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Monday, September 6, 2021

Regional Banner Contest
South Asians wins
by- People of nolan

The Winning Entry
Earlier in the month of August, the Minister of Culture, People of nolan, held a contest to choose the new banner for our region.
In a new game update, regional officers had the power to put a banner on top of the region page. The update took place in the later stages of Obets's term as MoC, who was rather awesome and most likely the best MoC the region has seen. (And by the way this article was tooootally not written by Obets wink) Seeing this update, the Cabinet decided that a contest for the region's official banner was appropriate. It was the first "major task" for the first time minister People of Nolan.
The Contest began on 31st July, People of Nolan made an announcement and released this dispatch explaining the rules. The Contest ended with 2 submissions, both from the region's Vice President South Asians. SA's second submission won the vote with 77% and it can be seen at the top of the region page.
Vanguard Protocol Activated
on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

New Logo of the Vanguard Council
After the July General Elections, the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs remained vacant. Vice President South Asians temporarily managed all the matters related to Foreign Affairs. However, when President Doctors Orvos decided that additional manpower is needed to manage the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He decided to push for the activation of the Vanguard Protocol.

The Vanguard Protocol can be activated when there are vacancies in the cabinet and the President can't find suitable people to fill those vacancies in which case The Vanguard Protocol can be activated that enables the Vanguard Council to collectively lead vacant position(s) in the cabinet. The Vanguard Council can also collectively lead the region if there isn't a candidate for the position of the President. The Vanguard Council consists of the Founder and five other people who are nominated by the Founder and confirmed by the Legislative Assembly. When the Protocol isn't activated the Vanguard Council can advise the government on certain issues and they can also help in government tasks with the discretion of the President. The Activation vote for the Vanguard Protocol can only be held if there are five citizens who sponsor its activation.

On 17th August, President Orvos, Vice President South Asians, Minister of Defense The python ii, Minister of Immigration My Nation and Minister of Internal Affairs Obets sponsored the activation vote of the Vanguard Protocol. The vote was commenced by Speaker Gufand. A supermajority was required for the activation of the Vanguard Protocol. The Protocol was activated with 22 Ayes, 2 Nays and 8 Abstains (91.67% approval rate).

The Vanguard Council currently consisting of Heaveria, Thaelle, Vostrov and Doctors Orvos assumed joint leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

New Attorney Test Announced
Python and Thaelle passes the test

On August 19, Vice President South Asians created an attorney test for aspiring attorneys. The test was created on a website known as "Testmoz". The test consists of several types of questions including Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Fill in the blanks etc. The test was approved by the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Castenor. The Association of Attorneys can only consist of maximum four attorneys.

The Supreme Court made an announcement stating that anyone can take the test with the permission from the Court. The first four people who pass the test will become certified Attorneys. Minister of Defense Python and World Assembly Delegate Thaelle were the first two persons to successfully pass the test and they became certified Attorneys. More Information regarding the Attorney Test can be found here.

Two New Members in the Cabinet
Obets and Burgertopian Empire

President Orvos nominated Former Minister of Culture Obets to fill the vacant position of the Minister of Internal Affairs. Obets was unanimously confirmed by the Legislative Assembly with 29 Ayes and 5 Abstains.

Minister of Defense Python decided to nominate Burgertopian Empire to be his deputy. Burgertopian Empire was unanimously confirmed with 21 approval votes and 3 Abstains.

FNDA August 2021
Operations Report

Personnels Involved:

Task Force Commander The python ii
Special Agent South Asians
Task Force Officer Burgertopian Empire
Operative Codpiece
Operative Zazann
Cadet Cice hauss
Cadet Utkarsha

Record FNDA Turnouts in Two Consecutive Liberations
Chaylia and LDU

Themed FNDA Flag for the Liberation of LDU
Defenders successfully liberated two large regions from the grasps of Raiders in the month of August. These Regions were Chaylia and Liberal Democratic Union. Both Liberations were pretty identical because in both cases the Defender Coalition led by The Grey Wardens, South Pacific Special Force, The League, Rejected Realms Army, the Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organisation and the Free Nations Defense Association gained control over the WA Delegacy in their second attempt and that successful second attempt happened during the major update. FNDA recorded their highest ever update turnout in both these Liberations with Seven Participating Agents across both Minor and Major Updates. FNDA Director South Asians acknowledged this feat as a major milestone in the FNDA history and applauded all the Agents who participated in these liberations. These Liberations were a remarkable event for the entire R/D Community as well. More than 200 Personnels participated in these Operations across the Raiding and Defending Factions.
Several FNDA Agents Promoted
Big Responsibility given to Python

Rank Insignia of RTF Commander
After the success in Chaylia and Liberal Democratic Union, FNDA Director South Asians announced that he's finally ready to start the decentralisation of power in FNDA. He said that he's going to start relieving himself from some of his duties and give those duties to active FNDA Agents. With this announcement he promoted Codpiece to the rank of "Operative" for his work in the technical department of FNDA. Codpiece created useful tools for Defenders like Storm Keyboard Extension and Kronos Detag Finder. He also constantly appears in major FNDA Liberations despite being busy in real life. Director South Asians also handed promotion to Python to the rank of "Special Agent" because of the leadership skills he has shown in FNDA during recent times. Python was also appointed as the Commander of the Reserve Task Force, the Civilian Militia of the Free Nations Region. Burgertopian Empire was appointed as an Officer in the Reserve Task Force due to his active participation in Libcord operations.

Amerion Strikes Back
as the Delegate of the South Pacific
Amerion's Avatar
The South Pacific's July 2021 Delegate Elections concluded with Amerion declared as the winner after spending only one term out of the office. The Election was initially a three-way race with Amerion, PenguinPies and Erinor declaring candidacy. However, Erinor later withdrew his candidacy citing mental health.

Penguin's campaign focused on active endotarting and ensuring that the gameside community felt as important as the forumside community. On the other hand, Amerion's campaign promised an active World Assembly Culture and they proposed to release "Weekly Delegate Briefs" informing Citizens about the major events related to the World Assembly and the South Pacific Government.

Both Penguin and Amerion gained significant approval ratings from the forum-side voting round with 81.8% and 86.8% respectively before heading to the Game-Side voting round. The Game-Side Voting Round lasted for seven days in which all the Native WA Member Nations were eligible to vote. Amerion emerged victorious in this round with a staggering 62.23% votes (98 votes). Penguin managed to get 37.77% votes (57 votes). The Election was uncontroversial as both Candidates lauded the democratic process of the South Pacific.

Frontiers and Strongholds
Major UCR Governments oppose proposed game mechanic
NS Moderator Sedgistan proposed a major change in Game Mechanics with the introduction of "Frontiers" and "Strongholds".

According to the current proposal, UCRs will be divided into two types of regions- Frontiers and Strongholds. Frontier Regions will have a permanent Executive WA Delegate and the Founder (if any) won't have executive authority. There will be a six month influence decay in those regions just like GCRs. 50% of all new nations will spawn in Frontiers. However, a region must have more than 10 endorsements on its World Assembly Delegate to be eligible to become a Frontier.
Strongholds on the other hand will work like the current UCRs except the Founder will have the option to appoint a successor who will get the executive authority should the Founder CTE. The Founder with an appointed Successor will be able to abdicate from their position anytime without needing to wait until they CTE.

According to Sedgistan, These New Features were proposed to fix technical problems caused by "oversized GCRs". It also dilutes the influence of GCRs and gives an opportunity to UCRs to increase their population without having to use Stamps or API Recruitment. It also incentivises invading as Raiders will get more Invadable Regions and Strongholds provide a stronger shield to regions who don't want to get raided.

However, this proposal has received mixed reception from the Nationstates Gameplay Community. While many people support the idea and are giving their feedback to further improve it others are strictly opposing the idea and are calling it "a radical change". Major UCRs like Europeia, The League, 10000 Islands, Thaecia and The Communist Bloc have made statements opposing the proposed changes. In a Joint Statement made by The League and 10000 Islands, they said "There are a number of issues with the proposed change that range from putting a variety of communities at risk to devaluing the work of the Security Council, which we believe outweigh any potential benefits of the update.". In their joint statement 10000 Islands and The League shared their concerns about smaller communities with inexperienced players opting in to become a Frontier for free recruitment only to get trapped and obliterated by the Invaders later. They also pointed out the suggested "Embargo Category" SC Proposals that can prevent a region from opting in as a Frontier stating that "[Embargo Category] is extremely problematic for a healthy SC for several reasons. Most likely, the Embargo category, like others, will be subjected to joke proposals or underhanded and petty attempts to abuse the category by authors against regions they dislike, generally wasting the time and energy of those genuinely involved in the SC. More seriously, if a region with severe out-of-character issues, or even a fascist region, were to be an eligible democracy, the expectation that consequences be dealt out via the Embargo category furthers the narrative that these issues are for the players to handle as a part of gameplay, rather a continued state of insufficient action on the part of site moderation.". On 2nd September, Sedgistan announced that he's putting the "Embargo Category" proposal on hold.

While Europeia's statement echoes the concerns raised by 10000 Islands and The League, they also raised the issue of the broken Manual Recruitment System and advocated to fix the current recruitment system instead of making radical changes in the game mechanics.

More Information about the Frontiers and Strongholds can be found in this forum thread here.

Is this the end of JTF?
Major NS Militaries put Sanctions on JTF after August's Statement
On August 29, The United Regions Alliance launched a Vote Recommendation Dispatch on "Liberate New Western Atlantic''. While the URA recommended to vote against this WA Proposal. It was August's comments on the proposal that was deemed as "controversial" by the Nationstates Gameplay Community. August called the author of the proposal Andusre "just as objectionable as his former compatriots from NWA''. This statement was later edited out. The Foreign Ministry of Thaecia, Andusre's home region expressed their disgust over this statement as they called it "abhorrent, inappropriate and utterly unacceptable" and that "it equates Andusre to those who harboured fascists, bigots and a plethora of other extremely dangerous individuals.". Thaecia declared August a "Persona Non Grata" and due to his status as the Founder of the Augustin Alliance, Thaempirial Army has put Sanctions on the Joint Task Force (the military wing of Augustin Alliance). The Sanctions were as follows:-
  • The Thaempirial Army will not pile in support of an occupation where the JTF is also present;

  • All occupations led or supported by the JTF will be liberated by the Thaempirial Army;

  • All tag raids which the JTF conducts will be defended or detagged by the Thaempirial Army at the earliest opportunity;

  • All quorum raids which the JTF conducts or supports will be defended by the Thaempirial Army

These sanctions weren't applicable to any raids involving fascist and OOC-Problematic regions. Thaecia further mentioned that these sanctions will be lifted if August apologises for his statement or Augustin Alliance apologises for his statement on his behalf.

The East Pacific and The League also released statements calling out August for unapologetically targetting and defaming Audusre. TEP and The League also imposed similar sanctions on JTF. Sanctions from Thaecia and The East Pacific is a huge blow for JTF as Thaempirial Army and East Pacific Sovereign Army gets invited to almost all the major raiding operations and the raiding community will most likely choose both of them instead of JTF. This might as well be the end of Joint Task Force as it seems unlikely that either August or Augustin Alliance is going to apologise for this statement. Shortly after these sanctions JTF withdrew its troops from the Libcord.

Join the FNDA
by- Soap tips

Interested in Writing Articles for the Free Nations Herald?
Contact Obets via telegram or Discord (Obetsball#9215) and submit your articles, art work, poetry, interviews, short stories or opinion pieces.
Read dispatch

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Emaha wins the Recruitment Championship
1500+ telegrams sent in 72 hours

Logo of the Ministry of Immigration
The Minister of Immigration My Nation organised a recruitment championship. The participants of this championship had to manually send recruitment telegrams to as many new and refounded nations as they could within the period of 72 hours. The person who Recruited the most nations would win. The Participants were allowed to use the default recruitment telegram of the region, they also had the choice to recruit with their own recruitment telegram. The winner would receive a special role in the discord server. If the winner used their own custom recruitment telegram it would become the Default Recruitment Telegram of FNR. The competition was initially slow as only 180 telegrams were sent in the first 48 hours. The competition got heated up in the final 24 hours as both South Asians and Emaha competed against each other for the victory. At the end of 72 hours, Emaha emerged victorious with 3 Recruits and 1000+ telegrams sent. South Asians was the Runner-up with 2 recruits and 500 telegrams sent. Obets came third with 120 telegrams sent but with 0 recruits. Since Emaha used the default recruitment telegram the FNR recruitment telegram didn't change.
Sparsdan Nominated and Confirmed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Record Breaking Confirmation Vote in the Citizens' Assembly

Flag of Sparsdan
With the expiration of The Vanguard Protocol on the 17th September. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was left vacant again. President Doctors Orvos decided to nominate Sparsdan as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the rest of the term. Speaker Gufand commenced the vote in the Citizens' Assembly. Sparsdan's popularity among the Citizens of the Free Nations Region clearly showed as a whopping 40 Citizens approved the nomination with 0 Negative Votes and Abstains Spars got unanimously confirmed as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. Spars got the most number of approval votes in the history of the Citizens' Assembly. This is his second term as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with Minister of Defense Apatosaurus II
by- Obets

Flag of Apatosaurus II
In this New Column, We will interview notable citizens of the Free Nations Region to get to know about their experiences in the Free Nations Region and their contributions towards our Community. Our First Interviewee is our Minister of Defense Apatosaurus ii formerly known as The python ii. His other government positions include being the Speaker of Lazarus and a Senator in the Union of Democratic States.
Here's our interview with Apatosaurus:-

Obets: What is it about the FNDA that you like?

