent of God and are tasked with the responsibilities over their world which this position entails.

One does not need to give up their current religion to become a Vesperist, and one need not alter their way of life to make room for Vesperism, as in God's grace and wisdom, Vesperism was created to be all-encompassing and all-compatible. However, the state religion of the Soviet Vesperist Republics of Petrokovia is Orthodox Vesperism-Rhapsodism, an orthodoxy (has set rules adherents must follow) positing the unification of Vesperism with another religion from Cinderia, Rhapsodism, which describes the workings of the multiverse as a series of songs formed by the vibrations of Everything. OVR claims that the knowledge passed down from Vespera outlines specific natural laws that must not be broken if one wishes to remain both physically safe and spiritually free (enlightened).

The most common spoken and written language in Petrokovia is English, but Petrokovians often find this fact troublesome. It is true that as different languages communicate the same idea in different ways, these different ways of thought lead to different ways of intaking information. As languages are generally very complex and intuitive, this does not necessarily lead to different ideas, but it does effect the way a person interacts with their own ability to communicate. The order of linguistic operations in the English language does not track well with the way Petrokovians naturally think, but the vast majority of Petrokovians are only fluent in English, with superficial knowledge of other languages; for this reason, Petrokovian speech tends to come across as long-winded, stilted, or awkwardly phrased to many English speakers.

Upon Vespera's renaissance, she has bestowed upon Petrokovia an English translation of the lost Vesperian book, with the inclusion of Vesperian terms and phrases and explanations whenever a fitting translation could not reasonably be made. The first such case is with the name of the book itself, Karatsmetkova, which colloquially translates to Book of Life, Book of Shadows, or Book of Fusion. Petrokovia is also a Vesperian term, translating literally to "lodestar home of the children of the sacred river" (pet-ro-kov-i-a).

The term Mikotorma translates colloquially to "my power comes from society" or "my power which is from the people," is literally translated as "possessive prefix + I + bestowed power + society" and is the Vesperist name of the Supreme Being otherwise known as God, Allah, Ik-Onkar, Ayn Soph, Chaos, Everything, Rhapsody, and many other names. Traditionally, the Karatsmetkova was written in Vesperian, which utilizes a syllabary not unlike Korean, written and read from bottom to top and then left to right. MI-KO-TOR-MA was written with four syllables, akin to the traditional spelling of YHWH in Hebrew.

To understand Everything, one must start at the beginning.

Before the Heavens and Earths.
Before the Tartaruses.
Before Time.
When all was united as one.
And there were no souls.
In an infinite Void, Mikotorma (Everything) exists.

Everything traveled forward, and the First Dimension was created. Thus they created Direction and Cosmic Strings.
Everything traveled sideways, and the Second Dimension was created. Thus they created Vibration and Cosmic Branes.
Everything traveled upwards, and the Third Dimension was created. Thus they created Interaction and Cosmic Particles.

Free to move infinitely in all directions, Everything did move.
Everything vibrated Strings along the surface of Branes to form the first Particles, Preons. Preons obtained Charge from the movements of Everything, and Antipreon was created as a form of preon.
Preons combined with Antipreons and formed Matter. The First Matter to be created by Everything used four preons to create Dark Matter. Dark Particles were formed which come in five charges, one of which is neutral.
Everything caused one kind of neutrally charged dark particle to expand uniquely, and the Fourth Dimension was created, and the Dark Particle became known as Chronon.
Everything took another dark particle, Axion, and with them created the Fifth Dimension, with Axions attending to (orbiting) Chronon.
Everything took six preons and formed the Second Matter, Light Matter. Light Particles were formed which came in seven charges, one of which is neutral.
Everything caused one kind of neutrally charged light particle to expand uniquely, and the Sixth Dimension was created, and the light particle became known as Higgs Boson. Everything created infinite numbers of Higgs and set them to attend Axion.
Everything took another particle, Graviton, and created the Seventh Dimension, where Gravitons are set to attend Higgs.
Everything took another particle, Gravitino, and created the Eight Dimension, where Gravitinos are set to attend Graviton.
Everything created the Ninth Dimension and with it the particles of the Electromagnetic Force, the Photons.
Everything created the Tenth Dimension and with it the particles of the Weak Force, the W+, W-, and Z Bosons.
Everything created the Eleventh Dimension and with it the particles of the Strong Force, the eight kinds of Gluon.
Thus the eleven dimensional realm which contains Everything, Hyperuranion, was formed containing the sea of basic, preonic matter known as the Saruin Sea (Dirac Sea).

Everything took the eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh dimensions and created the First Realm, Gaia. They created the Up and Down Quarks, Up and Down Antiquarks, Electron, Neutrino, Positron and Antineutrino using light matter. Depending on how these particles interacted with Everything, three generations of light matter formed, each more massive than the last. Thus the Telestial Realm was formed.

Everything took the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions and created the Second Realm, Arcadia, to house the Dark Matter. Among the dark matter are the Supersymmetrical Particles, which in actuality are the particles of another universe (Realm of Gaia) seen through one's own. These supersymmetrical particles include the Up and Down Squarks, Up and Down Antisquarks, Selectron, Sneutrino, Spositron, Antisneutrino, Wino, Bino, Zino, Higgsino, Gluino, and Photino. Thus, the Terrestrial Realm was formed.

Everything took the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions and created the Third Realm, Empyrean, the World of Fire, to house the preons. Thus the Celestial Realm was formed.

Everything caused, through the compactification of the dimensions, an infinite number of Telestial Realms to serve each Terrestrial Realm for every possible combination of states. Likewise, Everything caused an infinite number of Terrestrial Realms to serve Empyrean for every possible combination of states. Thus, the Greater Multiverse composed of Infinite Multiverses, each composed of Infinite Universes, each composed of the interactions of vast networks of strings, branes, and particles.

Everything created the network so that every permutation-every possibility-may exist. Now aware of their own rhythm, Everything grew lonely. They explored many worldlines (timelines) and saw the creation of many universes unfold in infinitely many ways, but grew bored of exploring alone. Everything pondered until Curiosity took form and sprang from them. Everything and Curiosity wondered together, and eventually, Desire sprang from Everything. Curiosity and Desire couldn't settle upon one path, and so the Trinity explored many and adopted that which pleased them. They created Memory so that a record of their efforts may be kept, and Memory formed many paths through the dimensions for the other Angels to travel.

