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Union Signs Gemini Covenant

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Union Signs Gemini Covenant
Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Contact Information: Guess and Check (@derp#9479)

(Liberty Square, December 30, 2020) The Union of Democratic States and the Free Nations Region were budding communities brought together by a shared commitment to democracy, defenderism, and cooperation in foreign projects at the onset of their relationship and mutual development in 2016. Cross-membership between both regions grew and relations flourished to such a point that the two regions even joyfully signed an agreement called the Democratic Freedom Accords.

However, due to the actions of past FNR leadership, the rosy relationship between the partners soon wilted and tensions increased dramatically between the regions. This resulted in the closure of embassies between the two in August 2017, a somber development for regions once considered so amiable as to be sisters.

While the passing of months gave way to the passing of years following that solemn August, relations stagnated between the two regions as each looked to build themselves up and pursue their own respective interests. However, shared stances on interregional matters, an active ambassador exchange, and the passage of time itself enabled reconciliation between the regions such that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved a forum consulate for the Free Nations Region in November 2020 and the construction of embassies in April 2021. Additionally, with the admission of the Free Nations Region to the Partnership for Sovereignty, both regions increased cooperation through that institution, and in short order both became great friends once again.

Noting that the differences in 2017 had been resolved, that goodwill had re-emerged, and seeking to bear witness to a matured friendship, each sought to forge a new covenant. With negotiations eagerly beginning in November and a draft being completed within a few weeks, a treaty of friendship between both regions was Linkratified on the first of December by the Union and on the 13th of December by the Free Nations Region.

This treaty, named the Gemini Covenant, represents a new promise of friendship between the two historically close twin regions. The Union of Democratic States hopes to once again hold a long-lasting and fruitful relation with the Free Nations Region for years to come.

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