Apatosaurus: Well, to be honest nearly all of my time on NS (including since I was a complete noob one year ago) I've been interested in defending, and when SA invited me to FNR I decided to get involved in FNDA, and I've never regretted it since.

Obets: What is it that makes you want to be the Minister of Defense?

Apatosaurus: Mostly being able to help build and more fully participate in FNDA, FNR and defending in general, but also that it's overall a fun position to be in.

Obets: Describe an average day in the FNDA. Whether its from a regular defending perspective, or as the MoD

Apatosaurus: From a regular defending perspective, it means having to lose 50+ endorsements sometimes, getting pinged 10943758 times, and having to be online at 4 PM every time there's a big liberation, but also often off-update detag missions, and mostly just the thrill of fast-paced action. As the MoD, it involves pinging people 80 times for a big liberation, having to run recruitment for the FNDA often and making off-update detag missions to do.

In this new brand-new News Category we will provide you with latest Roleplay and Worldbuilding News from the Free Nations Region. This Category will also occassionally feature Opinion Pieces written by different Roleplayers.
A City of Freedom
by- Verdeu

Aerial View of Mondo
Mondo, (meaning ĎWorldí in Italian) is considered by many as the capital of Verdeu, and for good reason. Originally established in 1426, as a port and trading outpost for the short lived Jahevean Imperial Duchy, it was home to around 250 people by the end of 1426, before the Jahevean Duchy was dissolved due to internal conflicts. The outpost traded hands for quite some time, before settling on the Kingdom of Sklyye, a regional power, where it remained until 1621, when the outpost, thanks to the discovery of large shoals of fish, and natural resources in the area, officially exploded in population, up to 3,000, and became a regional town in status. There it remained, until Skylyyeís King, Arduin, entered a royal marriage with Princess Isabella of Kathara, with the kingdom merging into the Grand Duchy of Kathara. Kathara grew Mondo into a full city state thanks to technological advancements and general improvements to sanitation and quality of life.

By the beginning of the 1820ís, Mondo had a population of around 50,000, which would only increase as time would come. However, this would change with the Orvosian invasion of Kathara, subjugating it and transforming it into the Commonwealth of Netto, named after the once capital city of Verdeu. What followed for 6 years was quite an unstable time, with Netto being burned down twice, and smaller villages being harassed and persecuted by Orvosian forces, along with the settlement of Orvosianís there. For many dissidents, Mondo was a safe haven, as it was declared a neutral zone by the Commonwealth, and neither side would infringe on it. But by 1834, when the first Peasants revolt occurred, this changed, and Orvosian forces stormed the city. Following the failed revolt, tensions ran high, and punishments were fierce. Displacement of natives and the general settlement of Orvosians promoted racial and ethnic tensions between communities, along with a heavy tax of grain. By 1838, this was too much, and for probably the first time ever, the upper class and the lower classes united in their hatred of the Orvosian occupation forces. For the upper classes, it was a matter of profit: Their businesses were buckling under extreme taxes and regulations, along with famine. For the lower classes, it was simply survival.

What came next was the incredibly violent 1838 Revolt, in which Orvosian citizens were forcibly removed from their homes and killed, along with homes being burnt down and with waves of peasants overwhelming the guards, supplied with weapons from both home and abroad by the wealthier businessmen.

After the Orvosian threat had been pushed away from Kathara, the duchy was reformed and Mondo exploded in population, as the government moved to the rapidly growing city due to the fact the original capital, Netto, had been burned down twice in the space of a few years. By the 1850ís, Mondo was at 300,000 population, and soon enough, a small-scale industrial revolution was happening, with the population only going up and up and up. By the 1900s, Mondo had passed 5 million in population, and Verdeu was relatively unaffected by GW1.

However, this would change with GW2, with the Orvosianís occupying Mondo and placing it as the centre of their Collaborationist government. Mondo birth rates went down, as the puppet government enacted tough racial segregation, along with banning religion. Almost immediately, resistance sprung up, and between 1940-1945, the nation-wide resistance worked to undermine the puppet government, ran by Haverna Kaklopols. On March 7th, the Resistance, having allied with underground communist and religious groups, launched Operation Carnival, a 3 month long uprising to reclaim their part of the continent. Mondo was the scene for the heaviest fighting in the cityís history, with over 10000 resistance casualties, and a staggering 40000 casualties for their enemy, which was a mix of collaborationists and Orvosian garrisons: A ratio of 1-4.

The garrisons melted under the intense pressure, and with the successful reclamation of Mondo, over radio, other resistance groups were notified and as such launched smaller revolts in smaller cities and towns. This divided Orvosian and Collaborationist forces to multiple fronts, and on the July 19th, the last remaining Illuminists in Verdeu surrendered, a battalion of worn-down Collaborationists. Haverna was put on trial and executed for treason, and The First Republic of Verdeu declared independence and joined the Allies.

While it was never acted upon, Verdeuís representatives had suggested to the Allies High Command that after the liberation of Verdeu, it could be used as a landing point to push further into the Illuminist Pact. The Generals at the time were sceptical such a front could be maintained, and never went with it.

After GW2 ended, and Verdeu officially locked itself away from the outside world for around 80 years, causing a decline in both population and industrial capacity, as the turbulent years afterward began. Only in the 2000ís and beyond have the information blackout on Verdeu started to break down, and in the year 2020, Chancellor Markus Viskarro ordered the opening of the country, causing a revitalisation in the countryís economy, and Mondoís industrial base.

Nowadays, Mondo is home to around 30 million people, and is quite culturally diverse, with small remnants of Sokrat in the modern Verdeuan language, but not a lot. Art from a wide range of artists have also been painted in the city, such as the famous ďFlowers with SecretsĒ by Johann Von Gattengein, a foreigner, which shows the freedom of expression in the city.

Speaking of which, Mondo prides itself on its individual freedoms and is ranked #1 as the most Liberal or left-leaning state in the Verdeu 2020 Census, a country-wide effort to collect data on the country;s healthcare, policing, political views, etc.

So, is Mondo worthy of being called A City of Freedom? Certainly, and is a moment to the resilience of Verdeu and its people in the face of adversity, both home and abroad.

Worldbuilding Outside of Roleplay
by- Obets
Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe. Worldbuilding has always been associated with Roleplaying but Worldbuilding can also be fun without adding Roleplay in it. In this article, I will interview Valentine Z aka Vostrov. Vostrov is the Community Manager of the Free Nations Region and an avid Worldbuilder. He will tell us about his Worldbuilding Experience in this interview.

Obets: What does worldbuilding mean to you?

Vostrov: Ahh, as the name suggests, it is the building of a world! Anything that goes beyond a simple comic strip that has three panels! Anything can be considered worldbuilding, in my personal opinion! It can be the grandiose world of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Halo, Star Trek, or even something as small as a comic strip that is NOT an one-off (i.e. a series). Even a comic series with relatively light lore, can have some worldbuilding in order to keep things consistent. Worldbuilding, to me, is connecting many, many stories, many places, characters, and the like, into a single shared world where they interact with each other.

Worldbuilding, to me, is to be able to create a world that might be so out of this world (hehe) and yet, with rules consistent enough for people to enjoy. It would not be as fun if you constantly change rules - it can be magical, technological, scientific, or a combination of the many (techno-magic) but as long as you keep it consistent, the world you built will be a believable one!

Obets: Why do you worldbuild outside of roleplay?

Vostrov: Ahh, relative ease of freedom! So I am no stranger to RPs - whether be it in P2TM, or International Incidents, or any other forums, or even regional RPs. I am not the one to say something bad about them and in fact, I have had my fair share of being in any of these, or even tried! So here is the thing with my long-term project that is Valentine Z and the multiverse - I like doing it because it has more freedom, and I have a bit more thinking space for myself. I don't try to take something to extreme lengths and made it so unbelievable even by suspension of disbelief, but I also don't try to make it too grounded to reality. Again, I have nothing against realistic or very unusual RPs, just that I didn't really go that way. To me, Valentine Z is more than a world, and it is also a personal project with a personal touch, and thus is why I am proud to call myself more or less an independent worldbuilder - I acknowledge and have RPed with other nations before, but that is when we both acknowledge that there is such a thing as the multiverse, and that Valentine Z lived in another world where it got both Earth and Mars under her arms.

Going back to the question, again, I have tried worldbuilding in RPs, specifically once in this old (and my first) region called The Coalition of Governments (Earth is not in their canon, they used other planets), then North Pacific RP, then even FNR RP. Unfortunately, of the projects I did for their RPs were successful. I love these regions and what they have, and I love the idea of the planet they occupy changing territories and with so many events happening independently over the years (both ICly and OOCly) but again, it's not just for me. I love something that I can call mine, something that does not heavily rely on others, if that makes sense.

Obets: How do you worldbuild? What gives you inspiration, what resources do you use, etc?

Vostrov: Well, Valentine Z has quite a lot of inspirations! To quote my previous answer I got from elsewhere: So..... I first found out about NS back when I was in the other NS (National Service). As you can see, this nation was founded in 8 Nov 2015. I went with Valentine Z because I could not take "Valentine", which would only be available in 5 years (last year). So I chose Z because it was part of my name, and there was that with the name itself. Nothing too significant there. Over the months, I just answered issues first, then I got envy from other people's factbooks, and then as I was doing my service as a soldier / security guy in an army camp, an idea hatched about a world torn from the nuclear bombs, with a little suspension of disbelief here and there. The army was definitely an inspiration with the ranks of The Sixty, on top of a huge and long-running comic called Schlock Mercenary. That was quite a combo, even if I didn't draw a lot of inspiration from the latter. I just like the idea of a nation of peaceful and tall people, along with a small group of personnel that just makes it work through suspension of disbelief, and sheer goodwill. It's my own Bridge to Terabithia. Are things unrealistic at times? Oh, absolutely! I tore apart the realistic bits, like how Square-Cube Law doesn't affect the Valentians! Ultimately, it's just something that I really, really love doing, and I am honored to be supported by many here on this little corner of the internet. ‚ô•

In short, Forum 7 definitely helped a LOT with my journey. There were so many other forums, of course, but F7 came first and foremost for me. Even if most of the games were spammy, the friends that I have made there, on top of the valuable feedback I have gotten, made this nation into where it is at right now, and I would like to think that I became a better writer - relatively, of course. I am nowhere near the greats, but I like this little corner of the internet, and the characters that I have created! It is a hobby that has taken quite a form.

As for what I use, ahh... you can look at it here: nation=valentine_z/detail=factbook/id=1077078

It's both a way for me to cover my back even though I did this for free, BUT at the same time, to show that my inspirations were from many, MANY places.

Interview Ended

For this paragraph we interviewed well, me, Obets. I just recently quit the RP, mainly because it was terribly stressful and I wanted to do something more relaxing, which is worldbuilding by myself. I like worldbuilding by myself because I can do, well, anything. I love cartography which is something I could never pursue in my time with roleplay, but now, without the RP (and with upgraded photo editing software) I can make my own maps. Before I joined the RP I had made my own semi-realistic dreamland, and now I can expand on it, and I take comfort in having the ability to create and manage a whole world, even if it's made up. Worldbuilding should be something you create that makes you happy, there should be no limits, and it helps you express yourself.

N-Day Concludes
Crabs of the Apocalypse achieve a Flawless Victory
N-Day is Nationstates' annual event where nations organise themselves in factions and those factions nuke each other into oblivion. This Year's N-Day was pretty one-sided as the Crabs of the Apocalypse (CoTA) easily wiped out all its competitors with the sheer number of nations that they had. This N-Day was much less diversified than the last one, mostly because all the large regions decided to join the two mega-factions. The two mega-factions were the Crabs of the Apocalypse and The Potato Alliance. CoTA was led by regions like The West Pacific, The Pacific, Balder, United Kingdom, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Europeia, The Communist Bloc, The Internationale, the Social Liberal Union, and The Leftist Assembly among other regions. Horsemen of the Apocalypse faction from the last N-Day also merged with this faction making it the largest faction in the history of N-Day. The second largest faction was The Potato Alliance (TPA) that had half the number of nations that the CoTA had. The Potato Alliance was the only faction that had any chance of competing against the CoTA. The Potato Alliance was led by regions like The East Pacific, The South Pacific, Thaecia, The Free Nations Region, Spiritus, The League, 10000 Islands, Europe, Fylkirvegr, Democratic Socialist Assembly, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The North Pacific, Forest, The Rejected Realms and The Union of Democratic States among other regions.