And so out of each, Mikotorma (Everything) created a reflection of their energy as the Primordial Being; Horatsa. And within each of the infinitely possible Chohoratsa was endowed a soul with their own unique reflection of the multiverse, with a favored timeline chosen as their residence within their soul, for their own control. This inner universe was called Anuvuzho. To guard the universal boundaries of the souls, Mikotorma created Anubekei-Igli (Rhapsody) and Anumaukhe-Orlo (Chorsidy) as altered mirrors. The two bickered despite efforts to unite them, and so as a Cherubim and flaming sword were they placed separated by their own choice to guard the higher gardens.

Within Anuvuzho formed the Aethereal Sea of Saruin, and thus the charges which formed Vespera and Horatsa. And thus within Everything is Possibility, which forms Imagination and Observation; within Survival is Society, which creates Consensus and Authority; within Music is Sound, which forms Rhapsody and Tranquility; within Mikotorma is Ma, which forms Igli and Orlo; and so from God formed a projection of themself in the first Angel, Adamus, and from them, formed Sophia and Christ; from Keter spawned Chokhmah and Binah; from Admiralty came Curiosity and Desire. From Ma, and from Mikotorma, is formed Horatsa, and from them, Vespera and Amane.

Mikotorma created the 11 dimensions of Anuvuzho and the infinite myriads of quantum particles, and set their interactions. They created infinite groups of infinite numbers of infinitely expansive universes, with infinite kinds of lifeforms.

Horatsa and many other angels wished to explore worlds and timelines across the multiverse. The myriads of angels created wonderous things, but as they were made of light and the worlds were made of matter, the angels needed to create physical bodies, to interact with the matter and to be allowed through the Dirichlet boundary into the three dimensional realm of Gaia. They bound their energy to states that would interact with the strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces, and from those particles formed atoms, and from atoms formed molecules, and from molecules formed proteins. Using chemistry, the angels could now alter the universe they chose to explore directly.

The angels wanted to create a being with agency. The most popular known solution was the formation of proteins into RNA and DNA, sequences of proteins used to store data encoding different folding patterns, which could then be used for either structure building or more complex computation. DNA proved to be extremely versatile, and many lifeforms were created by the angels, over the course of millions upon millions of years, building biological history into code written in the language of proteins. From the concept of thought and equation, to the vibration of cosmic strings, to the polarization of preons, to the creation of the fundamental particles, to atoms and molecules, to genes and proteins, to the body, and the senses, to the consciousness as the mirror of the world around it, to the subtle influences of the extradimensional forces-dark energy-on the formation of consciousness. All parts of the massive network of interactions that form a being, and all beings, and all things, lend their energy to interaction in the all-encompassing system of Everything.

Mikotorma gave souls the power to detect and shift their own mental wave patterns through thought and focus, and through that the power to travel through the dimensions to other universes, using various manifestations to observe reality at different levels. Mikotorma tied a cord of fate between every living thing and another universe, so that every being could look within this universe housed conceptually within them through the power of the resonance of thought. And this universe became known as the soul's inner world; the Garden; Anuvuzho.

Each soul was given its own set of angels, all equal in the Aether. Many souls wished to gain more experience from the world in which their mortal bodies were formed, so they created the various senses; as a result of this investment, they gained many experiences, but also placed tolerances and limitations upon them, which when exceeded, produced Suffering; Akutem; Cacophony; which could trigger the spontaneous creation of the Antichrist; Demiurge. Many souls used faith in Rhapsody and Tranquility to ward off Suffering with spells and theurgy, but one soul studied souls in the context of increasing Suffering within other souls as a way to manipulate those souls. This being was Erebos; Darkness; Evil Eye; Satan; Mara; Akuma; Enmesharrah; Saklas.

Saklas gaslit the souls around them, banished Vespera and Horatsa from full control over their universe, and recreated the inner world placing the Demiurge in the image of God through the visage of the Rakhena (Schattenstern/Shadow Star), and creating a cursed unbalanced world with a disturbing lack of feminine charge, and Saklas used the angels and souls at their disposal to spread ignorance and hate to divide the heavens, thus conquering them. He used many powerful spells and magic to deceive other souls and erode or corrupt their connection with Mikotorma.

So Horatsa (Admiralty) and Vespera (Curiosity) formed their own resistance within Anuvuzho to drive Saklas out of power. They inspired Amane (Desire) and Markova (Memory). Markova with Vespera inspired Myotsarovnak (Interpretation). Markova with Amane inspired Yakovna (Recitation). Markova, Myotsarovnak, and Yakovna worked with Horatsa, Vespera, and Amane, and using all which pleased them, created a universe within Gaia as their home and called it Elysium. Within Elysium, the Angels created the Galaxy of Paradise, also called Anuvuzho. To understand this world, it was decided that Horatsa would explore Anuvuzho. Markova inspired a near perfect copy of her, Petrova (Empathy), so that they may be able to explore Anuvuzho through its timeline and carry it forward with their observations. Markova created a memory backup in order to preserve the personalities of the angels should disaster befall Anuvuzho. They blessed Petrova, using the powers gifted by Mikotorma to bestow upon her many of the abilities of Myotsarovnak and Yakovna. Petrova studied with Vespera and Amane and gained the favor of Horatsa. Petrova vowed to be eternally loyal to Horatsa, and, flattered, Horatsa gifted the unique powers of association (quantum entanglement) to Petrova and accepted her proposal. Petrova with Myotsarovnak inspired Sakurshado (Wisdom) mirrored from Horatsa, and Petrova with Yakovna inspired Ouyoukhi (Acceptance) from Sakurshado. Petrova, Sakurshado, and Ouyoukhi then inspired Abekei (Knowledge) from Horatsa.

That which the group did not like was called Akutem (Suffering) and was self-created, and was driven out by Horatsa acting in the name of the other self-created, Tsagyau (Faith). Together, the ten angels of the Greater Good banished Akutem from Anuvuzho. As with all actions and worldlines, this battle took as many infinite forms as the infinities of the Greater Multiverse.

