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Karma's RMB Rules

Karma's RMB Rules

Be Inclusive:

➤ Nationstates has players from all over the world. The age range is decades wide. Respect other players and keep the RMB environment civil.

➤ It is okay to talk about yourselves on the RMB! But be aware of the age range. Be aware that anyone can see your posts. Do not dox yourself or anyone else.

➤ Everyone has bad days. It is okay to admit you are having a bad day; however, it is not appropriate to talk about suicide, law-breaking, personal health issues, etc. on the RMB. If you need help, seek a professional.

➤ Our regional officers cannot effectively moderate languages other than English. English is our common language; speaking in other languages excludes those who cannot speak it. All RMB posts should be in English.

Sages and RMB Mods have the final say on enforcement and interpretation of regional rules.

Do Not Spam:

➤ Do not post links, ASCII art, long strings of emoji or emoticons, gibberish, or inappropriate language.

➤ Do not use puppet nations to talk to yourself on the RMB. You should only have one nation in Karma at a time. Puppet nations should be kept in Icor.

➤ Unless it is for a sanctioned regional event like Fridate or Question of the Day, refrain from posts with multiple paragraphs of text. An acceptable way to share longer posts is through the spoiler tags or by linking a dispatch.

➤ Do not recruit for other regions or for any offsite or interregional events. Any interregional coordination should be handled through our Department of Foreign Affairs.

Sages and RMB Mods have the final say on enforcement and interpretation of regional rules.

Abide By All Site Rules:

➤ Nationstates allows regions the freedom to moderate themselves, but there are some site rules too! (read more in the FAQ)