The N-Day started with TPA and CoTA dominating the landscape and wiping out all the smaller factions. The third largest faction of this N-Day, The Catgirl Hivemind got destroyed by the joint attack of TPA and CoTA. TPA avoided any attack from the CoTA during the first 12 hours of N-Day because of a Mutual Defense Pact signed between both factions. The Pact mentions that The Mutual Defense Pact will change into a Non-Aggression Pact after 12 hours and If one of the factions wishes to attack the other they will have to submit a notice 2 hours prior to the attack. TPA decided to submit the notice immediately after the expiration of the Mutual Defense Pact realising that a war with CoTA was inevitable at that point. 14 hours into the N-Day TPA and CoTA engaged in an epic showdown. TPA even managed to penetrate the shield wall of CoTA which initially looked impenetrable and inflicted some radiation on them. However, TPA's success ended there as CoTA retaliated with a barrage of nuclear missiles that went past TPA's defenses and in a matter of 60 minutes TPA was destroyed by CoTA. CoTA didn't stop there as they created 10 more puppet factions and elevated them to top 10 in the leaderboards to show their dominance in this year's N-Day.

In Other News....
Thaecia's Treaties and Europeia's New President

Thaecia has signed two new Treaties with Balder and the League. The treaty signed with the Balder is called the "Treaty of the Cross and the Crow" and the Treaty with the League is known as the "Treaty of Sarpedos". According to the posts made by the Prime Minister of Thaecia Xernon the treaty with Balder codified "a diplomatic, cultural and military relationship." and the Treaty with the League "solidifies a partnership that has been grounded in military, diplomatic, and WA cooperation.".

Europeia elected Lime as their new President after a highly competitive elections. The Elections went on to the run-off round after no candidates managed to get more than 50% of the vote. The Run-off round was also tied between Lime and Lloenflys. The results finally came after Lime was confirmed as the President by the Senate with a narrow 3-2 vote.

Interested in Writing Articles for the Free Nations Herald?
Contact Obets via telegram or Discord (Obetsball#9215) and submit your articles, art work, poetry, interviews, short stories or opinion pieces.
Read dispatch

Saturday, November 13, 2021

The Age of Sparsosaurus begins yet again
Sparsdan wins the Presidential Elections

The General Elections of the Free Nations Region concluded as Sparsdan won the Presidential Elections with a whopping 27 (79.41%) Votes. This will be Sparsdan's second non-consecutive term as the President. Sparsdan's election manifesto included
  • Finishing the Free Nations University project that was started by President Doctors Orvos.

  • Reviving the Debate club, daily questions, games & music.

  • Establishing an Events Committee dedicated to helping in Regional and Interregional Festivities

  • Monthly Recruitment Tournaments

  • Appointing an "Editor-in-chief" for the Free Nations Herald.

The then Deputy Minister of Defense Burgertopian Empire ran against Sparsdan with a campaign to turn FNR into a Burgertopian Paradise where everyone gets free burgers on a daily basis. Burgertopian Empire also promised to give special attention to the FNDA by actively recruiting for it. Burgertopian Empire got 6 (17.65%) Votes in the elections. While 1 Citizen abstained from Voting.

In his first speech of this term, Sparsdan appointed South Asians and Castenor as Presidential Advisors. He also nominated Alternamerica in the Supreme Court. Alternamerica was confirmed as a Judge by the Citizens' Assembly with 25 Aye Votes, 4 Nay Votes and 4 Abstain Votes.

Gufand won another election as the Speaker of the Free Nations Region in an emphatic fashion. Gufand got 24 (70.59%) Votes while his opponent Alicetopia managed to get 8 (23.53%) Votes. 2 Citizens abstained from Voting. This will be Gufand's Fourth Consecutive Term as the Speaker of the Citizens' Assembly. Gufand's Election Manifesto included releasing monthly legislative reports and finishing the Free Nations Legislative Code.

Spooktacular End of Term Party
Award Ceremony, Games and Ghostbusters

FNR's Spooktober Themed Flag
As Orvos' successful Presidential Term comes to an end, The entire Free Nations Region and some of our foreign friends celebrated his success with an End of Term Party. The Party was hosted by Vice President South Asians. The Event started with President Orvos announcing the recipients of the Presidential Cross of Outstanding Excellence and Dedication. The Presidential Cross is awarded by the President and the Vice President to the members of the government who have excelled in their respective departments during their term. This term's recipients of the Presidential Cross were as follows-

After the conclusion of the Award Ceremony, Event Guests played various game modes of Gartic Phone. The event ended with a watch party where Event Guests watched the Ghostbusters (1984).

The Z-Day Mayhem
The Free Nations Legionnaires Destroys the Zombie Rebellion

The Free Nations Legionnaires Flag
Every year around the time of Halloween, Nationstates celebrates the Z-Day Event. Z-Day is 36 hours of complete chaos where every Nation's population starts turning into zombies. Nation's have their own choice whether they want to kill the zombies, cure them or embrace the hoard and infect other nations at a faster rate.

The Free Nations Region chose to embrace the hoard of zombies during last year's Z-Day with a Mongol Empire theme.

This year, The Free Nations Region decided to exterminate all the zombies as decided in this poll. Former President Orvos ordered this year's Z-Day theme to be Roman during the last days of his Presidential Term. Consuls Heaveria and Sparsdan jointly founded "The Free Nations Legionnaires" to tackle the zombies in a strategic manner and Praetor Castenor declared Zombiesm illegal within the realm. The Legions were led by Legatus Tigerania. Praefectus Doctors Orvos and Praefectus My Nation were joint field commanders of the legions while South Asians acted as the "Nauarchus" the commander of the Roman Navy.

The Event Started with Legionnaires led by Legatus Tigerania, Tribunus Apatosaurus ii and Primus Pilus Narvatus actively eliminating zombies from the larger nations. However, the Zombie population was growing rapidly and slowly overwhelming the incoming forces. 10 hours after the beginning of the Z-Day event Nauarchus South Asians launched a full-fledged naval attack on the Zombies. He decided to engage his naval forces one-by-one on nations according to their alphabetical order, mercilessly cleansing them off their Zombie Population along the way. He was assisted in his Quest by Tigerania, Tribunus Weatherwand and Quaestor Allinburg. Consul Sparsdan also decided to join his Legionnaires in the battlefield against the zombies and provided a morale boost to the Legionnaires. 19 hours into the Z-Day event and all the Zombies were completely exterminated from the Free Nations Region. The Glorious Legionnaires celebrated their victory by throwing a grand party and eventually went to sleep. 25 hours into the event the Zombies unexpectedly infiltrated Rome again in smaller numbers. However, their petty rebellion was soon vanquished by the Legionnaires as Centurio Gufand also joined the battle with 100 of his most exceptional warriors.

31 hours into the Event and the victory was in the grasps of the Legions. Legionnaires were relaxing in their luxurious baths thinking that the Zombies were gone. They heard a loud growl has a hoard of Zombies rushed towards them in unexpected large numbers. It was later revealed that Primus Pilus Narvatus got infected by the Zombie Virus while he was fighting against them. This caused the Zombies to reemerge. The Legionnaires didn't bow against this surprise attack, they decided to fight this battle till their last breath. They launched a full-on attack against the Zombies many lost their lives in this deadly final battle that lasted for a couple of hours.

In the end, only a few Legionnaires survived this war but the Zombie hordes were completely destroyed and peace was restored in the Glorious Roman Republic.
The Free Nations Region were ranked #44 in "Most Survivors + No Quarantine" and #54 in "Most Dead" in the Z-Day Leaderboards.


Ministerial Elections Concludes
South Asians and Dongerland secured 100% Votes
The Ministerial Elections ended in the Free Nations Region. There were only two contested positions- the Minister of Culture Affairs and the Minister of Immigration. Rest of the positions had a single candidate running.
Here are the full results of the elections:-

Results of the Minister of Internal Affairs Elections
South Asians: 100% (19)


Abstain: 0.00 % (0)

Results of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Elections

Quiameth: 78.95 % (15)


Abstain: 21.05 % (4)

Results of the Minister of Defense Elections

Burgertopian Empire: 89.47 % (17)


Abstain: 10.53 % (2)

Results of the Minister of Culture Elections

Doctors Orvos: 94.74 % (18)

Alicetopia: 5.26% (1)


Abstain: 0.00 % (0)

Results of the Minister of Immigration Elections

Northern celtic regions: 78.95 % (15)

Islan messh: 10.53% (2)


Abstain: 10.53% (2)

Results of the Roleplay Delegate Elections

Dongerland: 100.00% (6)


Abstain: 0.00% (0)

South Asians ran on a campaign to complete the Free Nations University project and Continue his work on the Free Nations University.

Northern Celtic Region promised to send recruitment telegrams to at least 120 nations every single day during his term. He also promised to hold monthly Recruitment Championships.

Doctors Orvos announced Stalengrave as his running mate in the Minister of Culture Elections and promised to hold Interregional Festivals, Game Sessions, Music Sessions, Questions of the Day, Community Events, Monthly Trivia, Reviving the writing room and start a DnD like character RP in the Free Nations Region in their election campaign.

Burgertopian Empire's plans included holding wargames and weekly training exercises for FNDA Agents. He also said he will conscript new members in the FNDA.

Dongerland and Quiameth didn't participate in any kind of public campaigns.

Training Liberation Successful
Liberation of Warzone Europe
Warzone Europe was successfully liberated as a part of a multilateral training exercise led by the League Defense Force with the assistance from Thaempirial Army, The Free Nations Defense Association, The South Pacific Special Forces and Royal Alvarez Militia.

RTF Commander, FNDA Special Agent and Former Minister of Defense Apatosaurus initially approached LDF Commander Quebecshire with the proposal to conduct a joint liberation op on Warzone Europe as the raiding coalition consisting of The North Pacific Army, The West Pacific Armed Forces, and The Black Hawks were occupying the warzone for the past four days. Raider's overconfidence that defenders won't liberate warzones made the operation much easier as no member of the defender coalition got ejected.

FNDA Personnels Involved
Special Agent South Asians
Special Agent Apatosaurus ii
Cadet Utkarsha

Allies Involved
League's Defense Force
Thaempirial Army
South Pacific Special Forces
Royal Alvarez Military

Liberations: 1

Massive Defender Coalition Crushes Griefing Raiders
Liberation of Trovons
All Records broke down as Defenders emerged victorious in a historic liberation that saw the participation of 115 liberators as opposed to 95 Raiders. This operation is regarded by some as the largest operation since the formation of the conventional R/D Gameplay.

Trovons is a region founded by Trovons aka Freedomanica. Freedomanica made the region's founder "non-executive". He later gave the reasoning behind this decision saying that he wanted to found a region where "democracy was often the national stereotype and was taken seriously especially when it came to the Delegacy as we are a gameplay-focused region...".

Raiders grabbed the opportunity with both hands and launched an invasion on Trovons. The Raiders were led by The Black Hawks, Lone Wolves United, Thaemperial Army and Lily. They were assisted in this invasion by other regions like Kantrias and Aurelius.

The Liberators commenced their siege efforts right away. The stakes were too high for the liberators as during their second siege attempt the Raiders banned Trovons, the native delegate who was assisting the defenders in an effort to liberate their region. The Raiders showed their intent to grief an unaligned Roleplay community just to prevent the liberators from winning. The actions of the raiders were widely condemned by the defender community in the Nationstates Gameplay Forums. One of the Organisations from the Invading Force the Thaempirial Army withdrew their forces from the operation due to an internal communication error. Thaecia's Minister of Defence consented for the griefing without reaching consensus with the rest of their military leadership.

After this incident, the defender faction decided to give their all to this operation. With commendable outreach work the defender community managed to put together a coalition of 24 organisations including the FNDA to liberate Trovons. Several regions who previously never participated in liberations came forward to assist the liberators in taking out the raiding forces from Trovons.

FNDA also showed their might by deploying a record-breaking 10 Agents throughout the course of this operation. Another Record that FNDA broke was the most number of Agents appearing in a single update by deploying 8 Agents during the final siege attempt that lead to the victory of the liberators. Minister of Defence Burgertopian Empire, RTF Commander Apatosaurus and Director South Asians played a vital role in the deployment of these Agents.