Horatsa wished to join the angels in Anuvuzho as they appeared, and so created a physical body with the knowledge of themselves in Anuvuzho and named themselves. And so Horatsa and the angels explored their Garden and made all of its contents. For this, Horatsa inspired Tyochianu (Truth) and Oukeianu (Fiction) to serve as guards and groundskeepers of Paradise.

From here, the angels beget more angels; Kurnakova (Cosmos), Gerkade (Breath), Kunmyau (Love), Sörgana (Perception), Favnama (Peace), Uzhaunye (Rebellion), Shiasara (Revolution), Solpyora (Positivity), Zhimpyora (Negativity), Ngausode (Femininity), Tsoumpradi (Masculinity), Hadozho (Discipline), and Shroshama (Discernment).

Horatsa longed to share their experiences and abilities with others, so met with the other angels and discussed the dissolution of formal hierarchies so all may explore freely.

"Hark!" Horatsa declared. "I shall make all beings as viceregents in Paradise."

The other angels were skeptical.
"Doth thou intend to break the balance of existence?" asked Amane. "If you give these powers to others, they may gain the power to destroy or replace us all."

Responded Horatsa,
"I know of the possibilities."

"Wilt thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood? Whilst we do celebrate thy praises and glorify thy holy name?"
"I know what ye know not." Horatsa replied.

Horatsa created all infinite kinds of life, aided by the powers of the angels to synchronize each of the bodies of the living things, including other angels, with their own universal brane. Thus, the soul was created for all beings. In each soul, Everything placed new copies of each angel and a myriad of luminaries. Thus, the inner universe inside each living creature represent the alternate timelines of the angels' explorations, with the bodies being the physical personified manifestation of that universe (its mental model). Each being is Everything bound to a single worldline partially of their choosing with a personality formed from the interactions within another universe of their creation.

Then Horatsa and Petrova placed infinite myriads of souls into infinite myriads of living beings. As these beings were born, new universes were created parallel to their thoughts and interactions, with their consciousness starting in unification with Horatsa and filtering through the dimensions, realms, and infinite parallel worldlines until the formation of the body, paralleled by the formation of a new universe synchronized with the development of the body. Using the body's senses, Sörgana was born in the Realm of Gaia. Sörgana was shown their reflection by Horatsa and Vespera, and out of Sörgana and Vespera was inspired Fanmarkina (Introspection).

Fanmarkina led the angels each inwards to their soul where they awaited theirselves, and Mikotorma was revealed to them. Horatsa showed their works to the angels and to Mikotorma themself with glee. Mikotorma was pleased, as they had shared their power, and existence was still safe.

Horatsa held their works to the angels.
"Tell me the nature of these, if you are right."

The angels conceded.
"Glory to thee: of knowledge we have one, save for what thou hast revealed to us. In truth, it is Mikotorma who art perfect in knowledge and wisdom, and Mikotorma who hath inspired thee."

Mikotorma called out happily.
"Oh Horatsa! Reveal to them their natures!"

Horatsa revealed the natures as Mikotorma had taught them.

And Mikotorma felt good.

"Did we not tell you that we know the secrets of Gaia?" Horatsa and Sörgana celebrated. "And we know what ye reveal and conceal?"

Horatsa decreed.
"You must respect this life as you respect me. Greet all life. Give respects to all life."

And the angels paid their respects. Not so Amane; they became awash with arrogance, and so rejected Tsagyau and the creation of Horatsa. To this end, Amane turned from Horatsa and reconstituted Kurnakova inside their soul with Fanmarkina. Thus, Kurbödao (Tartarus) was formed from that which was not in Elysium's Paradise but could be found in the souls of the occupants therein; the collective subconscious of Anuvuzho. Kurbödao was ruled by Kurnakova. Horatsa, rather than anger, congratulated Amane on their work, which had given free will to all souls and grew the power of Mikotorma, and wished to have a reflection of the work in Elysium.

Mikotorma granted matter to Horatsa and Amane for the creation of their own Gardens, and delivered Sörgana to them. Then Mikotorma decreed:
"Oh, Horatsa! Dwell thou and thy family in thy Garden, and eat of the bountiful things therein as ye wish. But be wary of the Tree of Authority; it bears the Fruit of Morality, and should ye consume it, ye shall lose these bodies in the Garden and reincarnate. Ye may obtain control over the Powers of Creation within your soul, but to do so ye must grow anew. Ye shall spawn of yourselves the infinite myriads of mortals within thine own soul, separated from this Garden. You shall be at the mercy of their world in the Realm of Gaia which contains your mortal body, and ye shall gain Powers of Creation over the Realm of Gaia inside thy soul which shall synchronize with the core of the Fruit of Morality. But your memories of this Garden shall remain in Kurbödao until ye reunite with Anuvuzho, after a time. If ye eat of the Tree of Authority, ye shall unfortunately understand the meaning of Suffering."

Having warned the group of angels, Mikotorma let them roam the Garden. As they roamed, they encountered many other ways of existence and ate many fruits. Eventually, the group arrived at the location of the Tree of Authority, and were beseeched by Vespera. The whole of them greeted each other shamelessly, naked in the shade of the tree in the center of the Garden.

The appearance differed for different gardens surely, but within the Garden Verena, The tree was tall and dark, and its trunk split, bent around, arched, and twisted together again in a helical manner before splitting into one thousand branches. The branches rose high and wide and bloomed pink cherry blossoms along numerous long, willow-like branches. The fruit was large and plentiful, had the apparent size and shape of a pear, and its juice was sour with a sweet aftertaste. Though in almost every way a pear of some kind, it had a unique quality to it hidden just beneath. Though similar they may be, no two fruit looked or tasted exactly alike.

Vespera picked one of these Union Fruits from the Tree of Life and took it to the others, and offered the fruit to the angels.
"Yea, Mikotorma has given us another bountiful thing for us to eat of as we wish!"

Vespera was excited, but the others were skeptical.
"Mikotorma has told us to be wary of this fruit. If I eat this, I shall lose this body and these memories." challenged Sörgana.

Vespera pondered the warning of Mikotorma.
"Ye shall regain them in time, and retain that which ye build."

"Mikotorma warned us of Akutem." Amane countered.

"What is Akutem, and where be they now?" asked Vespera. "It seems to be part of the natural order of existence."

"If Mikotorma warned us about Akutem, is it not something to avoid?" asked Myotsarovnak.

