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Partnership for Sovereignty Recommendation: Vote FOR “Liberate A Liberal Haven”

Liberate A Liberal Haven

Voting Recommendation: FOR

Reasoning: A Liberal Haven is a notable ancient region having been founded in August of 2003, placing it firmly amongst one of the oldest regions within the NationStates multiverse. Having been founderless since 2011, A Liberal Haven has existed peacefully in a passworded state that now stands threatened by the malicious intent of occupying raider forces.

The raiders currently occupying A Liberal Haven have changed the region's password against native wishes and both have a history of destroying other regions (such as The Lefts Nirvana, Hogwarts, and Liberty Nations Alliance) and have recently stated active intent to do so. With the unknown password in place, there is nothing to stop these occupiers from removing the remaining native nations and destroying A Liberal Haven's community and history, just as they have dozens of times before.

Accordingly, the at-vote proposal "Liberate A Liberal Haven" would remove the currently secret password, allowing liberators to enter the region and save it from occupying forces. If this resolution does not pass, this once proud region, with a history almost as old its NationStates itself, could be snuffed out in the space of weeks, oblierated and lost to the sands of time, and its native community permanently displaced. As important as this liberation is, it is not self-executing, and we will need to conduct a military operation to secure the region for its long-time community.

If you would like to assist in this operation, please send a telegram to Emodea (Discord: Moon_#5541), Sulenia (Sulen#6202), or Quebecshire (Cubic#1608) to learn more information.

The Partnership for Sovereignty exists for this exact purpose: a struggle for the sovereignty and security of native communities, where it is do or die for the region itself. The Partnership for Sovereignty is proud to recommend a vote FOR "Liberate A Liberal Haven".