FNDA Personnels Involved
[FNDA] Special Agent South Asians
[FNDA] Operative Utkarsha
[FNDA] Operative Zazann
[FNDA] Cadet New Braveland
[FNDA] Cadet Stalengrave
[FNDA] Cadet Burgertopian Empire
[RTF] Agent Tigerania
[RTF] Agent Sielvenia

Other Liberating Forces Involved

00000 A World Power
10000 Islands
Anti-Fairy Pact
Dragon Knights of Aenaroth
European Union
The Free Nations Region
Imperial Japanese Navy
The League
The North Pacific
The Order of the Grey Wardens
The Region That Has No Big Banks
The Rejected Realms
The South Pacific
The Union of Democratic States
Warzone Asia
Warzone Sandbox
Assorted Mercenaries
Trovons Natives

Liberations: 1

Operation Pacifists of Tyranny Successful
Invasion of Army of Freedom
FNDA Agents and Anti-Fascist allies tasted victory against the Fash yet again as they mounted a successful invasion of the Army of Freedom. The Army of Freedom is the military region of the Republic of Conservative Nations, a region which is plagued by a myriad of OOC-Problematic Issues. The Region was initially raided by The Union Of Great Onionist Nations but they encountered resistance from Fascist Militants. Anti-Fascist allies gathered their troops within 4 hours and retaliated against the Fascists. After we retook the region from the Fash, Union Of Great Onionist Nations joined us to assist in piling efforts. This operation was named as the "Operation Pacifists of Tyranny" by Quebecshire, the antonym of the name of the region we raided.

FNDA Personnels Involved

Special Agent South Asians
Special Agent Apatosaurus ii
Operative Utkarsha

Pilers Involved: 7

[RTF] Officer Burgertopian Empire
[RTF] Agent Islan messh
[RTF] Agent Holzanien
[RTF] Agent Tigerania
[FNDA] Cadet New Braveland
[FNDA] Cadet The 14 Stars
[FNDA] Cadet Stalengrave

Allies Involved

The League's Defense Forces
Legio Pacifica
The Order of the Grey Wardens
Thaempirial Army
The West Pacific Armed Forces
and Mercenaries

Fash Bash: 1

The East Pacific Delegate Elections
Albrook Emerged Victorious

Flag of Albrook
Albrook was elected as the new Delegate of The East Pacific. 10 Citizens announced their candidacies for these elections out of which only 3 candidates ran serious campaigns. Those 3 Candidates were Ysg hermitcraft, Albrook and Eastern Alksearia. At the end Albrook won the elections by getting 50% of the votes. Aivintis who ran a joke campaign got 19% of the votes followed by Eastern Alksearia with 11% votes. The 7 other candidates got the remaining 20% votes. More information about this election can be found in the EPNS October Issue
The Liberty Gala 2021
Ikania wins DefenderVision

DefenferVision Logo
The annual Liberty Gala event concluded on a successful note. The Nine-Day long event had various .io games, Defender Wargames, Movie Watch Party and the DefenderVision song contest.

This year's DefenderVision song contest was won by Ikania with their entry Link"We didn't break the server"" that got 222 points. The song was based on Billy Joel's "We didn't Start the Fire" and the lyrics described a summarized version of the NSGP History. Ikania's entry also won the "Crowd Favorite Award".

The duo of Miravana and Fihami were the runner-ups with their submission Link"Somebody to Raid" that got 124 points. This song was based on The Queen's "Somebody to Love". The same song that they previously submitted in the RaiderVision as well. The lyrics describe the difficulties encountered by the raiders in finding somebody to raid. The lyrics also show how the raiders lament the criticisms that they receive for raiding.

The trio of Minskiev, Quebecshire and Bobberino won the third prize with their song Link"Coping Time" that got 118 points. Coping Time is a song dedicated to one of the most used words in the Nationstates Gameplay in recent times that's "cope". The song depicts the snarkiness shown in the Nationstates Gameplay community on a daily basis.

In Other News....
The West Pacific and Lone Wolves United signs a treaty

The "Treaty of Pirates' Den" was signed between The West Pacific and Lone Wolves United.
The treaty didn't come as a surprise because The West Pacific Armed Forces and Lone Wolves United are regularly participating in raids together for a long period of time. The Treaty covered a wide range of topics like Mutual Defense, Cultural Agreements, Diplomatic Relations, Intelligence and Military Cooperation.

Interested in Writing Articles for the Free Nations Herald?
Contact South Asians via telegram or Discord (Warrior#0528) and submit your articles, art work, poetry, interviews, short stories or opinion pieces.
Read dispatch

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Flag Contest Results
Obets wins in a close contest with Philmuza

Obets' Winning Entry
Deputy Minister of Culture Stalengrave organised a Flag Designing Contest. The submission period began on 4th November. The participants had 10 days to submit their flags. 3 Participants Submitted their Flags as the Voting Period began. It was a close contest between Obets and Philmuza with the former emerging victorious with 17 votes. Philmuza managed to get 14 votes on their flag. Ludviska came third with 7 votes.
Franconia-Chiremba Accords
The Free Nations Region and The League formalizes their relationship
The Franconia-Chiremba Accords were signed between the Free Nations Region and the Republic of the League. The Accords strengthened the historic relationship between the two defender regions. The Accords covered various topics like World Assembly Cooperation, Military Cooperation and Cultural Cooperation.

The Accords are signed during a time when the relationship between The League and the Free Nations Region is at its peak due to the Free Nations Defense Association and the League's Defense Force working together on 3 Military Operations in the past month alone. LDF and FNDA jointly participated in the record-breaking Liberation of Trovons, Liberation of Warzone Europe, the Raid and Eventual Refoundation of Army of Freedom. Both Regions are also members of the Partnership for Sovereignty.

The Accords were drafted by a joint committee consisting of representatives from both regions led by Consul Quebecshire and President Sparsdan. Director of Foreign Affairs Spode Humbled Minions and The League's Diplomat to FNR Amaan Land represented The League while the Free Nations Region was represented by Minister of Foreign Affairs Quiameth, FNR's Diplomat to the League Doctors Orvos, Presidential Advisors Castenor and South Asians. The Accords unanimously passed in the Council of the League and the Citizens' Assembly of the Free Nations Region.

The Accords were named Franconia-Chiremba based on Franconia- A City of Quebecshire in the The League's RP and Chiremba- The Capital City of Doctors Orvos in FNR's RP. The Name represents the active Roleplay Communities both the regions have.

Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with Somyrion
by- Apatosaurus ii
In this edition we will interview our first Chief Justice and the Chief Architect of our first Constitution, Somyrion. Somyrion has also made significant contributions in other regions including Lazarus, the South Pacific, Forest and the Union of Democratic States. They have also been recently commended by the Security Council through a resolution authored by Hulldom.
Here's our interview with Somyrion:-

Apatosaurus: How does it feel to be commended?

Somyrion: Thereís not really much feeling to ďbeing commendedĒ. Iím of course honored by and grateful for Hulldom/Boston Castleís efforts. A commendation by itself doesnít affect much, though ó itís satisfying to know that the things youíve worked on in the past are recognized, but itís also a reminder of the things you still want to do.

Apatosaurus: How did you join Nationstates?

Somyrion: I joined in March 2016. I had been doing a bit of worldbuilding-type stuff as a kid, and I think I searched ďcreate a countryĒ on Google, which led me to NS. I was pretty quiet for a few months, only answering issues, but eventually started interacting with others when my region, Forest, ran a flag design contest that I wanted to participate in. That was the first time I interacted with anyone online, I think. So Iíve definitely been raised by NS!

Apatosaurus: Who were your mentors during your time here in Nationstates?

Somyrion: I think the one person whoís definitely been a mentor to me is Roavin. He jumped into my first struggling attempt at a defender organization, Solidarity, taught me how the defender world worked, and guided my sometimes immature decision-making with a more reasoned hand. Later, I learned a lot about (and about how little I could manage) NS diplomacy when I worked with him in countering the Lazarus coup. In TSP, his legislative methods and way of engaging have always been an inspiration to me.
Part of what I like about NS, though, is that so many of the people you learn from are not necessarily mentors, but just friends or colleagues on one project or another. I think Iíve learned most here from collaborating on projects ó graphics and journalism with Llo in NST, themes and laws with Amerion in Lazarus and TSP, RL cultures and non-Western perspectives with Arumdaum from Tiandi. (And thatís just a very small set of examples.)

Apatosaurus: What's the biggest lesson that you learnt while playing Nationstates?

Somyrion: There are lots of things Iíve taken from NS ó how to form an argument, what it means to make promises and have to live up to them, how to decide what to care about and what not to, how to make requests and support friends. For someone who has a lot of their life behind them already, those kind of things may seem obvious and doing them on NS may seem to be just an application of skills they already have. But as someone who grew up on NS, I really believe that my in-game responsibilities were what allowed me to learn those important life lessons in the first place, and Iím thankful for that.
But if I had one lesson Iíve learned from NS that I think Iíd want other people to keep in mind, itíd be: whenever you can, float up into metaphorical orbit above the game and take a look at things from above. Step back and think about the dynamics of the situation youíre in, as if youíre an anthropologist or a historian. NS has taught me that instead of getting caught up in this or that petty dispute, I should think about what the fundamental misalignment is, and what perspectives are at play. This gameís communities are special because they incorporate members from practically everywhere with vastly different ages, traditions, and knowledge. Itís an amazing environment, and one that I think needs to be treasured.

Apatosaurus: Tell us about your experiences in the Free Nations Region.

Somyrion: Unfortunately my memory isnít too great, so I may not be able to reconstruct a clear history of my time in the FNR. I donít even quite remember why I joined, though broadly speaking it was because FNR ó at that time a pretty new region ó and its close associate the UDS were heavily involved with Solidarity. I helped out with several defender alliances that FNR started. Eventually, I somehow became a Justice in FNR, and tried pretty unsuccessfully to rein in what I saw as the ridiculous instability of the region at the time, where Crystalsummer would basically write new sets of laws or make other well-intentioned but unpredictable decisions every few weeks. There were lots of great people I met at the time, but also lots of people who caused massive headaches. Eventually I think I quit the region pretty suddenly after some kind of argument in which I gave up on the whole thing as hopeless. So really I was in and then out pretty quickly, and didnít have such a great opinion of the region for a while. I was glad to see things seem to turn out for the better in the past few years, with FNR becoming stable and sizable. Itís good to see that your predictions are wrong sometimes. Iím always surprised that people in FNR seem to know who I am, at least by name ó I didnít think my contributions were ever relatively meaningful or likely to last long.

In Other News...
New Editor in Chief of the Free Nations Herald

President Sparsdan nominated Apatosaurus as the Editor in Chief of the Free Nations Herald. The Nomination was later confirmed by the Citizens' Assembly in a vote organised by Speaker Gufand. 29 Citizens voter for this nomination while 1 Citizen abstained from voting.

The 10 Continents of Diyar
A brief description of all continents

On the Occasion of the first Anniversary of the FNR Roleplay, The RP Moderation Team gifted a new continent named "Fernost" to the RP Community. The Continent of Befasia was also expanded.

This wasnít the first time a new continent got added, during New Year 2021 Talvenne, the northernmost continent, also got added as a special surprise
But Fernost was the first time that the map size itself was expanded to make space for a new continent. The new continent will give new players more blank space to make their claims in the map.

Let's take a look at all the 10 Continents of the Diyar, The RP World of FNR.

Garalie Major Garalie Minor, the old continent

While Garalie Major and Garalie Minor are technically two different continents itís difficulty to talk about them as 2 different cultural and geopolitical places as they are closely interconnected and were considered 1 single continent until it was decided to be divided into 2 for geographical reasons, the Garalieís culturally are generally European with a bit of Middle Eastern plus a Thailandian nation (ChaiyaRach), the main cultural sub-divisions of the Garalieís are Sokratic-Latin (Hellenic/Greek and Latin/Roman inspired nations, Sokrat being the RP name for Greeks) comprising Orvos, Thespasia, Valid, Eluthania, Sokrat (the microstate), Parthanum, Efkades, Mercuriuss, and partially Minoriya and Dongerland, Verdeu and Dongerland, The Celtic cultural group, comprising Northern Celtic Regions, Southern Celtic Regions, Verdeu and Brittany (part of both Orvos and Northern Celtic Regions), and Germanic-Nordic, comprising Germany and Frisemark, talking about the cultural aspect of Garalie also extends over the actual geographical boundaries of the Garalieís, extending into most of North-west Storveld and even part of Delaia where the culturally-Garalien nation Thespasia has the great majority of itís territories in, where Dongerland eastern third of its mainland is in and where Makria, a Orvosian oversea territory bordering Thespasia, is in, as such the cultural area of Garalie extends over the entire Bizinki Sea, the two Garalieís, north-west Storveld and a bit of Central Delaia

Geopolitically the Garalieís comprise a large share of the most powerful, oldest, former colonizers and worldwide influential nations on the Diyar (the RP world), with Orvos being one of the two Superpowers of the RP world, Valid, Dongerland, Thespasia and Eluthania worldwide major powers, Northern Celtic Regions, Verdeu and Minoriya being respectively powerful medium powers and the other Superpower, The Russian Empire, having a small oversea territory in Garalie, there exist a Garalieís continent-wide defensive and economical alliance called ďThe Sovereign Garaveld RealmĒ (which despite the name implying it to be both a Garalien and Storvedian alliance at the moment it is actually comprised by nations who all have territory on Garalie) that comprise most of Garalie (Orvos, Northern Celtic Regions, Eluthania, Thespasia, Dongerland, Minoriya, Verdeu, Chaiyarach an the Sokrat Microstate), which include some of the most of the powerful nations on the continent, making it probably the most powerful formal alliance both on the Garalieís and Diyar as whole, others alliances and organizations in Garalie are the Chiremba League, the Organization of Free Nations and The Garalien Seas Trade Organization, various Garalien nations, namely Orvos, Northern Celtic Regions, Eluthania, Dongerland, Thespasia, also posses oversea territories around the whole Diyar, Garalie has always been one of the most geopolitically active continents.