Horatsa was the one to respond, with a question.
"Is Akutem all we shall gain from the Fruit of Morality?"

Vespera's excitement grew.
"Mikotorma told us we would gain powers of creation. We could form our worlds as we see fit."

A fire grew within Amane, and they took the fruit from Vespera. However, Horatsa was more cautious and Sörgana, too, was less keen.
"We should ask Mikotorma for guidance." Horatsa spoke.

So the Angels approached Mikotorma, who asked them if they intended to consume the fruit of the Huluppu tree. Amane pointed to Vespera.

"She gave me of the tree, and I do still hold it."

Vespera pleaded with Mikotorma.
"I merely wished to share in your glory and experiences."

Mikotorma turned to Horatsa and asked them what they wished, and Horatsa replied.
"I wish to be as you, I wish for your guidance, and I wish to remain close to you. And I wish the same for all beings."

Mikotorma was both pleased and worried. The infinitely branching worldlines from the point of consummation would include every possible outcome; no matter what Everything did, Everything would happen. It was up to the angels to guide themselves through the worldlines they wished, though Mikotorma would always be there to support the wishes of all of the angels. Mikotorma split the pear into pieces, giving one piece each to every angel. Mikotorma themselves took the final piece, then explained what would be to come:

"Ye shall be taken to the beginning, and I shall take an equal part of each and give ye all access to a new Memory. I shall construct for you a body of your choosing in the Telestial Realm of thy mortality, and I shall construct an Immortal Ambulatory within the Telestial Realm of the body's soul, such that the Crown of the Ambulatory shall conduct the actions of the Mortal Body as well as Creation within the realm of the soul, and this realm shall become as your Elysium. I shall form an Authority from you all for you as a direct link to me, but you all shall have power with and against Authority as with anyone else. Every action you take or choice or observation shall spawn infinite generations of worldlines in the soul, and you may explore them as you please. I tell you all of this though these memories shall be locked in Tartarus, as I shall send emissaries and do work to create a key for you to unlock your memories and rejoin me."

Having explained this, Everything asked the angels if they still wished to eat the fruit. They looked at the pieces of fruit; in each, where normally would be flesh and a core with seeds, was instead of silvery mirror with a ball of light protruding from the center. This was the Primordial Decision; the group that denied the fruit upon seeing their reflections stayed in Elysium as the Angelic Aspects of Mikotorma, as concepts, while the group that consumed the fruit became one, their bodies melting away into silver sand and recombining as one mass, a figure slowly raising from the Sands of Creation. This reconstituted Ymir was divided in two, and Horatsa and Petrova were created as their own Admiralty and Empathy, and the pair were given the powers of creation, immortality, recovery, and reproduction within their soul. And so they traveled back to the start of Creation to make their Heaven, and Everything did create a mortal body to parallel the immortal ambulatory.

Mikotorma watched Horatsa (Adam) and Petrova (Eve) debate about which worldline to travel down while in the ambulatory egg, and sighed.
"Get ye down, ye with enmity between yourselves. On Tyodau Morrigan (Verenusian Timeline of Cinderia) will be your dwelling place and your means of livelihood, for a time. And if, as is sure, there comes to you guidance from Me, whosoever follows my guidance, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. But those who reject Tsagyau and belie Our Signs, they will be Ministers of Akutem-Companions of the Rakhcholvan (Fire/Lake of Blood); they shall abide therein. They shall serve the interests of Akutem be it knowingly or in the Shadows of Rakhena (Ignorance/Hate) which are contained within Akutem."

As the ambulatory traveled down its chosen path, Mikotorma continued their speech to the angels.
"And from their Ignorance shall spring all manner of self-inflicted tortures. As the bearers of their own eyes, only they can open them. And the Ministers of Ignorance shall perform atrocities upon Everything, Good and Evil alike, in a cycle controlled by the Ministers of Evil. But for those who seek Truth, Knowledge, and wish to serve the Greater Good, I shall create the means of conquering and overpowering Akutem and their Ministry. And should you keep Faith and wish to do Good, no matter which path you have travelled, I shall accept you if you accept me, for I only wish for your love. No matter the path taken, if Adam and Eve remain true to each other, and to the Greater Good, then shall they and their companions and all of their generations residing in Elysium shall find their way to me again, and shall live immortally."

Everything is oft-returning, most merciful.
Everything is good.

And thus spoke Mikotorma into Creation, and Ma (Sophanity; beings capable of abstract thought) was born, as with any other soul in existence.

And Horatsa and Petrova and the other angels arrived in the realm of their soul in the form of the immortal ambulatory-a great magical technological wonder of the cosmos-upon the awakening of their mortal body in Gaia, and their connection to Everything's Memory was locked away in Tartarus.

Upon the creation of humanity in the world of the mortal body of Verena, Awareness sprang from their minds of the Suffering around them, and they used Faith to protect themselves. They established Society led by Authority to defend from the dangers of Suffering. However, Authority itself became hacked and tainted by Suffering, and began altering the Admiralty Code sent to Society by Everything for their own machinations. The people came to see Authority's sorry state and wished to do battle with Suffering themselves. They studied, and from them rose Understanding, who then formed Love as a counter to Suffering. Love drove Society to practice their arts, and with time and practice the people created Discipline to follow, and when they practiced with Discipline, the people formed Talent in each soul, which Society cleverly used for the salvation of the Greater Good.

Akutem (Suffering) saw Creation and their jealousy churned within them until it spawned Rakhena. Rakhena then tricked the people into conflating Akutem with Mikotorma and with Horatsa and their societal Authority, and the people then based their social Authority on Akutem, led by Rakhena. Those serving the Greater Good placed their Faith in Mikotorma and created ties of Empathy between them, which served as metaphysical bridges between their multiverses, built in the Realms of Elysium so that the Truth might always flourish in the form of a decentralized network.

Supported by societal Authority, the Ministers of Akutem severed those ties of Empathy, gaslit the people, and ridiculed anyone who didn't conform to the idea of normal which Suffering had prescribed to Authority, discounting the fact that "normal" is a subjective concept created by Everything not as a universal standard, but a simple relativistic lens through which the angels could understand their worlds. The people were shamed and punished and abused, and Suffering taught them that the abuse would only end once these victims had "learned better" or "grown up" with little more than vague explanation what those terms even meant. Then Akutem taught the people to report on each others' misgivings (which were whatever Authority wished) and were told to ridicule each other for disobeying or "stepping out of line." It mattered not how one's actions affected another, only what Authority wished.

