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    The fauna of Serpens Land consist of approximately 100 mammal species, 300 bird species, 40 amphibian species, 40 reptile species and around 1000 fish species. Serpens Land's largely temperate climate and geographical location has severely limited the size and number of land mammals found in the country.


    There are around 40 amphibian species in Serpens Land including many types of frogs, salamanders, and toads.

    Salamanders and newts can be found in nearly all regions of Serpens Land, but are most prominent further south. A considerable number of salamanders and news are not native to Serpens Land, and were brought by Serpans settlers. Some notable salamanders and newts include the great mesder salamander of Chatam and Fort Charlotte, and the eastern crested newt of eastern Serpens Land.

    Similarly, frogs and toads can be found in all regions of Serpens Land. Notable species include Rupert's toad found in northern Serpens Land, and the western tailed frog found only in areas of Chatham.


    Despite its name, Serpens Land is not home to many reptiles due to it's relatively temperate climate. However, around 40 snakes, lizards, and turtles call Serpens Land home. Serpens Land does not have any native species of crocodile.

    Serpens Land is home to around twenty species of snake, most notably the Serpens Land rattlesnake -- considered to be the nation's national animal. Serpens Land is home to only three species of venomous snake, including the aforementioned Serpens Land rattlesnake, Serpens Land adder, and the western mesder viper. All venomous snakes are normally found only in eastern Fort Charlotte. Serpens Land is also home to some species of non-venomous snakes most notably the western grass snake.

    Serpens Land is home to around seven species of lizard, all inhabiting the area surrounding Broughton Bay.

    There area also several turtles which live in Serpens Land. A notable one being the painted turtle which can be found along Serpens Land's coast. There are also -- although rarely seen -- leather back turtles, which inhabit the waters around Serpens Land, primarily in the Eaton Sea.


    Serpens Land is home to over 300 species of bird, with the two largest orders being the Linkpasserines and the Linkcharadriiformes.Being an island, sea birds can commonly be seen along Serpens Land's coasts. Many species of bird migrate south during Serpens Land's relatively cold winters.

    Serpens Land is also home to many species of birds of prey including hawks, eagles, and owls. Common species include northern eagle owl and the erodesian hawk.


    Serpens Land is home to approximately 100 mammal species. Due to being an island, Serpens Land has relatively few large mammal species. The largest mammal species are mostly bears, including brown bears, and polar bears. Bears can be found in most areas of Serpens Land, however, Fort Charlotte is notably devoid of them. Polar bears can be found inhabiting some areas of northern Serpens Land, although they are becoming rarer due to the impact of human activity. Other larger mammals include many species of deer.

    There are many species of rodents inhabiting Serpens Land. Some common species include the brown rat and the north mesder red squirrel.


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