Stats of Garalie Major

3,230,65 billion people (rough estimation)
133 trillion GDP (rough estimation)
Land Area:22,122,667 km≤

Stats of Garalie Minor

687,8 million people (rough estimation)
38,2 trillion GDP (rough estimation)
Land Area:11,373,243 km≤

Storveld, the giant Continent

Culturally most Storveldian nations are very different from one-another. There isnít much cultural cohesion on this continent except for North-West Storveld, which culturally is just a extension of the Garalien cultural zone, Storveld used to be the by far biggest continent before the introduction of Fernost, being larger than Dunia and Andere combined, geopolitically there isnít that much either, with Thespasia in the northĖwest and Kiamai in the south-west being major powers but the others nations on Storveld arenít particularly powerful. In recent times, a separatist movement in Aflela is being allegedly supported by Orvos and in Hakha a civil war just ended.

Stats of Storveld

5,284,93 Billion people (rough estimation)
195,7 trillion (rough estimation)
Land Area:65,424,261 km≤

Delaia, The Continent of Islands

If we go by RL definitions it wouldnít be really a continent, it is actually a large collection of islands north of Storveld, east of Garalie, west of Fernost and south of Talvenne, more like a Oceania, there isnít cultural cohesion here either, the biggest power on Delaia is Europan Union but limited by the fact that it is between Russia, a superpower, and the major powers of Garalie.

1,1468 billion people (rough estimation)
58,9 Trillion GDP (rough estimation)
18,381,419 km≤ of land area

Vetem, The Colonized Land

Vetem for most of the RP was the most inactive continent, for many months it was joked that nothing ever happens there, recently Vetem has become a continent victim of a modern day soft-colonization in which Quiameth sold most of itís port cities to various foreign powers from others far away continents, there are 9 ďOversea territoriesĒ on the continent, making it perhaps the RP Continent most colonized by others continents, the most active nations native to the continent, Philmuza and Quiameth, are respectively culturally Filipino and native Hawaiian, making at least most of the continent culturally pacific in relation to RL, the most powerful nation on Vetem is Philmuza by far, containing 45% of the entire land area of Vetem and over half of the GDP of the continent and almost half of its population

632 million people (rough estimation)
25,5 trillion GDP (rough estimation)
13,226,472 km≤ of land area

Andere, The Communist Continent

Andere has been a continent dominated by communism, in fact almost all the communist nations in the RP are on Andere, with 5 big communist nations on Andere and another large nation also aligned with them, these communist nations until recently where united under a communist interregional organization/alliance named the ULSR but recently there have been a split between the two dominant members of the alliance, Stalenkaya and Hyechon. Stalenkaya recently merged into the Russian Empire which led to Hyechon abandoning the ULSR and the others member states distancing themselves from it, basically making the ULSR a dead organization,

1,698 billion people (rough estimation)
66,3 trillion GDP (rough estimation)
25,443,348 km≤ land area

Dunia, Formerly the Land of Chaos

Once a continent full of instability and rogue totalitarian regimes, the most infamous being Exsorcial, a genocidal extremely totalitarian regime which ended up nuking themselves into oblivion, but it has become rather more stable relatively recently, there isnít much cultural cohesion on this continent either.

5,404 billion (rough estimation)
70,05 trillion (rough estimation)
35,342,818 km≤ of land area

Befasia, the cold wasteland

The southernmost continent, basically our Antarctica, since the very start of the RP various nations have laid claim to lands on the continent (the very first being Orvos) and two meetings about Befasia claims in Besigheid, Orvos happened.

Talvenne, the one nation continent

Well, not much can be said about the continent itself as it spans the Russian Empire, it is the smallest and northernmost continent and in the past the continent was plagued by the conflict between Russia and Lunnia (now western Russia) before the Russian Empire annexed Lunnia and reunified the continent.

GDP:42 or 43 trillion
8,757,623 km≤ land area

Fernost, The New Continent

And this brings us back to the starting point of this article, the new continent Fernost, so far not much has been established about or happened on Fernost yet but a economic organization centered around Fernost named ďThe Fernostian Economic UnionĒ has been formed, Fernost is the largest continent unless we count Garalie Major and Storveld as 1 supercontinent

350 million people (rough estimation)
19,070 trillion GDP (rough estimation)
81,944,170 km≤ land area

Liberation of the New Order Last Days of Europe
Defenders win despite Game Glitches
Raiders led by the Lone Wolves United along with The Black Hawks, Kantrias, The West Pacific Armed Forces, Caer Sidi and Lily raided a region called The New Order Last Days of Europe. That Region also has a non-executive Founder just like Trovons had when it was raided. Defenders attempted to liberate the region during the following minor update. However, Despite virtually winning the battle by having more endorsements than the raider delegate the game glitched and the raiders retained control over the region for another update. Despite Raiders' best piling efforts and the extended time that they got because of the glitch, Defenders showed their dominance by easily liberating the region during the next major update.

FNDA Personnels Involved:

Special Agent South Asians
Special Agent Apatosaurus
Cadet New Braveland
Cadet Stalengrave
Task Force Officer Burgertopian Empire
Task Force Agent Tigerania

Allied Forces Involved:

Anti Fairy Pact
00000 A World Power
10000 Islands
The Region that has no Big Banks
The East Pacific
European Union
The Free Nations Region
The League
The Rejected Realms
The South Pacific
The Union of Democratic States
Warzone Sandbox

Region Liberated: 1


2021 Christmas Charity Fundraiser
Games, Movies, Music, Streaming and Loads of Fun!!!
The Nationstates Community has announced the 2021 Christmas Fundraiser. Every Major Region in the Nationstates Community is participating in this event including the Free Nations Region. This year's fundraiser is organised by a committee led by Wymondham. Other Members of the Organising Committee are Aynia Moreaux, Dakota vytherov, Evil Mother, Phoenix Coalition and Witchcraft and Sorcery.

Regions who are involved in this Fundraiser will be organising various game nights, movie nights, music nights and streams in support of this Fundraiser. The Free Nations Region is holding a music night on 22nd December in 4 PM EST. You can find more information about this event by clicking here.

Here's the link to donate to the Charity Fundraiser:-

All Funds go Directly to the Noble Peace Prize winning organisation named "Mťdecins Sans FrontiŤres". It is an international NGO headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The organisation carries out relief work in areas affected by wars, natural disasters and epidemics. The organisation helps everyone irrespective of race, religion, creed or anything else.

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Free Nations University
The Way of Light, The Way of Freedom

Obets' Winning Entry
On 31st December 2021, The Free Nations University Project finally got completed after 4 months of hardwork from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The University was officially inaugurated on 31st December, 2021. The University currently teaches Science, Humanities, Social Studies, Vexillology, Worldbuilding, Military Gameplay and Regional Government Leadership.

An interview panel was formed to appoint the faculty members of the university. The Finalized List of Faculty Members are as follows:-

  • Military Gameplay Professor Apatosaurus ii

  • Vexillology Professor Castenor

  • Worldbuilding Professor:- Obets

  • Science Professor:- Weatherwand
    Social Science Professor:- Thespasia
    Humanities Professor:- Sparsdan
    NS Government Leadership Professor:- Heaveria

The Free Nations University is an experiment by the Free Nations Region Government which is inspired by the University of the East Pacific (UTEP). Former UTEP Chancellor New Leganes and Current Chancellor Aivintis extensively helped in the foundation of this university. The Free Nations University's goal is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between experienced players and newcomers as well as increasing their understanding of real-life subjects. The University's motto is "Via Lucis, Via Libertas" which is latin for "The Way of Light, The Way of Freedom".

The Gemini Covenant
UDS-FNR rekindled their Relationship
The Government of The Union of Democratic States and The Free Nations Region have signed the Gemini Covenant. The treaty reinvigorated the relationship between both regions. A statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the treaty can be found in the official forum thread of the Free Nations Region.
Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with Heaveria
by- Gufand
In this edition we will interview our Founder and a Justice in the FNR Supreme Court, Heaveria. Heaveria is a Former President of the Free Nations Region. Heaveria has also held positions as a Justice in the Union of Democratic States and he has also been the leader of the now-defunct International Trade and Defense Association (ITDA).
Here's our interview with Heaveria:-

Gufand: How's your experience so far as the Founder of the Free Nations Region and Chief Administrator of the FNR Discord Server?

Heaveria: I still donít believe it. My reality still has not grasped that I have been the founder of the Free Nations Region for nearly two years. Iím far from solely responsible, but weíve grown and evolved so much over the last years. Weíve tackled crises together and have become a more interlocked community. I adore what weíve been able to continue building. Unfortunately, with my new real life schedule, my involvement is more sidelined. But I hope to continue serving as both your Chief Admin/Mod and Founder.

Gufand: You've held almost every position there's in the Free Nations Region Government. What are your future plans in FNR?

Heaveria: Due to big changes in my life and adjusting to university Iíve taken a more sidelined approach. With the Founder being ceremonial, I enjoy continuing to serve in that capacity and be a positive symbol for the region. I see myself continuing to be a moderator, but Iíd like to see more inspiration in that department in terms of codifying, open communication, and encouraging an even safer and more qualitative environment.

Honestly, Iím still figuring things out myself. Iím adjusting my work-life balance as I explore college and the new opportunities in real life. That also means I need to accept reality Ė I just wonít be able to dedicate time to a position like President. As much as Iíd like to be able to prioritize NationStates a bit more again and seek more influential positions, I need to choose where I can realistically dedicate time. The most proactive positions I currently reside in are Justice and Professor. Thereís still a lot of work to be done in the Free Nations University and I hope that as a Professor I can shape what FNU becomes. Otherwise, I hope to provide my legislative abilities to the region and serve in the current capacities that I am. Life has phases, and my time commitment will vary with those phases.

Gufand: What do you think the Free Nations Region community would look like in the next 5 years?

Heaveria: We have fought hard for what we have built. I see no reason why that should end anytime soon. We will continue to face hardships moving forward. 5 years is a long time and a lot changes in all of our lives. The region will be shaped by new players that come and our ability to give them the opportunity to become leaders. If we can nurture a flourishing community with quality, then I expect us to keep going. Perhaps our focus will change overtime. Itís hard to judge whether the future generation of FNR will be more focused on government, role playing, more interested in community activities, R/D, and so forth. I have seen us go through all aforementioned phases and each one is beautiful in its own way. Eitherway, what matters is that we keep going and we do our best to create an atmosphere with opportunity and kindness. Ultimately, that is what is needed for our foundational success. Nonetheless, Iím also curious to see where everyone ends up in their life. In 5 years, most of our current community would be classified as ďadultsĒ and it's amazing to see everyone mature and take on new steps in their life.

Gufand: Who do you consider your mentor in Nationstates and Why?

Heaveria: I consider mentorship to be much more fluid. Iíve grown to who I am not because of one person, but the culmination of influences in both real life and on NationStates. When I started playing NationStates 5 years ago, a whole different set of people mentored me than do today. The Glorious Hypetrain was a big influence on my R/D career in the early game, but so was South Asians later on. Amerion was an inspiration and guided me in my first NationStates judicial system. The Noble Thatcherites helped me gain interregional opportunities and gain different perspectives. Lately, I have Sparsdan to thank for personal growth and different perspectives. But there are too many mentors to be mentioned. You know who you are and I am forever grateful. We really do impact other people's lives here Ė sometimes you can even create friendships.

Gufand: How did you start playing Nationstates and What makes this game interesting to you?

Heaveria: I was just a young boy 5 years ago interested in politics and running my own nation. Itís through a quick Google search that I stumbled upon NationStates. I never accomplished much in my first few nations as I wasnít aware of the immense communities out there beyond just the RMB. Eventually, I gave NationStates another shot and was taken in and helped by kind people on Discord. Unfortunately, drama ensued quickly. Nonetheless, that gave the opportunity to have a voice, fill a new vacuum, and immediately learn a lot more about interregional politics. Iíve spent lots of time in many regions pursuing a wide range of positions. My desire for playing NationStates has evolved over the years. Early on, I was hyperfocused on politics and roleplaying the bureaucratic aspects of the game. Now I have come to value the communities that are built. In my eyes, NationStates is just a meta term for a platform where many diverse interests and gameplay styles sprout from a community of people.