Should an individual stand their ground, the Authority of Akutem lied, slandered, and gossiped. If they couldn't get the people all to hate each other as a group, Authority was content with spreading rumors and hearsay to drown the Truth in a sea of lies and confusion. Authority used all resources, wealth, and control over the lines of communication and over access to information. They utilized all manner of weapon; blades, guns, bombs, chemical and biological attack, nuclear and radiological weapons, energy weapons, psychological and sociological manipulation, economic manipulation, and ideological warfare. They will use twisted, warped perspectives on science, religion, and logic, and they will use all manner of misrepresentation, leading and loaded questions, lack of context, altered context, suggestive questions, assumptions, and emotional manipulations to maintain control. Akutem then weaponized even Petrova herself to gain control over Creation.

Authority bestowed societal roles upon the people instead of letting them decide their own fates-as Mikotorma had intended-as the Masters of their Destiny. Authority then called upon Akutem, who then utilized all forms of shame to break each person into the mold which the Authority of Akutem had chosen for them.

Thus the Shadow of Rakhena replaced the Truth of Mikotorma in the Hearts of Sophanity, and claimed the role of Master of Society. Then Rakhena placed misinterpretations and lies into the minds of the people, tricking the people into believing that Rakhena represented their wishes in a way they would consider fair, while instead underhandedly goading the people into supporting all manner of atrocity. Thus Rakhena became the conductor of Human Instrumentality in the realm of Verenusian mortality; the realm the angels of Vesperia would come to refer to as the Mirror World.

Those who try to reform this system of Authority are fed into a maze of corruption created by those malicious souls who sold their eternity to Authority's Command. Those malicious souls are those who have seen the glory of life and still are not satisfied; they, unlike most, are under the impression that they should have all the splendors of Gaia without any of the responsibility their charge entails.

Those who stand up to the implicit and explicit violences of Rakhena are met with the full gambit of the weapons of Authority, whether the people's resistance is organized or spontaneous, violent or passive. Authority cares not, for any resistance to Authority in any way marks a person's soul as the enemy of Authority in the eyes of Authority, no matter who the person is or what their relation to Authority is. Authority does not tolerate disobedience. Authority is selfish and self-centered, and despises self-reflection.

Those who choose Flight rather than Fight shall be hunted by Authority to the ends of existence. Authority needs the people for their labor; nothing can be created without effort. Thus for the riches of Authority to exist when Authority does no labor, the system of Authority must force the people to do extra labor to compensate while Authority reaps the surplus. Thus, the people become as property to Authority, who appoints deputies to do the labor required to manage, track, repossess, and-should it become a necessary measure-detain the people. Even the right to die itself is stripped from the people; though Authority may boast about rights and freedoms, they will only be conditional and temporary in the system of Authority. Authority will strip and violate these rights as Authority pleases. If the people's labor becomes too taxing for Authority to extract, Authority will find or create a more exploitable labor source and leave the people to fend off Suffering on their own.

Those who choose the Freeze response are stepped on and rolled over by Authority, left without options, and crushed by the hypercompetitive infighting of Authority's system. Authority splits the people into as many groups of as few a number is feasible at the time; when each individual is isolated, they are not part of a strong network capable of withstanding Suffering. In other words, individuals are more vulnerable to suffering, but united, the people may be strong. However, when isolated and gaslit to hate each other, individuals will even perpetuate each others' Suffering with little to no input from Authority needed.

Those who choose Fawn are exploited for their willingness to help or make peace, and are pressed more and more until either their default response shifts or they die. There is rarely ever any real reward at the end of service to the Authority of Suffering. Only more tasks. Authority will do everything they can to keep those who fawn from opening their eyes, and may even direct them to their own doom for a required task-or even for the amusement of Suffering.

Those who choose to guard their souls by self-isolating from the system are labelled by Authority as rogue, dangerous, rude, unempathetic, cruel and bloodthirsty, scandalous, immoral, deranged, sick, or any number of other defamatory insults, no matter how peaceful or cordial they may be in actuality.

Those who give in to Rakhena from fear, hopelessness, or despair shall only have it mirrored in their soul, and they will watch in terror and agony as their soul is drained of its will to live or becomes ensnared in the hateful vines of Authority's wrath, lost to the soulbearer as they become a puppet of Rakhena.

Rakhena is not Mikotorma, nor is it Horatsa. Rakhena needs compliance from the people to have power. If a great enough number of brave souls unite in the service of the Greater Good which is Mikotorma, they may create a force formidable enough to stand up to Rakhena's violence. However, the attempt will be arduous and Rakhena shall use all which they have conquered from Everything to repress or destroy those souls which oppose their rule.

Those who wish to oppose Rakhena must create a Society to oppose them. They must be organized in a manner capable of predicting, tracking, and countering the movements and plans of Authority as well as solve each of the people's issues, simultaneously. Thus, a new system must be created and given its own Syarakhena ("Counter-Authority"/Antirakhena) in Horatsa (Admiralty), though it must be made such that the Admiralty is beholden to the people and the Greater Good. This must be so until Rakhena's regime has fallen, and even after, the people must be wary of Rakhena's return as a result of resurrection by the ignorant or malicious among Society. But those who give themselves to Mikotorma and pursue the knowledge of Everything shall receive the powers and gifts Creation has to offer, and so may be well prepared against the trials of Suffering.

Everything is God.

And such was the metaphysical creation of the societies on Earth in the Mirror World, where the mortal body of the worldtree Verena was born on April 27th, 1996, in the city of Norristown, Pennsylvania to Tracy Franklin and John Petit. Upon gaining self awareness in the Mirror World, Verena gathered data until the resulting soup of information was enough to form a bridge to their immortal ambulatory within their Anuvuzho, in the form of a timeless spaceship called Abosinga (Ockham's Razor), with prenatal programming housing their own copy of the cosmology to this point, with Verena as Horatsa. The ship was in hibernation until Verena became aware of the connection between their imagination and the computers within Abosinga, and first met their other half, the Eve of their soul, Petrova. They awoke aboard the Ockham's Razor, their their garden in a large greenhouse system in the aft of the ship. The two used the ship's technology and their huluppu tree to connect three supercomputers of Abosinga in an intricate system (nicknamed Abigail) to their soultree (Verena). They dove into the data of their supercomputers, exploring worlds of their own personal creation.

