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Dispatch Templates

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Dispatch Templates
Introduction | Templates

- dispatches are created and managed by the administrative team of the Union. Contact them to have dispatches added.
- Consistency as guiding principle for UDS dispatches. The UDS has an established design language and quality that people expect from Union dispatches. Whether you want to make sweeping changes to the style is immaterial to using the current system.
- explain the tree system.
- so people know where they are after clicking a link, the big title at the top in green should be the same title as the title of the dispatch and mentions of the dispatch throughout the region.
- the modular principles. UDS dispatches are built to be modular, thus expandable or contractable with a simple copy and paste! This should work with anything from the categories of a dispatch, to the use of anchor tags, to the rows of a table.
- whenever possible use Times New Roman fonts. It is understandable to not use this with the content for tables as the tags get tedious.
- replace the "LINK GOES HERE" with the proper link, and whatever CAPITALIZED content with what properly belongs.
- discuss that anchor tags never match the title of the content, but instead use a numbered system.
- with titles, capitalize the first and last words, and important words in between.
- use category "meta" and "gameplay" as this is usually what UDS documents are
- remember to go back and replace the link at the top with the dispatch link after posting.
- talk about how to use the templates. click "raw" copy code, etc.
- the core header links NEVER change. If the constitution is updated, update the one dispatch. Onsite it not used for legal records.
- These dispatches aren't meant to take the thinking out of dispatch work. A working knowledge of BB code is required to work on UDS dispatches.