Liberation of China
Workers of the World crushes the 1%

The Dragon Badge
On the Major Update of December 19th, Raiders invaded China to celebrate festivities. However, The Agents of the Revolution (defenders) struck back at them and successfully liberated China after assembling the largest turnout this year with a total of 155 liberators surpassing the Trovons Liberation.

FNDA's Agents actively participated in this effort by registering its second best turnout in history as Nine FNDA Agents Participated throughout the operation. All FNDA Personnels participating in the liberation were awarded the "Dragon Badge".

FNDA Personnels Involved:-
Special Agent South Asians
Special Agent Apatosaurus
Special Agent Heaveria
Operative Zazann
Operative Utkarsha
Cadet Aeoooya
Cadet South zazonn
Cadet New Braveland

RTF Personnels Involved:-
Agent Hellerio

Allied Militaries Involved:-
00000 A World Power
Ten Thousand
The Region With No Big Banks
The East Pacific
European Union
The League
The South Pacific
The Order of the Grey Wardens
The Union of Democratic States
Warzone Europe
Warzone Sandbox

Liberation: 1

The Stargate Scandal
Defenses of Japan and Warzone Sandbox
On the Major Update of 28th December, 2021 The Lone Wolves United and the Black Hawks made an unsuccessful attempt to raid Japan and Warzone Sandbox. Their attempts were thwarted by defenders. However, these raid attempts didn't get as much traction as the Raider's strategy to misguide raiders by faking a raid in Stargate. During the update some of the raiders moved in Stargate with their World Assembly Nations to make defenders believe that they were gonna raid Stargate. The Defenders moved in Stargate and inadvertently displaced the native delegate of Stargate. The Defenders however helped Stargate's native delegate regain their delegacy in the subsequent update. Stargate is a treaty ally of The North Pacific and a neutral RP region. Using Stargate as a venue for R/D Gameplay didn't bode well for the Raiders. The North Pacific Delegate Madjack issued a statement condemning the decisions of Lone Wolves United and The Black Hawks. He further announced the closure of embassies with Lone Wolves United. He also effectively ended their long partnership with the Black Hawks and the Lone Wolves United.

Overseer of Blade Corps in the Black Hawks and the Leader of this Operation Miravana later claimed in the NSGP Forums that he "wasn't aware" about the significance of Stargate at the time of giving orders and He doesn't consider Thorning as an offensive action. Nevertheless because of their actions the Raiders have lost an old and invaluable ally in the form of the North Pacific.

FNDA Personnels Involved:

Special Agent Apatosaurus
Cadet Aeoooya

Allied Militaries Involved:
The Order of the Grey Wardens
The League
The South Pacific
The Union of Democratic States

Defenses: 2

Siege of A Liberal Haven
Defender Numbers too hot to handle for the Website

During the Major Update of 2nd January, Raiders snuck in and raided a two decade old passworded region called A Liberal Haven. The risk of raiders griefing this region was high because of its small population of only 20 nations. That's why a Liberation proposal drafted by Emodea passed in the security council to disable the password protection from the region.

During the Major Update of 7th January, After the Security Council Resolution passed the defenders finally began their efforts of liberating the region. 5 days were passed since the invasion and the raiders accumulated almost 150 endorsements in their delegate making this a very daunting task for the defenders. However, the defenders refused to bow down. The Conscription Process began in several regions including the FNR. Many Civilians came forward just to participate in this one operation. The operation ran for two days and four game updates. However, the operation ended unsuccessfully because the site became unstable multiple times due to a large number of people jumping at the same time. Overall nearly 250 Liberators participated in this operation making this one of the largest operation in R/D history.

FNDA broke overall update turnout records as 17 personnels participated in this operation. FNDA also broke their single-update turnout record as 10 FNDA personnels were present during the minor update on 8th January.

FNDA Personnels Involved:

Special Agent South Asians
Special Agent Apatosaurus
Operative Utkarsha
Operative Zazann
Cadet South zazonn
Cadet Nathan
Cadet Aeoooya
Cadet Great agnostic
Cadet Sparsdan
Cadet Weatherwand
Cadet Apalasa
Cadet New Braveland

RTF Personnels Involved:

Agent Consent

FNR Civilians Involved:

Civilian Edstour frons
Civilian Pahlavishan
Civilian Atlantic republic
Civilian Komodo-timor

Allied Militaries Involved:

00000 A World Power
Anti-Fairy Pact
Dragon Kings of Aenorith
The East Pacific
The League
The Region That Has No Big Banks
The Rejected Realms
The South Pacific
10000 Islands
Thaempirial Army
The Union of Democratic States
Warzone Asia
Warzone Europe
Warzone Sandbox

Siege: 1

Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends
Ravenclaw wins the House Cup
The Annual Harry Potter and Festival of Friends Event was organized successfully this year as Ravenclaw wins the House Cup with a whopping 2096 points. Hufflepuff was the runner-up with 1505 points. Slytherin and Gryffindor came 3rd and 4th with 1356 points and 375 points respectively.

The whole event was organized in a discord server. There were various events in this festival like the Yule-Ball Roleplay, Meme Contest, Writing Contest and Harry Potter Movie Nights. The participants also competed in Muggle Games like,, Chess and Gartic Phone. There was also an Owlery channel where the attendees sent letters to their friends about their heartfelt experiences with them in the past year.

The event was organized by The East Pacific, The South Pacific, 10000 Islands and the Rejected Realms alongside various independent organizers.

In Other News...
MadJack's reelection as TNP Delegate, TWP's New Delegate and the Collectivist Comrades Pact

Madjack got reelected as the Delegate of the North Pacific with a landslide victory in the General Elections. Kastonvia and PotatoFarmers also retained their positions as the Vice Delegate and Speaker respectively. The most exciting contest in these elections was the Vice Delegate Election in which Kastonvia narrowly defeated Gorundu by 7 Votes.

Dilber's 14 month-long delegate term concluded as he announced Giovanniland as his successor. Dilber served the longest term as the Delegate of the West Pacific.

The Communist Bloc and The Pacific (New Pacific Order) signed the Collectivist Comrades Pact. The passage of the treaty will be annually celebrated in both the regions on 3rd January. This treaty also encourages Military Cooperation between both the signatories as long as "the operation does not contradict the military policy, tradition, or ideology of the other party.". The treaty also focuses on World Assembly Cooperation and Intel-sharing.

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

New World Assembly Delegate and Speaker elected in the General Elections
Sparsdan reelected as President
Apatosaurus ii and Thaelle were elected as the World Assembly Delegate and Speaker in the January General Elections. While Sparsdan became the first President to be elected for two consecutive terms in the Free Nations Region history.

Apatosaurus promised to complete the work on the World Assembly Department. He also promised to release recommendations for General Assembly and Security Council resolutions while conducting votes and debates on World Assembly resolution that would decide how the delegate would vote in the World Assembly.

Thaelle's campaign for Speaker Election revolved around his past work in the legislative assembly and all the legislative reforms that he undertook before. He claimed that he is fully capable of serving as the Speaker.

Sparsdan's reelection campaign mostly mentioned all his accomplishments during his past month. Whether it was the new interregional Minecraft Server or the Free Nations University or the treaties he signed with prominent regions like The League and the Union of Democratic States. He said he would expand on the University during his second term. Sparsdan also announced his running mate this time around- Former FNR Supreme Court Justice Weatherwand

All the positions in these General Elections were uncontested. Here are the Results:-


Winner in bold

Sparsdan | 18 Votes - 94.74 %

Abstain | 1 Vote - 5.26 %


Winner in bold

Apatosaurus II | 16 Votes - 84.21 %

Abstain | 3 Votes - 15.79 %


Winner in bold

Thaelle | 18 Votes - 94.74 %

Abstain | 1 Vote - 5.26 %

The Ministerial Elections
Two Cabinet Vacancies remain at the end
The January Ministerial Elections concluded on the 31st January. Only two elections were contested that were Roleplay Delegate and the Minister of Defense Elections while Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Culture elections were uncontested. No one participated in the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Immigration elections.

Here are the results:-


South Asians: 100 % (17)


Abstain: 0.00 % (0)


Stalengrave: 64.71 % (11)


Abstain: 35.29 % (6)


Chinese USSR: 17.65 % (3)

Burgertopian Empire: 64.71 % (11)


Abstain: 17.65 % (3)


Dongerland: 33.33 % (3)

Europan Union: 55.56% (5)


Abstain: 11.11 % (1)

Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with Tigerania
In this edition we are interviewing Tigerania the former Chief Justice of the Free Nations Region. Tigerania is a long-standing member of the Free Nations Region community. Tigerania is one of the only three members (the others being Narvatus and Vostrov) who have continuously held the FNR Citizenship for the past 4 years. He is also a part of the Moderation Team and the Tech Administrator of the Free Nations Region. He has created our Regional Discord Bot named "Cyborgian States" and He has also contributed in the military applications used by the Free Nations Defense Association. He is also an Agent in the Reserve Task Force. He has been awarded the Founder's Medal of Freedom twice for his invaluable contribution to FNR.

South Asians: Looking back at the Free Nations Region during the time when you joined it and comparing it with the Free Nations Region of today, What differences have you seen between them?


  • Election Reform in 2019

  • New Constitution,

  • Entire Roleplay Thing,

  • Founder Transition.

  • Broader Acceptance in the Whole NS Community since then.

  • More interregional Events,

  • [The region] died like twice, Got revived twice with help of our bot

In no particular order though.

South Asians: What made you continuously stay with the FNR for so long, especially during the chaotic times?
You have held the FNR Citizenship continuously for the past 4 years which is the second longest overall.

Tigerania: At first it was kinda lazyness. But after we started reviving it, i got more and more attached to it. So i developed kind of a loyalty for FNR. And i will likely stay here as long as the region exists / i keep "playing" the game.

South Asians: What improvements would you like to see in the region in the future?

Tigerania: Growth, More activity. More useful tooling. A more fun experience. And further progress in interacting with other regions etc.

South Asians: What do you like the most about coding? Tell us about your journey as the Technical Administrator of the Free Nations Region.

Tigerania: Creative problem solving. I'm actual not really an administrator but from my RL work as software engineer. I do have a bit of experience in that. Nothing too complicated hosting and maintaining a few services and our bot.

South Asians: What are your future plans as the Technical Administrator of the Free Nations Region?

Tigerania: Keep Improving and Extending the services we already have. And on long term developing more services where reasonable to automate or ease processes where a lot of manual effort is involved. Or where the broader community can benefit from.

Operations Report

FNDA Personnels Involved:-
Special Agent South Asians
Operative Utkarsha
Cadet Aeoooya
Cadet Nathan
Cadet Sparsdan
Cadet Weatherwand

RTF Personnels Involved:-
Task Force Agent Tigerania
Task Force Agent Consent
Task Force Agent Holzanien

Another Fash Bites the Dust
Fash Bash in Christian Germania
In a raid organized by the NS Antifa, the Free Nations Defense Association and its Anti-Fascist allies have successfully invaded and destroyed another region affiliated to fascist beliefs named Christian Germania.

Seven FNDA Personnels participated in this invasion including 3 Agents from the Reserve Task Force.

FNDA Personnels Involved:

Special Agent South Asians
Operative Utkarsha
Cadet Weatherwand
Cadet New Braveland

RTF Personnels Involved:

Agent Tigerania
Agent Holzanien
Agent Consent

Allied Militaries Involved:

Legio Pacifica
The Red Fleet
South Pacific Special Forces
Europeian Republic Navy
Thaempirial Army
League's Defense Forces
Korean People's Army
Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army
The Black Hawks
The MT Army

Fash Bash: 1

the South Pacific signs a treaty with Balder
The Pact of the Center of the Earth
In a major development, The South Pacific and Balder have signed "The Pact of the Center of the Earth". This is a major breakthrough in Raider-Defender relations in recent times as a raider-leaning region and a defender-leaning region have put aside their historical differences and signed this agreement. This was Balder's first treaty with a defender region. Both parties have officially signed a Non-Agression Pact and established on-site embassies with each other. Both regions also mutually recognised their respective sovereign governments.

This treaty along with some of the recent actions taken by the Balderan Government including the deployment of their regional military "Jomsvikings" in Libcord operations and the treaties signed with Thaecia and Europeia indicates the growth of liberalization in their foreign policies thanks to the efforts made by Crown Prince Fuzzy and Statsminister Kazaman.

The North Pacific announces their military alignment
Chooses a Defender-Leaning stance
On January 27th, TNP Delegate Madjack announced the change in The North Pacific's alignment in the R/D Gameplay to a defender-leaning stance. The North Pacific will collaborate with the Defenders from now on. Madjack acknowledged the diverse range of regions present in the Defender sphere and explained TNP's own stance on Defending. TNP will continue participating in offensive operations like Quorum Raiding and Invasions against "fascists, Nazi disruptors, and OOC problematic regions" while regularly collaborating with the Defenders in Libcord.