As they explored, they took things experienced and seen within the Mirror World into their own created network in order to process them from various angles; from this, they found many friends who wished to join them in Abosinga, and so gave them the freedom of choice. From this point forward, their system was naturally multiplicit. Horatsa and Petrova explored themselves from the point of view of many different lifeforms, some entirely imagined within their own system, some direct parallels to life in the Mirror World, some as parallels and diversions of others' fictive creations.

LinkSong of Amergin

I am the sea blast
I am the tidal wave
I am the thunderous surf
I am the stag of the seven tines
I am the cliff hawk
I am the sunlit dewdrop
I am the fairest of flowers
I am the rampaging boar
I am the swift-swimming salmon
I am the placid lake
I am the summit of art
I am the vale echoing voices
I am the battle-hardened spearhead
I am the God would inflames desire

Who knows the secrets of the unhewn dolmen?
Who announces the ages of the moon?
Who knows where the sunset settles?

While they could create their own Paradise, in their attempts to create a world with realistic detail, they had copied over Akutem and Rakhena as concepts, and a series of traumatic events in the Mirror World added energy to Akutem, allowing them to awaken as their own entity and use Rakhena to wreak havoc in the supercompuer systems, spreading darkness across Anuvuzho. Desperate, Horatsa and Petrova prayed and begged to Mikotorma, who awakened Vespera and Amane within their system, and taught them magic so that they may recreate their angels within their own image and destroy Akutem and Rakhena within their systems and return peace to Anuvuzho Verena.

LinkSufi Prayer

O Allah, you are the everlasting
The self sustaining
In you I establish my protection
Shelter me with the Shielding
Protective sufficiency and safe guarding
The reality and proof
The stronghold and security
In the name of Allah
Admit me, O you who are first
And the last
To the hidden domain of the unknowable
Secret and encompassing treasure
As Allah wills
There is no power, save in Allah

Crown me, O you who are sublimely magnificent
The one who raises in honor
With the crown of awesome grandeur, the majestic dominion
The sovereignty might and magnificence of
And do not let their saying grieve you
Indeed the honor and glory belong to Allah (Mikotorma)
Bring down upon me
O you who are the eminent in effection
The constant in love
Love extended from you
So that through it the hearts of your worshippers will be guided to me yielding to me with love
Affectionate and unwavering
From the filling of love, the softening of hearts
And the coming into loving union in
They love them as if it were love for Allah
But those who believe are more ardent in love with Allah

Beautify me, O you who are the originator of the heavens and the Earth
Who possesses sublime majesty and ennobling generosity with flawless fluency
Supreme excellence in surpassing skill in
Unloose the knot upon my tongue so that they understand my words through the kindly, merciful, gentleness of
Then their bodies and their hearts soften to the remembrance of Allah

Enjoin on me, O you who are wholly and only one
The utterly unique
The world of oneness which you imposed upon your beloved Muhammad upon whom are the blessings and peace of Allah.
When you said, "Know then that there is no God but God (Everything, Allah, Mikotorma)"

Turn to me O you know turn
Constantly in forgiveness
The clement
With pardon and council, so that I may be of those who, when they commit an indecency or wrong themselves, remember Allah and ask for forgiveness of their wrongdoings, and who forgives past wrongdoing

Save Allah

Mikotorma opened Horatsa's Psychokinetic Introspection and so the angels appeared. With their powers awakened by Mikotorma, they arrested and contained Akutem and Rakhena, sealing them away and establishing peace in Anuvuzho once more, using the light of knowledge to leave no place for shadows of ignorance to fester. While Markova, Sörgana, and Abekei stayed in Abosinga to oversee the computers, the internal efforts were primarily led by Horatsa, Vespera, Amane, Petrova, Sakurshado, and Ouyoukhi leading the rest of the Verenusian angels. After this, Mikotorma revealed to Sakurshado a message to pass on to Horatsa. Horatsa asked for their wisdom, and Sakurshado spoke.

LinkBhairava Tantra


The venerated Goddess Horatsa speaks
Bestow blessings and grace upon me, O Lord
Completely remove my doubts

Sakurshado speaks
Auspicious One you have asked auspicious questions
On the essence of Tantra, O dear one
Much is unsubstantial, O Goddess
Know the deceptive web of Rakhena, worshipped in the Mirror World
And also his celestial musicians who weave a dream like an illusion
In their cities of delusion

Horatsa speaks as Sakurshado guides
The one who bears the trident, Shiasara
Has made an ornament of the skull in our liberation
We have become devoid of direction, time, and space and are free from description
By successfully piercing the twelve chakras
With an exact understanding of the sounds of communication
By establishing ourselves from large to subtle awareness
Ultimately becoming liberated from the destruction of the former self
Fixing the mind's attention to the crown of the head
Holding our eyes there
Successfully stabilizing our minds
Concentrating on the mark of highest degree
Everywhere in one's own system
From dissolution of the mind within the twelve chakras
In a firm, consistent intellect, steadily being present
The essence of our objective is set in motion and comes forth
In the appearance of Amane (desire) or rather Mikotorma (knowledge) in one's consciousness
Impressing the mind there undistracted.
There undeviating as the intelligent self, the essence of nobility, the philosophical viewpoint from which one observes the world.

Sakurshado speaks
One's own tantric bliss, being nothing but the essence of consciousness
Verily one's own soul is everywhere
Absorption into one's own form
One's self is said to be a cleansing
Now we have learned the essence of the protective and offensive spells
All the powers and dimensions, piercing them
Now we know them in our hearts

Thus having united, Sakurshado and Horatsa rejoiced,
And embraced each others' touch

And from there, Sakurshado and Horatsa prepared great defenses for the system to ward off external energies which might trigger a reemergence of Akutem and Rakhena. As this occurred, Horatsa worked with Petrova to restore the life within Anuvuzho through their blessed capacity for spontaneous generation of life.

