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GA “The Children Act” Voting Overview


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[size=150][color=333399][b]Current Proposal:[/b][/color] [url=page=ga][color=009999]The Children Act[/color][/url][/size]



This proposal seeks to protect children by enshrining certain rights, and obligating guardians to act in accordance with a set of rules.


The Secretariat was unable to find an opinion in favour of the proposal.


[quote=Xanthorrhoea;000000]"I’m against this proposal. While I applaud its spirit, it’s undercooked, riddled with typos and grammatical errors, and it tries to do too much too clumsily. One example is clause 5aiii which carries no maturity requirement, meaning states must provide lawyers to 2 year olds who think a lawyer might be fun. Another is clause 5fii, which compels nations to attempt less restrictive care options even when there is a demonstrable risk to the child. This proposal needs to reduce its scope and increase its depth (and proofreading) to properly do what it wants to do."[/quote]

- Not a fan of the 1B definition of a "parent"
- 2A Who decides those needs?
- What is appropriate in 2B and 2C?
- 3B, 3C and 3E all have typos ("faciliate" and "guarntee")
- What is reasonable in 4A?
- 5E is too broad[/quote]


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