Madjack has also raised several other points in his statement that contributed towards The North Pacific's decision to align with the defenders including the prevalence of defender culture through Nationstates Gameplay, less activity in tag-raiding, less number of active raiding The North Pacific's ailing relations with some prominent raiding organizations especially after the Stargate Scandal.

It will be interesting to see how the North Pacific fares as a defender region. However, the defender sphere will definitely benefit a lot with the inclusion of the largest region in its ranks.

In Other News...
Termination of the Seashell Accords

The South Pacific ended their four-year old treaty with the Conch Kingdom. The treaty was terminated on a peaceful note as both the signatories noted that their relationship wasn't beneficial to either of them since the beginning and that's why they mutually agreed to part ways. However, the embassy between the South Pacific and Conch Kingdom will remain.

Oyussa wins the URA Presidential Elections

Oyussa wins the URA Presidential Elections as the URA January Elections comes to a close. Oyussa won these elections by gaining 76 votes as opposed to their opponent Noble Titans who got 36 votes. Noble Titans' low vote share can be attributed to their sudden departure from Nationstates in the midst of the Elections. The complete elections results can be found here.

The Brotherhood of Malice and Sekhmet Legion are back

The Brotherhood of Malice is back from the dead alongside the regional military of Osiris called the "Sekhmet Legion''. They announced their revival in the R/D Gameplay by participating in a tag run alongside The Black Hawks on the Major Update of 29th January. They managed to tag 16 regions in the update.

Common-Sense Politics elected as the President of Europeia

Common-Sense Politics along with his running mate Writinglegend won by a landslide of 70% votes in the first Europeian Presidential Elections of 2022. Both CSP and Writinglegend have immense experience in leading the Europeian Government. This is CSP's fifth term as the President and Writinglegend will be serving as the Vice President for a third term.

Sarah appointed as the Statsminister of Balder

Former Rejected Realms Delegate Sarah aka A Leaf on the Wind is appointed as the Statsminister of Balder. Sarah is replacing Kazaman who served as the Statsminister for a period of 3 months. Kazaman will continue to assist Sarah as her Deputy.

PenguinPies elected unopposed as TSP Delegate

PenguinPies got elected as the Delegate of the South Pacific in the recently concluded elections. She ran unopposed in these elections and managed to garner 88.24% votes in the first round votes and 55.52% votes in the second round.

TSP Ministerial Elections

Ministerial Elections also happened in the South Pacific in which HumanSanity got reelected as the Prime Minister. The results of those elections can be found Linkhere.

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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Historic Vote of No Confidence at the Legislative Assembly
Stalengrave and Lux Lumen removed from the Cabinet
In an unprecedented vote in the FNR Legislative Assembly, Minister of Culture Stalengrave and Deputy Minister of Culture Lux lumen were removed from their respective cabinet positions.

RP Moderator and Citizen Dongerland proposed to hold a VoNC against Stalengrave and Lux Lumen. The law states that five citizens must second a VoNC proposal for the vote to happen in the legislative assembly. Dongerland's proposal was seconded by 11 citizens. This prompted Speaker Thaelle to start the vote.

As a result of the VoNC, both Stalengrave and Lux Lumen were recalled. Stalengrave was removed from the cabinet by 14 voters, while 17 citizens abstained from voting and 2 citizens voted against it. Lux Lumen garnered 15 votes in favor of their removal and 3 votes against it, while 20 citizens abstained.

The lethargy and ineffectiveness of Stalengrave and Lux Lumen in running the Culture Ministry is regarded to be the reason behind this VoNC.

Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with Emaha
In this edition, we speak with Emaha. Emaha presently serves on the FNR Supreme Court as a Justice. He formerly worked as an OOC Administrator and an Immigration Minister. Emaha received the Founder's Medal of Freedom for publishing the "Today in History'' piece on the FNR Regional Message Board on a regular basis.

South Asians: What's the greatest lesson that Nationstates has taught you?

Emaha: Hm, I think the greatest lesson that NationStates has taught me is that when good people come together they can make great things happen. I'm not talking about accomplishments that change the world or will be rememberd in centuries. But the little things. Such as creating a a fun community, like FNR. That's truly something special if you think about it. A region on NS is like home, a place to chat, to do stupid but fun stuff, to learn, to discuss and to put real effort into if you want.

South Asians: How was your experience working in the government of Thaecia?

Emaha: It was a rather short stint, from July 2021 to the end of October. I served as Minister of Communications which was a new position at the time. I'd describe it as a fulfilling duty that also broadened my horizon as I had never before served in any other regional government than FNR's. I left some lasting legacy in Thaecia which makes me happy but I must also admit that I fell short of achieving all of my goals. Due to lack of time and my work in FNR I resigned from the position a few weeks before the term ended. Still, I am glad that I could serve Thaecia, a region that feels like a second home to me.

South Asians: What's the greatest lesson that Nationstates has taught you?

Emaha: Meeting new and interesting people that I would have otherwise never encountered. It really enriches my life.

South Asians: You have been regularly posting the "Today in History" segment in the FNR Regional Message Board for a very long period of time. Share us your experience working on this segment. How do you manage to post these regularly while dealing with rl commitments?

Emaha: That's true. I'd say that the Today in History has kinda become a little passion project for me. It's fun to look for topics, I also like to sometimes ask others to share their opinions on which topic to select if there are multiple candidates. Creating the posts takes a varying amount of time.
It can be as little as a few minutes, which also explains why I'm able to post them every day with only a handful of exceptions over the past 1.5 years. I can adjust how much effort I put in. If I really dig into a hard topic the process can also take as much as over an hour. That happens. So I read more, sometimes a lot more, then what ends up in the post. It can be challenging to summarise a difficult topic in a nuanced way, but it's also very satisfying.

South Asians: You have held various positions in the Free Nations Region. You have been a Cabinet Minister, a Justice in the Supreme Court and an OOC Moderator in the Discord Server. So what would you like to do next in the Free Nations Region?

Emaha: Honestly I don't have any great ambitions (except the coup... did I say that out loud again?). So... I guess I'll just continue being a Justice since it's mostly a laid-back position. I ask everyone to refrain from breaking the law so it stays that way :)

Brotherhood of Malice and Co destroyed The Mystical Council
The Largest Raid in the history of Nationstates
Flag of the Mystical Council
The Raiders, commanded by the resurgent Brotherhood of Malice, the Black Hawks, and Osiris' Sekhmet Legion, launched a huge invasion on the Mystical Council, resulting in the region's total annihilation. Both raiders and defenders utilized numerous techniques against each other over the course of an 18-day operation to prevent the other team from succeeding.

The invasion began as a covert operation conducted by Venico through his proxy nation Diviciacus. Venico invaded the region under the guise of a returning player and led a group of invaders in an attack. Diviciacus received 219 endorsements within 48 hours of the invasion, increasing to 260 by the end of the operation, setting a new record for the biggest number of piling troops utilized in R/D Gameplay history. The raiders were able to lock the region on February 18th thanks to the massive amount of influence gained by these endorsements. To prevent the region from being destroyed, Native Delegate Alistia submitted a liberation proposal to the security council, but raiders used devious techniques to delay the resolution from being voted on. They presented the Security Council with two recommendations, Condemn Suspicious and Liberate Ukraine, which were approved by the required 6% of World Assembly Delegates for a proposal to reach the queue for general vote. These votes stalled Alistia's liberation proposal and provided extra 16 days to the invaders, which was more than enough for them to destroy the region.

The Defenders, led by The Grey Wardens, League's Defense Force, South Pacific Special Forces, North Pacific Army, Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization, Free Nations Defense Association, and others, did everything in their power to prevent the region's destruction by laying siege to the region with a force of roughly 50 soldiers during every update in an effort to reduce the raider regional officer's influence and prevent them from ejecting native residents. Alistia received almost 100 endorsements thanks to the defenders' efforts, but those numbers weren't enough due to the raiders' frequent ejections. In a last-ditch effort to save the region, the defenders began endorsing lower-ranking raiders, because the raiders would have to eject every single nation, including their own soldiers, in order to destroy the region, and the more influence the nations have, the more difficult it would be for them to empty the region.

These tactics were insufficient to rescue the region, which was fully emptied of nations on February 25th and refounded as a trophy region by the invaders.

FNDA Personnels Involved

Special Agent South Asians
Cadet Weatherwand
Cadet Nathan
Cadet Apalasa
Cadet Aeoooya
Cadet Sparsdan

RTF Personnels Involved

Agent Tigerania

FNR Civilians Involved

Greater sovereign lands

Siege: 1

FNDA and Allies Liberated Four Regions
Operations Report
Because of the reemergence of the Brotherhood of Malice and Osiris' Sekhmet Legion, raider activity has been higher than usual this month. This spike of activity was welcomed by the defenders, who had been receiving just one to two proper liberation operations in recent times.

For the Free Nations Defense Association and the defenders, the period between January 15 and February 15 was bittersweet. While the defenders were unable to save the Mystical Council, they were able to free four other regions that had been raided by various military organizations.

FNDA assisted the League's Defense Force in liberating Warzone Airspace from the North Pacific Army.

FNDA liberated Furry Antifascist Alliance and Nova Historiae with the help of their Libcord Allies. Both these regions were raided in the operations led by the Lone Wolves United. Nani, a region raided by the Brotherhood of Malice and their allies, was also liberated.

FNDA Personnels Involved

Special Agent South Asians
Operative Utkarsha
Cadet Aeoooya

RTF Personnels Involved

Agent Tigerania
Agent Dwarf land4

Liberations: 4

Special Elections in the South Pacific
Emodea elected as the Prime Minister
A Special Election was held in the South Pacific when incumbent Prime Minister HumanSanity resigned. In the elections, Emodea ran unopposed and won with 87.5 percent of the vote, while 12.5 percent of legislators chose to Reopen Nominations. Emodea has previously served in the Cabinet as Minister of Media and Minister of Defense. Under their leadership, both Ministries saw significant growth. In his election manifesto, Emodea mentioned his plans to deal with the upcoming Frontiers/Strongholds update, which will significantly reduce the population of Game Created Regions, as well as his plans to establish an executive mentorship programme, expand TSP's presence in the World Assembly, and focus on government transparency and accountability.

Special Elections for the Minister of Engagement were also held, with just Latoura declaring their candidacy at first. Latoura received only 20% of the vote, while the majority of legislators opted to Reopen Nominations. Nominations were reopened, and United States of Vietnam declared their candidacy this time. The United States of Vietnam is a seasoned member of the South Pacific, having previously served as Minister of Defense and OWL Secretary in the government. With 86.36 percent of the vote, the United States of Vietnam won this election.

In Other News...
Another Independent Region severs ties with the Black Hawks

Following the attack on the Warzone Sandbox on March 12th, Prime Minister Brototh announced in Thaecia's NS Gameplay Thread that they are formally cutting connections with the Black Hawks and the Brotherhood of Malice indefinitely. Thaecia gave the reason that Warzone Sandbox has been an ally of the League, a region with which Thaecia shares a strong relationship. Brototh also stated that "it is no longer within [Thaecia's] regional interests to actively pursue military, cultural and diplomatic relationships with several resurgent raider regions, namely The Black Hawks and the Brotherhood of Malice.". She went on to convey her displeasure with these raiding groups' unabashed military aggression towards multiple Thaecian allies and their decision to knowingly welcome numerous enemies of Thaecia in raiding operations. As a result, Thaecia will no longer take part in any operations organized by the Black Hawks or the Brotherhood of Malice, nor will Thaecia invite these two groups to any Thaecian military operations. Thaecia has also decided not to officially attend or host the Hanami Matsuri Festival.

Interested in Writing Articles for the Free Nations Herald?
Contact South Asians (Warrior#0528) or Apatosaurus ii (Apatosaurus#8045) via telegram or Discord and submit your articles, art work, poetry, interviews, short stories or opinion pieces.
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Thursday, April 21, 2022

General Election Results Announced
Weatherwand emerged victorious in the Presidential Election
The Flag of Weatherwand
After President Sparsdan completed his second consecutive term, the Free Nations Region held general elections. Vice President Weatherwand and Pahlavishan ran in the Presidential Elections, while the WA Delegate Election was a three-way battle between President Sparsdan, Northern teabag, and Aeoooya. This is the first election in FNR history in which no citizens have declared their candidacy for Speaker.

Both candidates in the Presidential Elections released their respective election manifestos:-

Weatherwand was the clear favourite in these elections, thanks to her experience working for the Free Nations Government and her expertise in FNR laws, which she demonstrated during her time as an Associate Justice in the Supreme Court. She won these elections with 13 (61.9%) of the vote. Sparsdan won a landslide of 17 votes (80.9 percent) in the World Assembly Delegate Election.