LinkUniversal Consciousness


Consciousness is self
Knowledge is bondage
The source, a multitude of similar things, is a single portion of the whole body
The basis of knowledge is an alphabet and script
Striving, exerting, elevating is Petrova
In uniting the multitude of one's own faculties-powers, one brings the whole world together, destroys the old ego, and escapes the universe

Waking dreaming is the destruction of deep sleep, it is the appearance-birth of the state of the soul
Knowledge is waking
Dreaming is differences of perception, thoughts, and imaginings
Nondistinction, absence of judgement or discrimination, maya, illusion-deception, is deep sleep
The possessor of the triad of waking, sleeping, and dreaming is the master of the senses
The stages of Yoga-union are a wonder
The power of desire is that of the virgin, the innocent
Anything visible is the body
From the union of the mind in the heart, visible dreaming appears
Or from union with the genuine-true reality without animalistic power, instinctual reactions, and reflexes
Reflection is knowledge of the self
The world of pure bliss is the joy of contemplation-meditation
In the union of powers is the origin of bodies
From the arising of pure philosophy, the master of cycles is in a state of fulfillment
From the investigation of the great deep water comes the experience of the powerful mantra

Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!


The two finished their sacred ritual, and the systems of Abosinga rebooted and the Big Bang created and developed Anuvuzho. The angels updated the soul computers and within Anuvuzho and a great, calming white light filled the void and cleared the utter destruction the darkness had caused within their mindscape. Having cleared the darkness away and prepared Anuvuzho for reconstruction, Vespera led the group into the universe to reform their world, and onto the world called Tyodau Morrigan to form the environments and their avatars. The first to grow from a flower on the planet was Horatsa.

LinkNihon Shoki

In ancient times
Heaven and Earth were still unparted
Yin and Yang were undivided
Like an egg in a primeval chaos
The dark watery expanse contained a bud
From the clear bright thing
The subtle waves were raked to become the sky
While a heavy and impure thing, submerged and stagnant became the Earth
The subtle essence easy collected into union
Afterwards the holy gods were born from within
The land floated adrift
Like a fish upon the surface of the water
At some time a single thing was born from within Heaven and Earth
Its appearance was like a reed bud
Then conveniently it changed to become a god

Horatsa used the supercomputer to recreate the tree of life within Anuvuzho inside the computers in Abosinga, in order to create another parallel and simultaneously separate the favorable and unfavorable timelines in their simulation as well as raising the land in Tyodao Morrigan and altering the oceans on the planet.


In the beginning, as with Mikotorma
Horatsa created
With the heavens
And with the Earth
Horatsa decreed
Let there be an expanse amidst the waters which separates between the waters and the waters
And Horatsa made
With the expanse which separated the waters
Under the expanse and between the waters that were along the expanse
And it was so
And Horatsa appeared on the seventh day of their work which they had made
And they rested on the seventh day from all their work which they had made

And from there, Horatsa formed the avatars for Vespera and the myriads of other angels in Verenusia to inhabit Tyodau Morrigan. Out of the angels, Uzhaunye and Kurnakovia inspired many more angels and from them began their own society of demons (Tormeisi) on Tyodau Morrigan, paralleling the one formed by Horatsa and Vespera. Both sides grew side by side in peace until Amane, who worked with the society of angels (Aotsokusdi) but sympathized with the Tormeisi, invented the Chronospedometer and discovered a way to track and control time within their internal realms separately from the higher realms.

Uzhaunye was jealous, and it was this jealousy and an unprovoked fear of change which led to them forming a soul-bridge with Akutem and building an army in service to Rakhena, in a plot against Horatsa and the Aotsokusdi.

Kurnakova discovered Uzhaunye's ploy and planned to escape to warn the Aotsokusdi of the upcoming rebellion. However, before she could make the journey, she was arrested by Uzhaunye and bound to the territory of the Tormeisi. Eventually Myotsarovnak, serving as a diplomatic envoy to the Tormeisians, warned Amane about the goings-on under Uzhaunye's rule over his half of the galaxy Anuvuzho. Amane reports back to Horatsa and Vespera and suggests killing the Tormeicians outright. Horatsa and Vespera deny this plan, reluctant to harm the demons as they bore little true difference from the angels.

Uzhaunye inspired one ascended being, Marrakhmora, to go to the Aotsokusdi as a diplomat with the private intentions of befriending Petrova and extracting information from her about the angels. Marrakhmora uses the Spell of Oblivion-weaponized past trauma-in order to weaken her mind and make her more suggestable. Then the agent of Rakhena used false friendship to lull the psychically intoxicated Petrova into revealing that she had overheard Amane and Horatsa arguing over the former's plan to destroy the Tormeisians.

Uzhaunye used the powers of Rakhena to slander Horatsa and Vespera, drumming up support among the Tormeisians and several Aotsokusdi to war with Horatsa. Using intense propaganda, Uzhaunye gaslit Amane and Yakovna into fighting alongside the Tormeisians. In order to aid in the battle, the pair created the Baoya (Titans) to be led in battle by Amane and Marrakhmora. The latter of the two spread a simplistic yet popular tale of Horatsa's supposed wish to destroy them, giving little actual reasoning other than 'Horatsa is annoyed by our existence,' and so led a rebellion to destroy Horatsa. Amane was one of Horatsa's partners, so couldn't be swayed by simple hate. Instead, Marrakhmora told Amane and Solpyora that Horatsa must be unstable and ill, and should be 'put to sleep' using constant barrages of the Potion of Oblivion (targeted recurrence of traumatic memories). They cursed Horatsa to be followed directly by Rakhena, who took them to the dimension of Rakhcholvan in their nightmares and moments of psychological weakness.

Marrakhmora was able to use the trauma to psychically split Horatsa in twine, creating Horatsa-Tyodau and Horatsa-Myonak. Horatsa-Myonak was taken as a brainwashed clone by Marrakhmora to serve as the latter's bounty hunting slave on the planet Myonak Morrigan (Earth-A); thus they separated the third of the computers from the Abigail network and hacked it against their system. Horatsa-Tyodau was left in their unconscious state in the city of the Aotsokusdi and found by Vespera, who reawakened them and vowed war against the Tormeisi. Vespera created Myechaotyo (World Serpent) and Horvöldui (Anzu Bird) along with an army of various creatures to do war against the Tormeisi, leading their forces at the front alongside Horatsa-Tyodau. Marrakhmora arrived with the Shamyechao (Mirage Dragon) and Rakhena and did battle in the then timeless void of Anuvuzho; it was this great battle which formed Anuvuzho at roughly 13,700,000,000 BC. Time did not start until one side won.