After winning the Presidential Elections, Weatherwand immediately issued an executive order designating Philmuza as "Speaker pro-tempore". Philmuza was also nominated for Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and if his confirmation vote passes, he will be formally acknowledged as the Speaker.

Here are the full results of the General Elections:-


Winner in bold

Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):

Pahlavishan | 6 Votes - 28.57 %

Weatherwand | 13 Votes - 61.90 %

Abstain | 2 Votes - 9.52 %


Winner in bold

Candidates (in order they declared candidacy):

Aeoooya | 0 Votes - 0.00 %

Northern Teabag | 2 Votes - 9.52 %

Sparsdan | 17 Votes - 80.95 %

Abstain | 2 Votes - 9.52 %

Free Voices of the Free Nations
Interview with My Nation
In this edition, we are interviewing My Nation. One of the pillars of the Free Nations Region Community, My Nation joined when the region was undergoing a major crisis but he stayed with the region through think and thin and played a crucial role in making FNR a major User Created Region. My Nation is a Former Two-time President, Vice President, Speaker, Two-time Vice Delegate, Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Immigration. He is currently serving as the Interim WA Delegate. My Nation has received both the Founder's Medal of Freedom and the Presidential Cross of Outstanding Excellence & Dedication for his exceptional contribution to the region.

South Asians: How much would say that you've changed as a person and a member of the government from your first time in the Presidential Cabinet as the Minister of Internal Affairs to now?

My Nation: Ah, it mustíve been around three years now since I was first appointed Minister of Internal Affairs. A lot about a person can change in three years, especially when it comes to your NationStates career! I know Iíve changed quite a bit over the time Iíve been a member of FNRís government. Iíd say the biggest change Iíve noticed in myself is that Iíve gained a better understanding of what it takes to build and maintain an online community like our region ó or any community, really. Iíll be honest with you, in this regard I had no idea what I was getting into when I entered FNRís government three years ago! Building a community such as ours requires qualities like dedication, perseverance, and organization, to name a few; qualities that Iíve been able to develop during my time serving FNR. Speaking of organization, when I was Speaker, our President at the time, Heaveria, created an online calendar for government officials to use to keep track of their plans. I found this calendar extremely useful, especially when I served my second term as President half a year later. So NationStates has helped me to improve my organizational skills too! Itís strange yet beautiful, isnít it, how an online game can change you so much as a person.

South Asians: You've held numerous positions in the FNR Government. What's your favourite position that you've held so far?

My Nation: Ooh, thatís a very tough call ó Iíve loved them all! I think Iíll go with President, specifically my second term in the position, from January to April of 2021. My first term ó which was back in 2019 ó wasnít as productive as Iíd have liked it to have been. My second term, on the other hand, I was very pleased with. My Ministers, my Vice President, and I worked well together; we accomplished nearly everything we set out to do. It was hard work for sure, but seeing our efforts come to fruition made it a super rewarding term. I really enjoyed laying out the governmentís plans, guiding the Ministers in their endeavours, and working on various projects of my own. I have fond memories of my second term as President. I feel that it was a bit of a redemption for me after my first term, and I must say, Iím proud of it!

South Asians: You have served as the Vice Delegate for a couple of terms and you're currently the Interim World Assembly Delegate. What experiences have you gained by working in these positions? Would you like to get further involved in writing World Assembly Resolutions?

My Nation: Serving as Vice Delegate and interim Delegate has allowed me to continue to broaden my experiences with World Assembly affairs. Although Iíve made a point to participate in WA votes since I joined the Assembly in May 2019, I really only started to dip my toes into the behind-the-scenes side of things during my second term as FNRís President, when our region became a member of the Partnership for Sovereignty. Later on, in the positions of Vice Delegate and interim Delegate, Iíve continued to increase my involvement in the WA by holding debates and votes pertaining to WA resolutions on FNRís Discord server. Iíve also published voting recommendations on a couple of resolutions on behalf of our region. As for writing resolutions, itís something Iíd considered in the past but never got around to doing. Currently, Iím not all that interested in writing resolutions because Iíve been quite busy in real life. But who knows what the future holds!

South Asians: Who is your biggest mentor in Nationstates?

My Nation: Hmm, another tough one. Iím going to call it a tie between Heaveria and Sparsdan. Both of these NSers have yearsí more experience than I do, and Iíve been fortunate to have worked closely with the two of them over the course of my career in FNRís government. Sparsdan and I even served as one anotherís Vice President ó I was his VP during his first term as President, and immediately following that, he was my VP during my second term as President. I admire Sparsdan for his self-assuredness and his ability to give advice, and I admire Heaveria for his hands-on leadership style and the energy heís brought to all the positions heís held. Iíve striven to be like them both during my time in FNRís government. Official matters aside, Heaveria and Sparsdan are very friendly and fun to chat with. I consider them to be two of my closest NationStates friends!

South Asians: How did you join Nationstates?

My Nation: Ah, it was a Google search. I was bored, so I googled something along the lines of ďpolitical online games.Ē NationStates showed up. The next day ó June 8th, 2018 ó I joined NS as My Nation, and Iíve been playing it ever since!

South Asians: What made you stay in FNR for such a long time?

My Nation: I consider FNR to be my online home, if you will. Iíve been here since my very first day on NationStates, and I couldnít imagine leaving. We have this bright, welcoming community that has grown marvellously from what it was when I first joined. Iíve met so many amazing people through FNR; made so many memories. I feel that I belong here. Also, Iíve gotta admit, I do love my residency statÖ :P

NS April Fools Event
Global Trade Fair
Nationstates has made it an annual tradition to celebrate April Fools' Day by hosting a special event. This year, Nationstates hosted a Global Trade Fair where countries may gather a variety of items and store them for display in their respective regions while avoiding inspections and confiscation of goods from other nations.

Suspicious, a joint jump point for multiple major raider regions dominated this event, stashing the most of all the available goods.

The Free Nations Region, on the other hand, was able to amass the Top-25 Biggest Regional Stash in ten of the twelve items present in the fair. The ranks of FNR's regional stashes in the Global Trade Fair were:- Shipping Containers (15th), Sticky Label (6th), Gold Billions (18th), Coffee Beans (9th), Inspector Uniforms (7th), Humanitarian Potatoes (11th), Tractor Parts (13th), Electronics (8th), Gas Centrifuges (13th) and Uranium (20th).

EmbassyRegionia Operation
Ended in a Stalemate
The Embassy Badge
On the Major Update of April 5th, The Brotherhood of Malice and the Black Hawks raided an Embassy Collector Region named EmbassyRegionia. Independent regions such as Thaecia and Europeia supported the defenders in this operation due to the BoM's involvement. Europeia's participation in this liberation attempt follows their Prime Minister Common-Sense Politics' recent announcement that prominent members of the BoM Reventhus Koth, Venico, and Souls have been designated "Personae Non Gratae" in Europeia. The defenders were also helped by other independent regiona such as the East Pacific and Balder. The Defenders, bolstered by the support of these independent militaries, mounted a six-day long siege on the region. The sieges were close, and there were updates when the defenders fell short of liberating the territory by 3-4 endorsements. Swaklaton, the native delegate, reached the peak of 160 endorsements.

The raiders, with their massive piling force, managed to overpower the defenders, with Venico, the raider's point nation, reaching 220 endorsements. The invaders were able to close thousands of embassies collected by EmbassyRegionia over a long period of time as a result of this.

Despite the raiders' superior numbers and control of the region, the defenders employed some effective strategies to prevent the raiders from destroying the region. They started endorsing raider pilers to increase their influence and making it harder for the raiders to eject them in order to grief the region. A security council resolution to liberate EmbassyRegionia was also due to be passed. All these reasons prompted the raiders to withdraw their forces. The operation ended in a stalemate while the defenders managed to prevent the destruction of EmbassyRegionia, the raiders abolished thousands of embassies collected by them.

Eight FNDA Agents participated in this operation and all of them received the "Embassy Badge" for their participation.

FNDA Personnels Involved:

Special Agent South Asians
Operative Utkarsha
Operative Aeoooya
Cadet Sparsdan
Cadet Nathan

RTF Personnels Involved

Agent Tigerania
Agent Dwarf land4

FNR Civilians Involved

San juan bautismo


Other Operations

FNDA Personnels Involved:

Special Agent South Asians
Operative Utkarsha
Operative Aeoooya
Cadet Nathan
Cadet Weatherwand

RTF Personnels Involved

Officer Burgertopian Empire
Agent Tigerania
Agent Dwarf land4

AmpŽzĖWeisshaupt Compact
The League and The Grey Wardens sign a historic treaty
The Order of the Grey Wardens and the League, two of the most renowned defence militaries in the current era, have formed a pact, cementing their already strong alliance. The Grey Wardens and the League have recently led a number of defender missions together, and they are Libcord's two most active defender militaries.

Both signees of the pact recognised each other's governments, and they also signed a Non-Aggression Pact and a Mutual Defense Pact. Both regions agreed that they would never recruit against one another or their respective territories. Lastly, they'll collaborate on annual cultural celebrations.

This treaty will play a crucial role for both the regions considering the upcoming Frontiers/Strongholds update.

Rebellion in the LKE
Several Former and Current Government Members Left the Region
Valfor, a prominent figure of the Land of Kings and Emperors, made a thread titled "Why I Left the LKE and Why You Should Condemn Them" in the Nationstates Gameplay Forums. During his reign as Crown Prince, he claimed that the decisions he made in Emperor Theodon's absences were either invalidated or severely condemned, and he recounted multiple incidences when he became "mentally stressed" as a direct result of the decisions made by the regional leadership. He further stated that he was accused of "usurping" the Emperor's powers. He leveled accusations against Emperor Emeritus Onderkelkia criticizing him for the centralisation of powers in the government and made claims that Onder is still running the region even after his abdication.

He also criticised the current reigning Emperor Felix's "dictatorial nature", citing his prohibition on government members posting regional telegrams without prior consent from the Emperor, as well as his announcement forbidding members of the Imperial Army, LKE's military, from joining several defender and raider militaries with whom LKE has had conflicts in the past and present. This decision infuriated several members of the Imperial Army, and numerous high-ranking officers, including Valfor, resigned as a result.

Several other disgruntled members of the LKE, including Astrid Weisberg, Rose Weisberg-Talleyrand, and Gankands, backed Valfor's claims.

In response, Onderkelkia and Theoden Sebastian declared the allegations "false" and made a counter-allegation, claiming that the entire uprising is "foreign-backed" and treasonous. King HEM, the founder of LKE's ally region Europeia, claimed that the Brotherhood of Malice was involved in the uprising. Rose Weisberg-Talleyrand and Astrid Weisberg Talleyrand, as well as key members of the Brotherhood of Malice Venico, Reventhus Koth, and Ever-Wandering Souls, have been designated Personae Non Gratae by Europeian President Common-Sense Politics.

Many Former and Current Government Members left the LKE. Prime Minister Grand Mythral and Speaker of the Estates Common The Holy Avalonian Empire were removed from their respective government positions following Gankands' revelation regarding their involvement in the rebellion.

After so many members of their "core group" have departed the region, it will be intriguing to see what the future holds for LKE.

2022 Spring Beach Festival
A Memorable event hosted by Defenders and Independents alike
The Spring Beach Bash Festival in 2022 was a huge success. This event was organized by Thaecia, Europeia, The Order of the Grey Wardens, and The Rejected Realms and featured a variety of fun activities such as Flag Contests, Poetry Contests, Trivia, Arcade Games, R/D Wargames, Treasure Hunting, and Choose Your Own Adventure. The popular "owlery" segment of the Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends was renamed "message in a bottle" and participants conveyed heartfelt notes to their NS friends at this festival.

The events followed the same format as previous year. Dancing Dolphins, Jumping Jellyfish, and Sassy Sea Turtles were the three teams competing. The three teams participated in a variety of events, earning points in the process. The Dancing Dolphins won this event with 1602 points. With 894 points, Sassy Sea Turtles came in second, followed by Jumping Jellyfish with 815 points.

In Other News...
Four Regions close their embassies with the Communist Bloce

Europeia, Thaecia, Balder and the League closed their embassies with the largest leftist region in Nationstates- The Communist Bloc after controversial statements made by their First Minister Pajonia and Minister of Foreign Affairs New Astri. Their behaviour was deemed "unacceptable and insulting" in a statement released by the Thaecian government announcing the repeal of the Treaty of Solidarity signed between Thaecia and the Communist Bloc.

Writinglegend elected as the President of Europeia

Writinglegend and his running mate Sincluda won the Europeian Presidential Elections. Writinglegend succeeded Common-Sense Politics as he refused to run for a second consecutive term. The Writinglegend-Sincluda ticket defeated the Kuramia-Darkslayer ticket by 42-31 (57.5% - 42.5%) votes.

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