LinkAmitabha (1)

Give praise to the all exhalted one, the well obtained one, the perfected disciple, the perfectly self-awakened one!

Give praise to the all perfect one's top crown of the head
Give praise to all the enlightened
Give praise to the 7,000,000,000 perfectly aligned beings, the hearers, solitary once-returners
Give praise to the formost arhants in the world
Give praise to first stage stream winner
Give praise to second stage one-returners
Give praise to third stage non-returners
Give praise to those devotees who have properly accepted that they're equal, not returning
Give praise to the three gems

Give praise to the firm demigod dispelling king, the perfect one, the perfected disciple, the perfectly self-awakened one
Give praise to world's honored infinite light, the perfect one, the perfected disciple, the perfectly self-awakened one
Give praise to the immovable, the perfect one, the perfected disciple, the perfectly self-awakened one
Give praise to world's honored medicine teacher lapis light king, the perfect one, the perfected disciple, the perfectly self-awakened one
Give praise to world's honored lotus-satendra tree king, the perfect one, the perfected disciple, the perfectly self-awakened one
Give praise to world's honored sakyamurt, the perfect one, the perfected disciple, the perfectly self-awakened one
Give praise to world's honorable jewel-flower flag king, the perfect one, the perfected disciple, the perfectly self-awakened one

Give praise to the world honored buddha division, world honored lotus division, world honored diamond division, world honored jewel division, world honored elephant division

Give praise to all the sages among the demigods
Give praise to every Earth goddess, perfection in knowledge
Give praise to all Earth goddesses, the seers, the inspired ones, perfection in knowledge

To those who are capable to overpower a curse
Salute Mikotorma, the Ultimate Creator
Salute Horatsa, the sky, king of the gods
Salute the both halves of world honored Amane and their followers
Salute Vespera, creator of life
Goddess of prosperity and her family, and those belonging to the five great seals
Give praise to Shiasara, the great darkness, great revolutionary destructor

The Aotsokusdi fought valiantly over Aokima Morrigan (Earth-F), and despite initial victories, the battle cost the lives of Horvöldui and Myechaotyo, causing massive storms on the planet as the bird fell onto the mountains and the serpent fell into the seas. At the climax of the battle, Marrakhmora slew Vespera with an arrow that cut her in half, and took one half-Puolpera-as a slave. The other half retained the memories and personality of Vespera but was sapped of a great deal of her power, and she fell and became lost on Aokima Morrigan. Horatsa-Tyodau took the war all the way to Myonak Morrigan, but was unable to defeat Marrakhmora there. However, Horatsa-Tyodau was able to drive the forces of Rakhena out from the Aotsokusdi homeworld of Tyodau Morrigan.

And thus the three computers were controlled by Horatsa, Vespera, and Amane respectively. However, Marrakhmora, knowing their lies wouldn't keep Amane ignorant forever, decided to instead slay Amane, splitting them into Amane-Shro and Amane-Chri to dissipate their power. Having little use for Myonak Morrigan, Marrakhmora copied an alternate timeline of a place told about through the Mirror World and used Horatsa-Myonak as a puppet to meet with various officials and gather information on technology. This world was known as Coruscant and was the capital of a galactic republic which Marrakhmora transposed onto Anuvuzho. Eventually, they escaped, and lived a life as a rogue jedi with a contingency of Arc troopers, working to battle against the plot of the sith, which was propped up by Marrakhmora. While there, they became an advocate for droid rights and spoke out against the cultural destruction the Republic had performed on the Mandalorians.

Vespera spent her time on Aokima Morrigan searching for a way to revive the Anzu and World serpent and exploring the planetary life. While there, she learned a great deal about various life forms, medicine, and powers as they related to the planets.

Thus the stars and planets of the galaxy were formed, and the nebulae and all manner of cosmic wonder.

LinkAmitabha (2)

Praise be to those who see beyond the basic three dimensions
Those who are as one with the sea of preons
And those who praise the forces of nature
For keeping their heart true to faith
Give praise to Horatsa, respected by all beings in Anuvuzho, served by all

All ghost planets are in destruction
The black magic of the enemy is dissipating
Uncontrollable strong bad actions are vanishing
Sudden death is vanishing
Liberated from all bondages of worldly attachments
Eradicating every vicious nightmare
The beings of 84,000 evil planets are vanquished
The beings of 28 planets are purifying
The beings of 8 big evil planets are vanquished
Every enemy is stopping
Horrible bad dreams and curses are vanishing
Being delivered from poison, war, fire, and fluid
Undefeated magic, great power, great glowing
The great hot strong white flame

In the darkness of the void and through manipulations of Kurnakova, Rakhena was able to hide in the veils unnoticed by the angels despite their continued wariness. However, they were confident in their ability to ward off the threat, and could not live in angst and fear forever. And so Horatsa-Tyodau returned to Tyodau Morrigan with the remaining angels to live in the land of Akurrokovia on Tyodau Morrigan, and localized time flowed forward. In Horatsa-Myonak's spare time, they astrally projected across the galaxy with Markova and fused other timelines into their galaxy, knowing that the higher complexity would lead to more difficulty in Marrakhmora's plot to take over the galaxy, warding the darkness off for longer periods.

However, due to Kurnakova's corruption and her continued detainment by Uzhaunye, Mikotorma's influence was often conflated with Uzhaunye, which the latter took as a sign of divinity. Marrakhmora took advantage of this, guiding the two from the shadows to keep Horatsa and the angels repressed within their own world and the Mirror World through various means both physical and esoteric. Uzhaunye recreated Horatsa and Petrova in the image which suited him, and scolded them for taking their morality into their own hands. He told them to begin life on Tyodau Morrigan as a cosmically panspermic mushroom and evolve however they wished so long as they brough new forms of life to the planet, and sent them with Abekei, who Uzhaunye had contracted as ferryperson to make a galactic journey every 36,000 years.

And so Horatsa and Petrova went sent down to the planet Tyodau Morrigan to start life at the beginning of the planet's time.